Monday, August 13, 2007

Beach - STINKY free

First of all, I just wanted to say, I appreciate all the application forms I have received offering great homes for me and MY Georgie. There are so many tempting homes available I almost wish I could clone a gazillion of me (mum: what a wonderful world it would be LOLOL..) and give myself to all of you since I am convinced everybody needs a SuperDALE. However, I have horrible news. My EVIL mum told me she couldn't live without me and blah blah blah, and then she said I couldn't take MY stuffies if I left!!!

You all know how I NEEEED MY stuffies right??? What does she need them for anyway? Geezus!

Second of all, some of you have commented on how HUGE Georgie is. Well he is a HUGE boy, and he got to be like that all on his own. No rapid grow pellets, no rabbit steroids, no SuperBUNNY hays. He is 20+ lbs because he is a Flemish GIANT bun bun. I've always wanted a bun bun (not the eating kind) because I love to watch them. So I asked mum if I could have my own pet bun bun since a SuperDALE must have her own pet! Mum told me I must be a responsible pet owner and told me to research what type of pet and what breed. I knew I wanted a bun bun, and decided on a Flemish Giant after my research.

My reason being - since they are the biggest breed of rabbits, they produce the BIGGEST sized treats!!

For those of you who aren't bun bun poop experts (mum: only you are!!), that is a picture of MY treat from MY Georgie in comparison to some coins. Now, treats left by a regular sized bun bun are about half the size of a dime I would say. So one treat from Georgie is equivalent to 3 treats from a regular sized bun bun.

So based on that, I decided Georgie was what I wanted!! His birfday is only 3 days apart from mine you know??



So the abuse continues........ Today was no different......

This afternoon, my EVIL mum took the STINKIES out WITHOUT ME!! Did I mention she left their poor Aunt (and a PERFECT one that is) at home all alone by her poor self??

So once again, I packed my bags, put Georgie's harness on. Just as I was about to leave again, mum came back (unfortunately, she didn't lose either of the STINKIES..) and said LET'S GO TO THE BEACH!! Now if you tell me I'm going to the beach, then I'm useless... I do whatever mum tells me to do, just so I can go to the beach..... SIGH... I hate myself for being so gullible sometimes...

Yes... I unpacked my bags, put Georgie back in his cage, and left with mum (and ONLY mum) to go to my favouritest beach - Kits Beach!

See how long it took HER to get everything ready?? Put one ball in the bag, get the leash, get MY RING.... GEEZUS!!

Good thing because I'm GOOOOOOD, I don't get in trouble for scratching MY car. It's MINE anyway!

Finally, got to sniff MY park!

I am always so happy here, I prance, and I gallop (even when my RING is covering my eyes)!

I headed straight for the boat launch as that's where we usually park our car by, and where mum lets me do some swimming at the beginning of our walk!

I just couldn't wait to get in the water!

To get STICKS!!

That's the booootiful English Bay you see behind me across the Burrard Inlet,

Then.... someSTUD caught my eye....

He made me come ALLLLLLLL the way out of the water and drop MY favouritest RING just to see him.... Of course, I was just picturing him as my Bogie, practicing for THE moment we actually meet..

I showed him my MUSCLE BUTT, because I know that's what I MUST do if I ever do get to meet MY Bogie snout to snout (or snout to muscle butt)!

For those of you who are wondering, this HUGE guy is what we call, an "Oorang Airedale". I am about 23.75" at the withers which is big for a B*TCH according to the AKC/CKC/UKC standards (B*TCHES = 22-23 inches, Dogs = 23-24 inches). STINKY is a big STINKY at 24". STINKY #2 is a petite STINKY at 22".

Now this guy, I have no idea how tall he is, but the red lines show you the level of my withers, the blue line shows you where his withers are at.

We guess he must be between 28-30 inches at the withers. Did I mention? He weighs a whooping 110 lbs!!!!! My ideal weight is about 60-62 lbs (hey, I'm big boned okay?), STINKY is about 55-60 lbs, and STINKY #2 is around 35-40 lbs.

I love BIG handsome studs because they make me look "petite" and "feminine" when I stand next to them (just like how I would look when I stand beside you Bogie....*wink*). BUUUUUT, I am perfectly comfortable being a tanky girl most of the time. Just wanted to make that clear.

After I mean, meeting the AireSTUD...err..AireDALE, I continued my walk across Vanier Park.

And promptly showed off my impeccable imitation skill of a lioness (mum: you ARE a lioness in so many ways LOL...hehe)

The grass was dry,

The grass was tall,

I could almost smell my prey,

With my RING in my mouth...

I posed,

I shook,

I rolled in goosie poopie!!!

I continued across Vanier Park heading towards the beach, waaaaaaaaaaAAAAY ahead of the slooooooooooooow woman!

I cooled myself in the water while I waited for the turtle woman to get down to the beach. (mum: I didn't feel the need to cut across the goose poop filled field. So I took the clean-people/doggie path!!)

Just look at her, so SLOOOOOOOOW even when she got down to the beach!! (mum: I think somebody just has NO patience LOL..)

Don't you think my eyes sparkle, and I come alive when I'm near water?? Nowadays, when it's this hot and me being a wittle bit on the stockier side (mum: she meant "heavier"), I slump around quite a bit on land. But you show me WATER!! Boy, do I ever come alive!!

Just look at me,

The explosiveness!!

