Saturday, February 04, 2012

Trip to Ladysmith

This morning, mum woke me up early, she said we were going to take a short trip with Yuj and Kumiko. I was so sleepy I wanted to stay home and SLEEP! But mum said no, because I had to take medicine at different times during the day. Lucky STINKY, he got to sleep in at his girlfriend Faye's house.....

So I continued my beauty sleep in Yuj's SUV,

I slept all the way to our destination, which included a 90 minute ferry ride,

Can you guess where we were?

Let see how long it takes for you to figure out ;-)

I trotted down the drive way, because I could smell something very sexy....

We came to this place, that's Kumiko and Yuj with me there,


Remember Murphy Brown, whom I met back in October at Canada's Biggest Dog Show?

Ohhhhh the sexiness....... yes, that's my SuperNOSE beside the sexiness!

Ohhhhh the lovelies...... (mum: lovelies = testicles. Sunshade has a huge thing for intact males. She turns crazy silly flirty playful LOL!)

We rekindled our love,

And then we got put into the Honeymoon suite,

While the hoomans disappeared into the house,

(mum: Our friends Yuj and Kumiko fell in love with Sunshade, Jaffa and Saphira that they decided they would like to get an Airedale as well! So we went to Ladysmith (Horsingaround Terriers), on Vancouver Island to visit the 3 week old pups!

There were 8 pups in the litter, 1 very special girrrrrl, and 7 boys!

This is the beautiful dam, Faye. She's a Canadian Champion.

Feeding time!

This was the biggest boy in the litter, he had a gigantic head!

I had never seen 3 week old Airedale puppies! The youngest Airedale pups I had ever seen were of Sunshade's litter at 5 weeks old, and another litter from my breeder.

At 3 weeks old, their eyes are just starting to open, and they're just starting to walk a little,

Now, I introduce to you, Hana!!

Hana means "flower" in Japanese,

Hana, like Saphie, was the ONLY girrrrrl in her litter. She is the little girrrrrl that Yuj and Kumiko will be going home!! Hana and mom, Kumiko,

Kumiko had a hard time putting Hana down when it was time to leave.....

The next 5 weeks will go pass by very slowly for Kumiko and Yuj I'm sure...

There was also a brand new Irish Terrier litter on the ground, and I just had to go see them. They were only 5 days old,

Dam Abigail with her pups. Two boys and two girls,

Abigail is also Murphy Brown's dam,

I have to say... both Abigail and Murphy are super sweet. They sure make it hard for you to not fall in love with them!

According to Mary, the Irishes are gentler, mellower, cuddlier, and sweeter than the Airedales. Mary really wants me to get an Irish, she told me she'll keep a pup for me from the next litter lol! Unfortunately, the only way this would fly with Sunshade is if the Irish we get was Murphy Brown!

We had a great time visiting Mary and the pups! Thank you for the hospitality Mary! I can't wait to introduce Hana to Saphie and Jaffa (I think we can skip Sunshade LOL)!!

Sunshade was pooped from all that flirting, and she again slept the entire way home.)


Duke said...

What a fun trip for you, Sunshade. Murphy Brown sure is a handsome boy! The honeymoon suite, huh *wink wink*
We are so excited for Yuj and Kumiko! Hana is just beautiful!

Love ya lots,

Mojo and Digger said...

We giggled the moment we spotted Sunshade's flirty girl posture!
Now I seem to have full-blown puppy fever after seeing those gorgeous little sausages. I'm so happy for Kimiko and Yuj. Airedales are conquering the world, one household at a time!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow might end up with another pup. Just have to figure out how to integrate Sunshade into the mix.

The Thuglets said...

Wow what a great trip. Hana and the pups are so cute. Very puppalicious!
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx