Saturday, June 04, 2011

Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals

I relaxed out in MY yard on this warm, sunny, Vancouver afternoon. The purple shammy coat keeps me cool after mum runs it under cold water and wring it out.

Just as I was eying those hungry crows that insisted on hanging around MY yard (to steal MY bones!!)....

D-Guy approached and asked if I wanted to go downtown and watch his heart-team, the Vancouver Canucks, kiss some a$$, (heart-dog, heart-team, get it?)

D-Guy's heart team,

I told him no thanks, as I would rather stayed in MY yard and keep MY yard safe!

Not like what I said mattered anyway.... I was forced to goooo! Here I was waiting for them to put my SuperSTROLLER in the daleMOBILE....

(mum: Derek is a die hard Canuck fan, so he wanted to go downtown to watch the game on the big screen they had set up. Sunshade needed to come along if we were to go since she needed to take medications/supplements at certain times. I knew she would NOT like walking downtown (hates shopping with me), plus it was going to be jam packed with people, so I packed her stroller with us. I don't have to worry about her being stomped on if she's in her big comfy stroller!)

On our way to downtown, in the DaleMOBILE,

We parked, and off we went,

I looked right,

I looked left,

I waited for the light to change to cross the street,

Oh look, the light changed!!

Making our way towards Granville Street, and Robson Street junction,

Btw, D-Guy designed the shirts that he and mum were wearing. It says Unfinished Business,

And This Is OUR Year. The letters in white showed the years that the Vancouver Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup Final, but ultimately lost to those teams. Green letters show that THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!

You see, D-Guy was here in 94' when the Canucks lost in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals to the New York Rangers, so he (and the rest of the Province) really really really really really wants the Canucks to win this time around. They've waited 17 years for another chance at the cup!! Vancouver's last cup was 40 years ago....

The desperation and longing for the cup drove D-Guy's inner creativity insane. He came up with one shirt design for each team that the Vancouver Canucks defeated during these playoff games.

They beat the Chicago Blackhawks first, after being eliminated by them the previous two years,

In round two, they beat the Nashville Predators in 6 games,

In the Conference Finals, they defeated the San Jose Sharks in 5 games,

Let me explain the significance of this particular design as it will be, significant, in a future blog post. The reason it says "Juiced" is because the nickname of the Canucks defenceman (Kevin Bieksa) who scored the overtime goal that eliminated the Sharks and advanced the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals, is "Juice". The reason Kevin Bieksa's nickname is Juice is because he loves pineapple juice and rumour has it that he drinks a carton of it before every game. That's it, just remember that for now.

D-Guy hasn't started designing the shirt for this final round against the Boston Bruins yet as he doesn't want to jinx his heart-team.

You can purchase D-Guy's current T-shirts from GAME7GEAR.

The Unfinished Business and This Is Our Year designs are not for sale as the NHL told D-Guy they would come and bite him if he didn't take them off the website. Something about the shape of the cup can't be used.

I want the Vancouver Canucks to win too, because that would mean I witnessed an Olympic Gold Medal (and the Olympics), and a Stanley Cup in my life time!!! Not many people/pups get to experience this. So, onto the bandwagon I jump!

Mum on the other hand, is *ahem* not a Canucks fan (don't kill me Vancouverites, I AM A CANUCK!). She likes a couple of other teams (mum: NOT the Bruins though!) because of their players. She says cheering for the Canucks is like cheering for Team Sweden or Team Europe, and she would rather cheer for Team Canada (meaning teams with more Canadian players). We will just ignore her for now. It's good D-Guy is making her wear the same t-shirt EVERYDAY in the hopes that she'd be converted.

D-Guy wanted to get me and STINKY each a Canucks jersey,

But mum said NOOOO and a firm one too. Her reason was we would be too "hot"... uh huh, sureeeee!

Continuing on.........

Arriving at Robson St,

This was like the Olympics all over again except it's green and blue this time! They had closed down the entire stretch of Granville Street in the downtown area for crowds to gather to watch the game and celebrate. This is Granville and Robson junction. I'm sure those people wished they had a SuperSTROLLER so they're not getting stepped on!

Everybody came to this location to watch the game on the big screen (red arrow). I know it doesn't look that big, but that's because we're more than one block away!!

Sea of people ahead of us,

Sea of people piling in after us, on Granville Street,

CTV news coverage crew were on sight too,

And what was mum doing when everybuddy was trying to secure a good spot to watch the game? Yup, she parked me in the middle of the side walk to take pictures! (mum: Derek went to scout out a good spot)

Ok, here's a smile through my sunroof,

Now can we please GOOOOOOOOO and watch the game?

Finally, watching the opening face-off!

And then......

Vancouver SCOREEEEED!!!

1-0 Vancouver!

Did you get that mum???

And then Boston scored......, the score was now tied.....

Then they scored AGAIN.....

2-1 Boston.....

I was truly disgusted!

I decided then that it was easier to just not watch the game....

Strangers came up to pet me in an attempt to cheer me up, (mum: that's not me in the picture.)

(mum: that's not my hand with the orange nail polish!!)

Mum couldn't stand my booootiful sad face,

So she offered me a small piece of the roasted sweet potato she was eating,

Yup, that did the trick, I cheered up alright! You got more mum???

Fortunately, mum said it was dinner time for me anyway, so she zipped up all sides of my SuperSTROLLER and gave me my din din in "private". Said something about she didn't want a million people to see me crunching the raw chicken wings. (I had finished my chicken wings by the time mum turned on her camera and waited for the lens to come out. All that was left was a bit of ground chicken)

After din din, I asked mum if she brought dessert,

She said she didn't (how dare she not!!!), so I decided to find my own dessert,

Just as the third period was winding down.... and we were beginning to feel hopeless...


They tied the game 2-2, and gave themselves a chance to go play in overtime,

I was very pleased with the effort that my team had put in,

Hoomans started celebrating like CRRRRRRRAZY,

They climbed onto the roof top of a vacant, flimsy looking building,

Police looking at them......

About to get in TRUUUUUUBLE, but they had no idea....

In overtime, EVERYBUDDY was watching the screen with utmost anticipation, except one person that is..... (and no, I'm not talking about the yawning lady)

And then.....

It happened......

Alex Burrows scored 11 seconds into sudden death overtime!!

People started celebrating again,

Did you see the goal mum? You were umm... facing the wrong direction? (mum's probably the only person in the province that didn't witness the goal as it happened...)

People were ecstatic and they started to do strange things... This guy came to "talk" to me, he asked me how I liked the game, and if I thought we would win the cup,

This was my face when I first saw him,

Then I got over the shock,

And had a picture taken with him using his camera,

He went on to do some Indian hockey celebration dance,

This was Granville Street as we were leaving,

I sure was glad I was in MY SuperSTROLLER,

Someone walked by and screamed "OMG it's real!!"

(mum: they must have thought we were REALLY insane to push a big stuffed toy around in a stroller!)

Let the celebration begin,

And we'll end it with the silver cup in our city!


I know you can do it, I can see throuuuuuuuuuuugh you!

Lastly, we went home to a little surprise on the CBC news. Make sure you watch your left bottom corner for TWO WHOLE SECONDS during the 1:08-1:10 mark LOL!!


Duke said...

OMG, we saw you on TV, Sunshade! You're even more of a superstar now!
We just love your ears at the end of the third period when Vancouver scored!
Our paws are crossed that the Canucks win the cup for you and D-guy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Putter said...

HOLY OMG! This is the coolest outing I have ever ever seen SUNSHADE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!


Love, Putter ...

Anonymous said...

Loved your commentary on the game Sunshade. It's called "local color.' Pawfect!!! And we saw you -- over and over again -- on the TV!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

It sure looks like you had a fantastic day. Aren't you glad you decided to go along instead of "watching the yard"? BOL Good thing you had that stroller. You would have been trompled for sure!

ellen said...

Dear Miss Sunshade,
A TV star? No surprise to everyone who already thinks you have star quality!

Lorenza said...

Sure it was pawesome to be there, right?
I saw you there in the video!
And all the people celebrating... a lot!
Congratulations to your team!
Kisses and hugs

Kari in Alaska said...

We are cheering on your team!


Teddy said...

Miss Sunshade, you are so cute cheering for D-guy's team like that. I like the way you throw your head back when your team does well. Wow, that was sure a big crowd. I'm glad you mom brought the superstroller so you could be comfie. She even brought your raw chicken, that was thoughtful even though she forgot your dessert ;)


Amber-Mae said...

I totally DIG your stroller!!! It's nice!!! And what a day you pups had. Hope you had a great time.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Miss Sunshade, okay here's the thing. Your mum is not the only one in Vancouver who is not a Canuck fan. Shame of all shames, my dad has virtually no interest whatsoever. My dad's brother is a long-term Canucks' fan. My dad says that your evil mum should have coffee with him while the D-guy watches the Canucks. Anyways, its been awhile since you last posted but if it's possible - you look just beautiful. Your mum's picture taking abilities are very good. Bye Sunshade.

Anonymous said...


Koshie here. Yes, I am a BOSTON BRUINS fanatic and proud to say, the Stanley Cup is OURS this year, 2011.

What a series, what a game! If I had known you were amidst the sea of people last night, I would have barked back. We have the same kind of Mom's. Anything for our comfort and socializing. Glad you made the scene, my friend. But, when it comes to game #7, it belongs to Boston. GO BRUINS!!!!!

No matter the outcome, I'd glad we're friends (:-D)

Asta said...

Miss Sunshade
I was soooo happy to have seen you on that clip and I just love how you twavel in such comfowt and style!!! Congwatulations to youw team!!!!! I'm thwilled fow you andy team you suppowt I'll suppowt!!!
(I have to confess I have nevew seen a hockey game, but you awe my hewo , so I'm wooting wif you)
smoochie kisses
pee ess could you pleez give youw baby bwuvvew some kisses fow me too?

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hi Miss Sunshade! Glad to have discovered your blog. I would normally be typing this from my desk in Singapore, but I'm on vacation now in Beautiful British Columbia. It's always nice to be back home.

Good on you for supporting your local Canucks team. Big game tonight! Hope you get a treat each time the Canucks score :)