Monday, February 05, 2007

"Triple" STINKY

Need I say more?? Yes, that is the best picture I could find.

My dear mum, was determined to make STINKY's ears perfect like mine (thank you very much), so she and her friend drove ALLLLLLLL the way back to Port Angeles, WA, to see my breeder Jan.

Needless to say, I was less than impressed about this trip. WHY? You will see as you read on.

No, I didn't get to ride in the comfort of my SunshadeMOBILE, instead, I had to put up with a BMW..... (mum: SunshadeMOBILE = Ford Focus). I'm not a material girl, I prefer my SunshadeMOBILE to anything else.

See, poor me had to ride in the trunk.... Good thing mum remembered to serve me water in bed.

My very un-pleased face. You will see a lot more of these as you read on.

The drive was long, and hideous. The hoomans decided to drive instead of taking the ferry to Victoria, then another ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles because they didn't want to stay over night (there is only one sailing per day between Victoria to Port Angeles). It took us a good 6 hours to get there from Vancouver. Mum's poor friend, drove the entire way since mum can't drive a standard.

Can you imagine, "6" hours in the car with STINKY??? We did stop mid way, and I had a hamburger pattie from Burger King.

We arrived at my breeder's house around din din time. So the hoomans ate while STINKY and I did some exploring.

I was being good, I put on my adorable begging face.

Mum told me not to do that in front of my breeder even tho I am usually allowed to beg at home. She told me NOOOOOO!!!

So I thought I might as well make my "un-begging" time useful - I walked around the house, found my breeder's plants needed watering, so I did that.

See those plants behind me? They magically came alive after my watering.

Jan laughed and said "WOW! Is she a dominant girl or what!"

Mum sort of had a half frown, half smile face and said "yes..... she is..." (mum: what else was I suppose to say??? Geez..)

Then I went to the garage and saw these cranberry juice bottles looked kinda dirty on the outside, so I was about to water them too. Unfortunately, mum saw that coming, and grabbed my butt. That woman is so un-helpful sometimes, those bottles needed cleaning.

After that, I was attached to my leash. Hoomans, they just don't understand.

When the hoomans finished their dinner (and NOOO they didn't leave anything for me), they went into a room, and brought out TWO more STINKYs. So that's THREE all together. They all stunk!! Seriously, I almost fainted, I needed oxygen.

How many STINKYs do you think a house can hold??? (mum: they are your nieces and a very special nephew!!!) I was a little overwhelmed by the sight of STINKYs everywhere, so mum let me out the house so I could get some fresh air and breath.

Look at Subi, my poor Aunt, she had to stay in her crate too because of all the STINKYs.

Anyway, I explored the 5 acre land thoroughly while the hoomans did whatever they had to do with the STINKYs. When I finished exploring, I went to the house door and whined. Jan opened the door for me, I took one sniff of the air inside, and decided I would rather stay outside where the air was nice and fresh. (mum: Jan must have thought what a high maintenance dog she had bred.....)

I waited for a little longer, and finally, mum and her friend started to load things and paper works (puppy contract/health guarantee/sire and dam OFA papers/pedigree stuff) into the car. That should have been my first warning sign, since I saw all that when the original STINKY came, but I was too excited to notice. I was excited because I knew we were leaving The Land of the STINKYs!!!!

Well guess WHAT! Not only did they put the original STINKY in the car, they also put a new STINKY in the car too! Can you just imagine what my face looked like when I saw that???

Because of the new STINKY, I had to share the back seat/trunk with the original STINKY. As if that wasn't bad enough, the new STINKY kept on puking in the car. Fortunately, she was in the front seat with mum, so her puke only got on mum and the front seat carpet.

Again, mum's poor friend drove another 6+ or so hours back. The drive back was far worse than the drive over because it was dark and the fog was so dense that we were only able to see a few feet ahead.

See the shape this car was in on the way back??

When we got to the border, mum went to pay duties for the STINKYs. What I don't understand is, why didn't she pay anything for me??

My brain alone is worth way more than both STINKYs combined. Not to mention my smile, my BANG, my bionic knees, my talking eyes, and my sex appeal. Gee... those hoomans at the border don't know what they've missed!! Oh well, their loss. (mum: my gain thank you very much....)

Now, you must be freaking out right now like I was when I saw the second STINKY coming. Well, I have good and bad news. Good news is the new STINKY is not with us. Bad news is, the original STINKY is still with us.....

The reason, according to my dear mum, that the new STINKY came with us was because people have been following my blog, and I hate to say this, but STINKY's too. A few people have contacted mum regarding me and STINKY. Mum found out a week ago that Jan was letting go one of the female STINKYs she's held back because the girl was too laid back. Even tho this girl was built better conformation wise than the girl that Jan's keeping, Jan felt it was in the pup's best interest to place her with a family where she could get all the attention she wanted and be spoiled.

Anyway, mum let those people who's contacted her about us know about this female pup and had them call Jan. Jan narrowed down to two families and mum did home checks on those families for Jan. Usually, Jan requires to meet all her puppy buyers before letting a pup go, but she made this one exception because she had known mum since she was 16 and trusts mum. So.... we brought the second STINKY back with us since the original STINKY needed his ears re-glued.

Yes, so there are two STINKYs here in Vancouver now; my STINKY nephew, and my STINKY niece.


To see the "three" STINKYs in action, you can check them on on STINKY's post


Duke said...

You poor thing Sunshade! Having to endure all of those Stinky's!!!!! So who got the other one? Will the new Stinky's mom or dad start blogging too? Curious minds HAVE to know!

Love ya lots,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Stinky's are taking over the world!!! Well, Vancouver anyway.

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

Woh 2 Stinkys in the car with you. Did you faint sunshade?

~ fufu

Boo Casanova said...

omDOG! sunshade, the whole car must be stunk! where is the new stinky now? if she's in da house, you must feel like fainting... or you already fainted! wah-ha-ha. ok, my evil laugh shouldn't be subjected to you. LOL

yeah, i can see in the first few photo of this post that stinky's ear is not glued like it should be. no wonder your mom's poor friend had to drive 12 hours back & forth for stinky...

wet wet licks


Myeo said...

Another Stinky! On no! How did you survive the car ride?

Boy n Baby

umekotyan said...

Three smells seem to smell very much.
Sunshade carries the oxygen mask. :)

From loved ume tyan

jaffeboy said...

Oh Sunshade, I hope U will grow to like Jaffa soon. I know U don't want to hear this but I think he will grow up to be quite cool. At least he has almost the same name as me.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You had your chance to dump him Sunshie! Instead you bring home ANOTHER ONE! What, were they having a clearance sale? I know my Mommy cannot resist a markdown!

Bussie Kissies