Friday, February 08, 2013


STINKY #2 (mum: that's Jaffa's sister, Stella!!) came for grooming today. She had never seen MY piggies before, so mum thought it would be a good idea to show her MY piggies. 

I didn't like that idea at all! I told STINKY #2 that she better be nice to MY piggies! 

I think she got my message? (mum: Stella and Jaffa are very similar. They are just the sweetest, non-confrontational pups. I still call them pups even though they are 6 already!)

Little did I know, my day was about to get A LOT worse......

A LOT, stinkier!!!!

How many stinky butts do you see? Trust your eyes, they don't lie......

Yes, that's right... that's STINKY, STINKY #2, STINKY #3,

(mum: #3 is Saphie the one year old pup. She is Jaffa and Stella's niece, Sunshade's great niece. Three generations of Loc Aire Airedales :-))

Yes, I found it hard to breath....... Way too many stinkies in one spot... Oh, and the reason I was on the stooopid leash was because mum didn't want me to chase them out of MY yard? 

Don't tell me, I know funky things were happening behind me, on MY SuperFORT to boot! Stoopid STINKY is always the worst behaved one if you need to know which one he is,  

Mum sneaked STINKY & STINKY #3 to see MY piggies without me knowing!!! Wait 'til I see STINKY #3 next time! 

(mum: this is the half stripped Jaffa, and groomed Saphie. Saphie is a very gorgeous girl, look at her free stacking. She is also quite calm, very easy to live with, and quite independent.)

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Duke said...

We can't believe you had to be on the leash in your own yard, Sunshade! Three stinkies is 3 too many, huh!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly