Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BEACH BUM!!! (**Warning: picture intense)

I got to go to the beach The Beach THE BEACH!!!!!

It's been raining so much so when the sun finally came out, mum and I rushed to the beach.

Yes, STINKY free afternoon!! I love that I still get my one on one walkies with mum, afterall, I have been with mum for 7 years before the STINKSTER came.

Even tho we do live within walking distance to Kits Beach (aka. MY beach), mum prefers to drive because she says I'll have that much more energy for the beach. (shhh.... I think she's just lazy, but I really don't mind going in my SunshadeMOBILE since it gets me there that much faster!!!) That is of course, if I actually get let out of my SunshadeMOBILE.......


We walked along the main walkway by Vanier Park towards Kits Beach.

Took care of some very important businesses first....... yes... why must my mum be the way she is???

I was made to do some modeling before my fluffs got wet. Anxious I was, but still, I posed. It's just easier to listen when dealing with this particular trigger happy woman.

We reached the first little beach by the dock. Mum and I were the only ones there - MY beach MY beach!!!

There, I jumped for my RING!

Chased some rockies, (one of my many nicknames from mum is "Muscle Butt", do you see why?)

And um... you know.. dance out of joy!

Mum and I walked back up to the walkway and made our way towards the Dog Beach. There, I met many dogs; some got real good sniffs of my muscle butt,

Some I snuck a few good sniffs of,

There's always at least one that wants MY RING. He was the one today....

Some could careless about me or my RING, and I didn't see the logic behind that....

Some, I could careless about... perfectly logical

After my romp at the Dog Beach, we walked the main stretch of the beach. There were barely anybody there, so again, it was allllll MINE!!

I wanted to play my favourite Chase the Rock - Find the Rock game, but of course, I had to SMILE for the camera first...





Here is me in action:

If I don't get a rockie out from the water myself, mum sometimes will drop an easy, pick-a-ble one for me so I don't get disappointed. It's not as challenging, but hey, it's still a rockie. The more it smells like mum, the more precious it is to me, too bad she isn't into rolling on rockies at the beach...... (mum: and I'm not into rolling on rocks anywhere else either, YOU do it!)

When I got tired of chasing rockies, I battled a few large sticks.

Of course, must satisfy the trigger happy woman first....

Then I got my stick...... (Oscar, I totally understand what you mean by a "performing seal". I feel this way WAY too often.)

Then came a Duck Toller.

I wanted to play with him, but I think he was more interested in my RING.

Listen to the funny noises he was making, I am sure he was a boy tho...

Just to make sure we covered the entire Kits Beach, I dragged mum along the seawall (literally) next to the Kitsilano outdoor swimming pool,

See, like this.........

I know this looks scary, but this is how I INSIST on walking along the seawall.

I took agility class when I was little, and the seawall totally reminds me of the Dogwalk. See the resemblance?

(mum: um... not really... Perfect example of her stubbornness, or my lack of leadership LOL. If I make her come down, she jumps back up. If I don't allow her to go onto the seawall, then she stops moving completely - can't go back, only forward, on the seawall.)

Don't worry, I've been doing this since I was two years old. Just look at how steady I was!!

Mum made me "WAIT" at the end so she could help me off the seawall since any kind of impact (ie, landing) to my bad elbow is bad.

So, all that work for what? Well, for this little bit of the beach of course!!!

After I have surveyed every inch of MY beach, mum and I made our way ALLLL the way back over the main beach, through the dog beach, across Vanier Park, and back to the boat launch where we started our walk from.

I was very sandy, so I went for a swim at the boat launch to get all the sand off me.

A nice roll on the sweet smelling grass is a MUST after a swim!!

And no, that's not a twig stuck to my nose from my rolling....

And no, that's not dirt on my face.....

(mum: it's goose POOOOOOOOP!!!!!)

So what do you think?



Duke said...

I love you walking along the seawall! You're very brave Sunshade! I could hear your mom telling you to slow down! Guess she was getting her workout too! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Liberty Doo Dah said...

I'm a beach Bum Bum too! However, I'm still weird about the water. Mum says that I'll like it someday and that I just need to watch the other doggies play in it!
PS: You scared me walking along that seawall! Mum would NEVER let me do that! :)

Mirabella said...

i wish i had a dog beach to go to here in dubai...that looks like so much fun! i don't like water but i LOVE meeting new buddies and sniffing around...

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

A total beach bum! I wish I had a beach. We have something called Tingley Beach but it is just the land around a pond between the bio-park and the zoo that they stock with fish for kids and old folks to fish at. No swimming allowed.


wally said...

Hey Miss Sunshade--

You look so footlose and stinky free at the beach! Good times.

It's great to have you back but I'm so sorry to hear about your mum's accident. I'm sure you're taking good care of her because that's what you do!