The endurance!! (yup, that little black dot in the BIG Pacific Ocean is MOI!!)

Me and MY stick!!

See my proud prance?? Cause you know, nobody has a stick as big or as nice as the one I've GOT!!

Then I said enough swimming,

Time for MY stick to dry,

But wait, forgot to do some Aire-Zenning.....

Alright, ready to move on!

I again, marched ahead and headed for the Dog Beach!

Where I watched some dogs,

And had my MUSCLE BUTT sniffed again and again, and AGAIN. You gotta see it, sniff it, and touch it to believe it!

What a boooootiful day it was, and a wonderful afternoon WITHOUT the STINKIES!

Few memorable shots from today - these are for you Franklin!!!!

Left cheek,

Right cheek,

Can you feeeeeel the MUSCLE workin' here???


Snowball said...

Nice muscle butt you have got. Mine is quite boney due to my spinal problem so they aren't as strong.

Jie jie says to tell your mummy, I wear clothes for hooman pup age 3-6 mths and not like the 1-2yrs she had told you mum. She was wondering why your mum said that I am stocky but I really aren't. hee hee...


Boo Casanova said...

well sunshade, when you posted the comparison of your treats with those coins, i seriously thought you were comparing georgie's poop! LOL

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Wooooo Sunshade... I am super glad that you got to go swimming and playin with mom!!! You certaintly deserved it!!!

Hey, I forgot to tell you that I nominated you with DWB for one of your photos for September from you blog :)


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, I have heard of Oorang Airedales before, but I've never seen one next to a regular Airedale Terrier to compare!

Katy xxx

Stanley said...


You are part FISH, chica!! Love the action video of you in the water, on the beach anticipating the throw!! (Thanks for the video of your BAT EARS... I especially love those).

You deserved a STINKY free afternoon!! So glad your mum finally clued in & took you out. With all the practicing you've been doing with that muscle butt of yours, I sure hope Bogart *does* get to meet you snout-to-snout someday!! It will HAVE to be on a beach, with the music playing and you two running toward each other, and the waves crashing around your paws!!

BTW, I'm so glad you're now convinced I'm a goober & NOT a stinky. At least now you can openly acknowledge me as your bud.

Goober love,

PreciOus said...

Hi Sunshade!

Glad you have the whole afternoon all by yourself at your lovely beach. The waves scare me a little, but you jump in without fear. And you actually swam faaaar out into the sea! WOW!


powder-puff said...


WOW miss.sunshade that was a great trip to the beach!!!!

it had water it had toys and it even had an oorang airdale!!!
that HUGE dale *stud* was enchanted by your amazing MUSCLE BUTT!!!

peace out

Molly the Airedale said...

I think if Mitch hung out with you, he might turn into a swimmer! He sure won't learn it from me! Water gets you all wet! YUK!

Love ya lots,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Miss Sunshade, This is Lacie. Um...what exactly were you doing with your stuffie? I will be 7 months next week, and I think it's time for everyone to stop tweating me like a baby. I just don't understand some of these things. You sure have big things on your blog. First the oversized Bunbun, and next that oranatang Dale. He is MASSIVE. I look like an Airedale...but I'm 11 inches at the shoulder. Could you imagine me next to you and the Beast? Scruffy loved your pictures especially the ones of er your posterior view. He looks rather overheated. If you get tired of the Stinkies, come and live with us!! Lacie & Scruffy

Bogart H. Devil said...

Oh, I'm feeling the muscle butt from here, lemme tell ya...

Nice of mom to make it up to you with such a great day... I got a *little* jealous when I saw that big Aire-stud but that's cool... he looked pretty big to me so I think I'd rather be his buddy!


PS - Read my blog on the Firehouse Dogs post, there is a very cool comment that I think would interest you :)

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Miss Sunshade, do you live in the Land of the Giants or something? First you've got a GIANT rabbit and then you meet a GIANT airedale! Is it something in the water? J x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Missy, you sure LOVE that ring eh!? You remind me of me coz I like to carry my tennis ball around too. I have a fixation with tennis balls...Hehe! Oh, you are such a funny lady too! You have such a sexy & firm muscle butt. No wonder males are sooo into you...Hehehe!

Love lick,
Solid Gold Dancer

jaffeboy said...

U can swim very well Sunshade. I don't think I can swim that far.

That Giant airedale looks really good. U R so brave to walk up to him.

Anonymous said...

Wowies, Sunshade. This made me and my tummy feel alot better! I haven't been feeling so great over the past three days. I threw up and didnt eat anything friday morning, so my hoomans took me to the Airedale doctor where I had to stay over nite. Yesterday I went to another Airedale hospital and was treated by a hooman called Dr. Franklin! By then I was much better. Last nite and this morning I ate solid food again after having an IV in my arm! Im really sleepy today, but feeling myself again. Those MB (muscle butt) shots are doing the trick! Maybe the doctor should've prescribed those for me! Thanks!!!!

Joe Stains said...

oh you always make swimming look like it might be kind of fun! I sure would like to at least SEE a beach to find out but all we have here is sand sand sand and then no water?!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Sunshade,
That was one HANDSOME dude you met at the beach. He looked sooo big and strong.
PS : Love your sexy little butt! :)

Myeo said...

Hi Sunshade

I think the Oorang Airedale is a real handsome guy. Macho too.

Please tell me how to make my butt as sexy as yours.