Saturday, August 04, 2007

Afternoon @ Buntzen Lake

Mum and I had a girls' afternoon out today. It was a nice day, so I suggest to mum that we go to MY lake aka. Buntzen Lake for some fun!!

I was a patient girl the whole way there, until we got in the gate, about 2 kilometers before reaching the parking lot. Mum always rolls down the back windows for me to stick my head out during the last couple kilometers.

I get so excited, I do laps in the back of MY SunshadeMOBILE..... like this,

(once you pass the gate, cars have to go slow, so I get to stick my head out!)

Can you tell? I couldn't wait to get out of the car!!

This is what my bed in the back of my SunshadeMOBILE usually looks like,

This is what my suite ended up looking like after I did my laps.....

Finally, I was let out of the car, and mum and I made our way across the parking lot.

Now you see this fork, there are two paths. One leads down to the hooman beach, one to the doggie beach. The two beaches are separated by a chain linked fence all the way down into the lake.

So to get to the "DOG Beach", you have to go to the right.

I, of course, wanted to go to the left because, well, I'M A PERSON since I own one!

While it is true that I, Miss Sunshade often think of myself as a hooman or someDALE deserving of a higher than "hooman status"; the real reason why I was desperately trying to go down the path on the left was because the trail leading down to the dog beach reeked.

I'm sooooooo SERIOUS, it's disgusting!!

I only went the "DOGGIE WAY" because mum cheated and said "DOGGIE".... that's my word for "dogs" and I fell for it. Watch how tentative I was walking, going left and right. I was making sure to sniff out the clean path to walk, avoiding any possible land mines or liquid mines!

The trail reeks all the time because of dog feces left behind by irresponsible dog owners! If there is anything a SuperDALE is deathly afraid of, dog urine/fece smell is it! I DREAD going down that path every time we're there, so mum and I end up negotiating which way to go EVERY TIME (mum: she's being very honest here).

Usually, when it's not so busy, mum gives in and we walk down the human path and then go through the gate at the hooman beach to the dog beach. Mum hates to admit the fact that she doesn't always follow rules (ok, she almost never...shhhh...), but the stink down that dog path is so bad sometimes we have no choice.

We did end up over on the hooman side after walking down the dog path (what a waste) because mum had to go pee pee. This is a picture of the hooman side taken from outside the pee pee place (mum: as in washroom). On the other side of the chain linked fence is the dog beach.

Me making my way towards the fence to get to the doggie beach!

This was me opening the gate. Sometimes it takes me only one try to hit the right spot and get the gate open, whereas other times, like this time, my timing was off, so it took me a while. (listen to the little frustration growl I gave out, mum growled back too..hehe!)

I was sooo happy to finally be down at the BEEEEEEEACH!!

See my happy smile??

This is my favouritest lake in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! The water is so clean, so nice, and so COOOOL on this hot hot day!

Of course....

What's a beach without BOYZZZZZZZZZ???

This guy is 14 years old, can you believe it?? His dad said he sometimes doesn't know he's 14 and still tries to get girls...hehe. His dad also said the reason he's so healthy at 14 was because he still had his lovelies (mum: he said "un-neutered"), and ate my kinda diet - the BARF diet.

Mum says she believes about the diet part, but not so sure about his lovelies (I AM! I like them lovelies!!). (mum: "lovelies" = testicles ....*eye roll*)

Then came another black hunky hunk dude in a red collar. He had his lovelies too, but the other black dude (he's the 14 year old one with lovelies) didn't like him around me and was giving him a low growl the whole time trying to keep him away from ME - the SexyDALE!!

Now, I should mention why this was a girls' afternoon out without STINKY. We had kinda a bad experience couple weeks ago when mum brought both me and STINKY here. Our camera was still at the repair shop, so no pictures, hence no posts.

This is a great place for dogs to have fun, and most of the dogs that come here have good manners and are owned by responsible hoomans. Unfortunately, you do sometimes get the odd few not so friendly dogs due to irresponsible owners not taking necessary precautions.

Two weeks ago when we were here with STINKY, STINKY got attacked by a big male Cane Corso whose lovelies were, I must admit, amazingly attractive (mum: she meant to say a BIG, un-neutered Cane Corso attacked Jaffa. Sorry she gets distracted when it comes to un-neutered boys....). He was so handsome, I flirted with him big time, he loved me, just like all BOYZ do!! I usually never have problems with dogs in general, especially BOYZ because I am confident, and I greet dogs calmly with proper dog manners.

The attack happened after my flirt session with the handsome Cane Corso. STINKY wasn't doing anything wrong (according to mum that is, he was biting my face non-stop), he was just hanging around me (being a pest), when all of a sudden this handsome Cane Corso decided he didn't want STINKY around ME and just went for him. STINKY got pinned in the water, and I got kinda mad at the handsome Cane Corso, so I jumped in between, and tried to eat him because he was eating MY STINKY.

That got the handsome Cane Corso's attention and he let go of poor STINKY, and stopped and looked away from me. (mum: Jaffa was not hurt thankfully, just a bit shaken up) Mum said the looking away he did was because he didn't want no trouble from me, you know what I'm saying? So I just kept giving him that famous, b*tchy "Sunshade Look" ya know, and he backed away.

(mum: THANK doG, the dog backed down when Sunshade got in between trying to protect Jaffa. Sunshade would not have stand a chance if the Cane Corso were to fight back, and we know Sunshade doesn't back down from a challenge. The stupid owner didn't do anything about it, he said his dog just plays rough and asked me if Jaffa was intact. He obviously knew his dog had problems with other intact males, and yet he still brought the dog to a public dog off-leash area.

Jaffa is going to be neutered once he hits one year old.)

Anyway, so after that incident, mum is kinda afraid to take STINKY there because of how many BOYZ with their lovelies still attached go (I like I like!). Mum says she's afraid STINKY would get hurt and that I'll get myself killed from being too brave. I beg to differ however, because doesn't she know?

I'm an Airedale, I can take on anydog, anyone, even the world!!!

Soo... where was I??

Oh yea, BOYZZZ!

The only boy that was not interested in me, was him.

Something must be wrong with him, not only did he not pay any attention to Miss SexyDALE, he didn't even swim!!!

I mean, aren't retrievers suppose to love to swim AND retrieve??? He just kept looking at mum and what she was holding in her hand. So really, the competition was between me and this black dude in red collar.

I had a few words with him before the race to get MY ring started. I had to draw the line somewhere you know? (mum: perfectly natural for a terrier to threaten its opponent before the start of a race.)

Mum got into her trigger happy mode and almost forgot she had to throw MY ring, so I reminded her!

And well, I think it's pretty obvious who got to the ring FIRST!

YIPPEE YIPPEE!! MY ring MY ring!!!

I swam for a little more,

Met a cute little Westie named "Duffy",

And I was ready to leave the dog beach to walk the trail, so I went to wait by the gate.

Lots of great smells everywhere,

I smelled something way Way WAAAAAAY up the hill, so I took a steeeeeep detour.... (the hill is steeper than what the picture shows. Just look at how small I was. I'm that little white dot the arrow's pointing at.)

This next picture shows you where I was on that hill,

I took a dump up there, and mum didn't pick up. (mum: it was way too high, way too steep for me to climb up. She, of course was being a FULL Airedale, ignoring all my "NO's"!)

After I slid down from my steep detour/potty break, we continued walking,

And came to our secret spot where I chased rocks,

Did some swimming,

And enjoyed the booootiful scenery,

While recharging my powerful Aire-ZEN!!!

I had a great afternoon with mum at Buntzen Lake, I can't wait to go back!


I leave you with the most memorable shot of the day.....



Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Miss Sunshade...that looks like an awesome beautiful. What fun for you and all those handsome boyzzzzzz!!! Lucky girl!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Putter said...

Hi Sunshade! Hi!

OMG! What a funnest afternoon with your Mum! So coolest! I wish I had a lake near ME!!!!! Talk to you super duper soonest!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

PreciOus said...

Weee! What a day out at your beach. And you had your mum all to yourself!


Unknown said...

Be still my heart! What a wonderful day:) Nice muscle butt, I've got swirlies on mine.


Duke said...

I feel so much cooler just looking at your lake! What a wonderful afternoon! We're so glad that Jaffa is okay!

Love ya lots,

Juno said...

Miss Sunshade, what a girls' afternoon out! It looks like you had a pawsome time!

Momo xoxo

Eddie N Peaches said...

Very neat lake. So pwetty. I bet it was cooooooold, though.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Jessica said...

Wow Sunshade....that is some post!! It was so awesome that it was almost like we were there with you. Oh, we wish we were there. You look like you are loving the water!!

And we love the muscle butt!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Toby said...

Wow Sunshade, that looks like a great park!! I'm gonna get Mom to take me there one day. But not so sure of the super duper stinkiness. I think Mom would start gagging.

Sorry to hear about what happened to Jaffa. But so glad that he's ok. Some humans just lack common sense. Did your Mommy tell the owner off??


Ben & Darling said...

You are not only the sexydale but a super sexy protective good sista!!!!

Joe Stains said...

you are such a good and brave sister. This is why we don't get to go to the dog park often, because of bad owners who bring BAD dogs to the park. We never ever ever back down so we are not suited to go against BAD doggies with bad owners!

Stanley said...


Jaffa is stinkin' lucky you were there last time to stare down the bad boy!

Your lake is almost as gorgeous as you. All those trees! Whew. I'm feeling the AireZen roll right off the pooter screen. Might I add that you are a fantastic swimmer! I could do with some lessons still, but I'm coming along. You have inspired me.

About your last muscle butt photo - it is, indeed, the muscle-iest muscle butt that ever was! I like how your wet fur curls all around your legs and how the curls at the end of your tail stand up all proud-like! (Girl, even your butt has ATTITUDE!)

Goober love,

Amber-Mae said...

Oooo Missy, nice muscle butt! And you're soooo lucky you got to meet a number of un-neutered male dogs...The beach looks awesome too! Hey guess what? We're going to a beach too in two weeks time. It's my very first time going there & I bet it's gonna be a hell of a time! Any advice for me before I go to the beach?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

fee said...

i love the scenery! it's bootiful... i hope the golden wasn't feeling poorly or something though. he looks kind of tired.

Duke said...

I'm back Sunshade! Yesterday I couldn't see the videos! Stupid blogger! I see you bark at other doggies out your car window too! Me too! You're such a vocal girl!

Love ya lots,

wally said...

That looks like such an awesome beach. I wanna go! But can't 14-year old dudes chase girls? I may be that old! And I don't have my lovelies.


ps. I'm like you with my sissy. I'm not interested in her when we're at the park but if anyone gives her guff--LOOK OUT! And she looks out for me. Which is good cuz sometimes I'm a jerk even without my lovelies.

jaffeboy said...

The last picture may be a little too much for me to handle, Sunshade. No wonder you cause fights amongst boyzzz...

I need to some ice cold water please.

Myeo said...

We hope that Jaffa is is fine. We were so engrossed in reading about all the fun you had. But the last picture was totally unexpected.

Boy n Baby

Duke said...

Holy Moley! We just googled Cane Corso cause we've never heard of that breed before and he's a BIG BOY!!!! YIKES Sunshade! You're one brave girl! Thank goodness you saved Stinky!

Love ya lots,

Snowball said...

Wow, Sunshade,

You sure have got lots of suitors. Looks like you are enjoying all the attention from yhe boyz....


Anonymous said...

It is a nice musclebutt. Not a bad *ehem* either.....surprised you don't have a preferred term for that, after seeing "lovelies" LOL
You can see the leg fur get all poofy just below the water's surface. Too bad the water isn't a little clearer.
All in all, a unique picture with a beautiful background.