Thursday, February 21, 2013

Open up!

Last night, I took mum to a pet store that I hadn't gone to for a lonnnnnnnnng time. BUT..... it was so very closed.... I was SuperDISAPPOINTED...... 

I think pet stores should be open at 10:20pm don't you think? People have 7/11 when they get hungry, what about us??

Anyway, I asked mum how much longer I had to wait for them to open. She said only 11 hours!

So we waited 11 hours!!!


Buffet time!!!

Choices choices......

Alright, I've made up my SuperMIND! Hurry up and pay the lady mum!

Umm... I don't need a bag.... I'll just carry it......

I said.......... I DON'T NEED A BAGGIE!!!!!

Okay... I've calmed down now ok?


Gotta go find my car!

Marked my post on the way,  

Almost back to the car!!

I see the car mum!!

Ok, I found the car for you, can I eat now?

Mum was telling me that I should wait until STINKY came home from his bike run and eat together. Otherwise, I would be watching him eat his......

I said just GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

I'll deal with the consequences of eating my chewy first later

After I swallowed enjoyed my salmon skin roll, we went for a walk!! I found a tube slide to play the Pine-Cone-Down-the-Slide game!!

I'm SuperREADY mum!!

Here it comes!!!

Then I spotted something...... I don't understand why I'm always put back on the stoopid leash whenever I see these creatures?

It ran away as I got closer....... but..... you can't beat the SuperNOSIE....

I SuperFOUND Garfield!!!

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Duke said...

Excellent choice on treats, Sunshade! yummmmmmm
We love the pictures of you sliding your pinecone down the inside of the big yellow tube!

Love ya lots
Mitch and Molly