Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mean Juice's 1st B-Day

It's Mean Juice's FIRST birfday and mum said they should have a bachelor celebration. Fine by me, not like me and my gurrrrrlie piggies need to take crap from him!!

I made sure MY piggie Sesame was OK,

I told STINKY to look after him in case Mean Juice decided to get MEAN!

But guess what happened as soon as I took my SuperEYES off of MY Sesame piggie.....

Mean Juice PULLED HIS HAIRE OUT!!!!!! Mum had to spray water at Mean Juice because STINKY was just standing in the corner, NOT doing anything to protect MY Sesame!! Sesame was making a weird teeth chattering noise after his haire got pulled out. I think he was mad too!

STINKY said he was afraid of Mean Juice too... ARGHHHH! SO frustrating! At least he let MY Sesame hide between his leggies.....

Mum brought out Mean Juice's celebration plate to distract the attack rabbit,

The celebration plate consisted of Corn Pops Cereal, lettuce, carrots, parsley, and Mean Juice's favourite banana. It's good that MY Sesame piggie is an easy going guy. You put food in front of him, he forgets about all his misfortunes.

Here is the bachelor party celebration video,

After the celebration, STINKY came out, so I got worried about MY Sesame piggie again. I went to check on him,

And OMdoG!!! Why was MY Sesame IN Mean Juice's TOILET?!?!? He could't get out!!!!!

I told mum to let me in to save Sesame since no one was trying to help him out of the TOILET!

Guess what happened after this picture was taken? Mean Juice charged at me and tried to pluck MY SuperHAIRE out too. I TOLD him many times before that I don't have a wiry coat like STINKY and Sesame, I have a sheepcoat, which means stripping me would hurt A LOT!!!!!

Happy First Birfday you stooooooooopid rabbit....


Duke said...

Happy first birthday to mean Juice! Gosh, it sounds like he's lucky that his birthday got celebrated! I'm glad no doggie or piggie was injured.

Love ya lots,

Kari in Alaska said...

Happy Birthday Mean Juice

Stop on by for a visit

brooke said...

What a great celebration, but it seems like next time mean Juice needs to celebrate alone! :)

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, I have no idea what your mom is going to do with Juice. Doesn't the D-guy want that thing at his house?

Dexter said...

Mean Juice is incorrigible. Jaffa is no help at all, just standing there in the corner when your piggie was under attack.

Then look at those fools all eating with him as if he wouldn't bite their faces off any second.

I'm glad you were there to supervise.


Duncan said...

WOW ... you have alot going on in your world!!!!