Maggie said...

i loooooooooove the beach to , to bad its sometimes to cold in canada to go swimming . here in southern california i can swim year-round . good thing stinky didnt come with you, he would of stinked up the beach . stinky's stench should be the blane for the holes in the ozone thing
love maggie #2

The Airechicks said...

Miss Sunshade -

Beach Bum - NONONO not you - we think you're a BEACH BABE !!!

You and your Mum always have a good time...Thanks for posing for a few pics....

Love your Mum for us - makes her feel good.....

L said...

Hi Sunshade. You looked very cute hanging out of your SunshadeMOBILE telling your Mum that you wanted OUT! You are sooo brave to walk along the wall like that. I would be tooo chicken to do that, or at least that's what my Mom would hope! You are very photogenic, Sunshade.


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, your beach looks great with you on it. :) What a big stick you manage to find. And the idea of your mom rolling on rockies ... Ouch, that sounds painful.
Take care of your mum and I love to see your smiling pictures. :)

~ fufu

Charlie said...

What a great day you had!
- Charlie

Joe Stains said...

wow, goose poop on your face! I hear that is the new look for 2007! You sure did have a LOT of fun at the beach and your sea wall walking skills are amazing!

Boo Casanova said...

photos overload!! tooooooo many sunshade in one post! but i love it all!

wet wet licks


Simba and Jazzi said...

Wow, you are a good swimmer. I hope now I've had my fur cut I can swim like that. The weight of my fur nearly pulled me under before. Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Beach bum, muscle bum, cute bum. You've got it all!

Glad to see you found more goosie poop to roll in.

My heart was thudding a bit watching you walk the wall. I get to start agility soon, so at least I have some tips from you now.

And, yep, looks like another performing seal-Dale, arf arf!

Oscar x

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Sunshade,
That's a great lot of fun pictures! Surfer babe ~ You go girl!

PerfectTosca said...

Miss Sunshade, I just thought I'd stop by today for licks and head bonks. Wow you sure have some great shots! Very photogenic. My mom says you are so perfect that you are practically a stuffed animal. She's in love with you. I have to go bite my foot now.

Herbie said...

It's so funny, you're a girl and you have a deep bark but the toller is a boy but he sounded whiny... LOL

Myeo said...

We think you make an excellent swim wear model by the beach... the right kind of look:)

Boy n Baby

Nessa Happens said...

I love the beach too Sunshade! I'm going to be a lifeguard someday on my papa's beach!

Mrs.D said...

Those are some great pictures!

Liza said...

Neato pictures - and great weather - lucky YOU!!!!

Have fun!!

Cash said...

WOW...fantastic photos!!! I recently found out how much I love the beach too...I had never been until recently....and photos are coming soon!!

d7y7 said...

u know the page takes foreeeever to load cuz u have many pictures, definately making up for lost time :) where are the march ones?!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
There could never be an 'overload' of Sunshade pics!! It helps to make up for the period where u went 'M.I.A'.. loved your pics!

Urban Smoothie Read said...


u had a nice indoor agility training ground..

i usually had outdoor, hot n muddy field...

btw, is ur court air-conditioned too?? tat'll b great!

Wired for Mackie said...

You are a beautiful Beach bum! Hoepfully it will warm up soon so I an go to the beach too!
By the way, you should visit my blog to see why I've been so busy lately!

Yours truly, Mackie

umekotyan said...

The image of sunshade in the beach has recalled the fur seal.
And, the ring is seen the yearning for all dogs.
It is thought that it will leave the settlement of the tree that
surges to the coast to sunshade. :)

From loved ume tyan

Hammer said...

Dear Miss Sunshade

You sure do have lots of fun with your mum on the beach. We just love all your photos. Your mum is good at taking photos of you.

Mum took us to the beach yesterday as the weather was so hot, and guess what, Hobson met a brown snake on the beach !!!! Fortunately the snake did not bite him. Mum is going to show a photo of the snake on my blog when ????

We are all really sorry to hear your mum had a car accident and we really hope Elaine is fully recovered now and she does not have any more bad luck.

We all really care about you, and your mum, and of course, Stinky.

Take good care of yourselves over there

Love from Hammer

Anonymous said...

Sunshade I love ALL ur pix! all so beautifully captured! sigh...my daddy doesn't reall noe how to adjust the shutter speed of the new cam. dat explains our 'oh so lousy' shots. mom's always complainin everytime she uses the cam to shoot us. :(

Murphey said...

Why, oh why do our peeps take poop shot pictures, can't we get a little privacy?

Looks like you had fun at the beach, cool!

Murph the Dog

Sophie Brador said...

Aw Sunshade, You are making me miss Vancouver. It doesn't help that there is still snow here. It looks like a great day at the beach.

MJ's doghouse said...

Oh sunshade....i just heard about your mommy's accident....or that your mommy had an accident...i hope she is getting better really soon...will you please give her some big ole slobbery kisses for me....thankyou.....i really miss your blog...