Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Grandpa came all the way from Taiwan to see me, again! Last time he came was in October 2011, so it's been a SuperLONG time!

As usual, I picked him up from the Aireport,

After we picked up grandpa, we went to UBC (where me and mum went to school) to pick up uncle Jimmy to go for din din. Uncle Jimmy is in first year university. He wanted to show grandpa his nest, so me and mum walked around the dorm area. Mum got too cold, so we went inside the student lounge. I was a student magnet of course, 

I think they were all missing their doggies at home..... 

This is uncle Jimmy's friend, she's very nice and very pretty. I think she should be uncle Jimmy's gurrrrrlfriend, but uncle Jimmy says no way, she's a "bro"........... whatever that means!

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Duke said...

You sure do love your grandpa, Sunshade! We were waiting for your tail to fall off because you were wagging it so hard!
Uncle Jimmy's friend is very pretty and she obviously loves you!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly