Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not MY Grandpa......

Mum took me to the aireport the day before to pick up someone. I thought it was going to be MY Grandpa again because that's who we always pick up when we go to the aireport.

Sure enough, I saw Grandpa walk towards the car!!!! My first thought was, WOW! Grandpa's lost weight!! 

I was SO excited..... until mum opened the car door.....and the Grandpa look alike did not smell like MY Grandpa.... I was a little disappointed.... I'm sure you all remember how much I LOVE MY Grandpa right??

Well, mum said this was Grandpa's older brother, my Grand-Uncle. He was passing through Vancouver (from Taiwan) for a business trip, and this was his first time meeting ME.

He really liked me, and I let him pet me,

But I just kept thinking to myself, I want MY Grandpa.....

Thank you Grand-Uncle for the lovely pets, but you are not MY Grandpa........

So that means I can't truly enjoy the pets.....

Nor the nice neck rubs......

 Because you're not MY Grandpa.......

 (mum: Sunshade is aloof like that with people she doesn't know. She would prefer they didn't get buddy buddy with her. However, I had put both Sunshade and Jaffa in a sit stay to take the group picture earlier, so my good girl was still obeying my stay command.)  Yea, where was STINKY? He was suppose to be "staying" too!

THIS is MY Grandpa!!!!!

He is the BESTEST!!!

And I love him THIS much!!! (mum: video taken back in October 2011 when my dad visited.)

Thank you Grand-Uncle for visiting me, maybe next time you could bring your brother with you okay???


Gus said...

Oh Miss Sunshade..we hope your Grandpa comes soon. And we hope you gave some special Sunshade kisses to him too. You and Jaffa are most lucky.

gussie n teka

Berts Blog said...

Well, he may not of been your grand pa but he sure looks like a nice guy.

We can't help it though ifin we love someone so much.

Look a likes just don't complete the whole story.

Happy sunday

Duke said...

I was waiting for your tail to wag right off your hiney when you saw your grandpa, Sunshade! That was very nice of your grand uncle to visit.

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

Miss Sunshade
That unkel might not be youw Gwampa (and I KNOW how much you love youw Gwampa!), but, it looks like he suwe loves you anyway and gives gweat scwitchies and pats and is a vewy nice man..i hope you WEAL Gwampa comes to visit you soon
smoochie kisses

Dexter said...

Grand-Uncle wants to be your friend, but I know it isn't the same. Some humans just make us all wiggle happy not matter how much time passes between visits.


Lorenza said...

I know how much you love your Granpa!
I hope he can come to visit you soon!
I am sure your Grand Uncle was happy to meet you!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, he looks friendly so that's good. Besides he's family.