Sunday, February 05, 2012

Borrowed Angels - by mum

This morning, I received a devastating e-mail from my friend Cathy, who had Tika and Tulie, the two Aire-Girrrrrls I groom. Tika, who celebrated her 13th birthday back in October passed away suddenly yesterday.

I started grooming Tika and Tulie almost three years ago, before Squaire Dog Grooming even existed. However, Cathy and her girrrrrls were more than just grooming clients. We first met in 2001, when Tika was 3 years old, and Tulie was just a pup. Sunshade was 2 years old at the time and I had signed her up for a tracking class. Cathy turned out to be the instructor for our class. Every week, we would go into the woods with the girls (and few other dogs) and track for a couple of hours. After the set of classes ended, we became friends and kept in touch throughout the years. We also shared the same vet, so we would bump into one another from time to time. A few years ago, Tika and Tulie's former groomer moved away, and I had the honour of becoming the girrrrrls' new groomer. It was actually Cathy and her girrrrrls that gave me the idea to perhaps start a grooming business on the side. So Squaire Dog Grooming happened. From then on, every 2 months, Tika and Tulie would come and spend an afternoon with me while I prettied them up.

The last time I saw Tika was at the end of November (2011), a month after her 13th birthday. I remember her flirting with Jaffa during one of the breaks. It was a nice scene to see because, like Sunshade, Airedales were not one of Tika's favourite breeds (much thanks to their younger siblings :-) ). I also remember catching Tika mid-aire as she sailed over the bathtub, and thinking to myself, "this is a 13 year old???" She always felt so spunky after I toweled her off from a bath.

This was a video I took of Tika (blue leash), Tulie and Jaffa the last time they came for grooming in November.

Tika was a BEAUTIFUL girl inside and out. She was a girl that if you were an Airedale breeder, you would know she came from good breeding.

Tika loved her mom and dad beyond anything else, and they loved her back just as much, if not more. She was their special girrrrrl. When Tika was 4, she was diagnosed with a medium grade heart murmur, and she had an unknown orthopedic condition that would cause her to yelp out in pain from time to time. With much dedication, tender care, excellent veterinary attention, and most importantly, LOVE from her mom and dad, neither condition was ever a problem over the last nine years.

Tika was confident, and can be somewhat dominant, much like Sunshade. For that reason, the two girls were never very fond of one another. However, after a few exchange of words, they both learned to respect one another's space and there was never a problem. That was Tika for you, once she knew what was expected of her, she did her best to obey, be a GOOD GIRL for you, and make you fall in love with her.

This was a picture of the two alpha girls together. Sunshade and Tika, taken when they were 11 & 12 years old respectively.

When Tika's little sister Tulie joined the family, her world was turned upside down and inside out! Though true to her personality and strength, Tika took the change in stride and with much grace. Soon the two girrrrrls became inseparable. It was always "Tika and Tulie". Tulie was never a confident girl like her big sister. A lot of times, she needed to have her Tika there to feel confident. In many ways, Tika was her rock. I truly hope Tulie will be ok without her big sister.

Tulie (left) with her Tika (right) - picture taken March, 2011

Tika was a sweet sweet girl to those who knew her. Her passing has definitely left a huge hole in the hearts of those who admired her beauty and special spirit. It is particularly hard for me because she and Maggie were the most senior Airedales I knew in person. They were(are) both very special to me for many different reasons, and the two special girrrrrls left us less than a week apart. I hope Tika and Maggie had a diplomatic meeting and are now buddies romping around at the Rainbow Bridge :-)

Godspeed pretty girrrrrls, until we meet again......

Cathy and John, our hearts are with you...

Elaine, Sunshade (and her piggies), Jaffa, D-Guy and his rabbit

Below are the lyrics to the song playing in the background

Borrowed Angels
By Kristin Chenoweth

They shine a little brighter, they feel a little more
They touch your life in ways no one has ever done before
They love a little stronger, they live to give their best
They make our lives so blest, so why do they go so soon?
The ones with souls so beautiful
I heard someone say--

There must be Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
But they can't stay forever
Cause they're heaven sent
And sometimes, heaven needs them back again

They reach a little deeper, they see what's in your soul
And even when they leave you know, you'll never let them go
The world's a little richer, just cause they came along
Their love goes on and on, so why do they go so soon?
The ones with souls so beautiful. I heard someone say--

There must be Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
They can't stay forever, cause they're heaven sent
And sometimes, heaven needs them back again

How else can you explain why they're here and not here to stay?
I believe there must be, must be

Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
But they can't stay forever, cause there heaven sent
And sometimes heaven needs them back again.
And sometimes heaven needs them back again.


Borrowed angels they are..... except...... we never agreed that we would ever be ready to return them.....

More pictures of the beautiful Tika and her sister Tulie can be viewed on Squaire Dog Grooming Facebook Page. There are two albums of the girrrrls.

Kristin Chenoweth - Borrowed Angels

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Molly the Airedale said...

Another angel has crossed. Our hearts are breaking for Tika's mom and dad and her sissy, Tulie. The T&T team broke up just as the M&M team did. We do hope that Maggie and Tika are romping together at the Rainbow Bridge and having a great time.
What a beautiful tribute, Elaine.

Love ya lots,
Sue, George and Mitch

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E and Miss Sunshade: Okay, my dad's had enough. No more this year. Every time something like this happens, mom and dad get all sad and stuff. It reminds them too much of my uncles. We also feel very badly for their nice peoples, who loved them so dearly. It never, ever gets "easier".

ellen said...

Tears for everyone who gives their heart to a Borrowed Angel. Don't we all at some point; and knowing the ending never makes it any easier when it happens.
Such a lovely tribute, Elaine.

Princess Patches said...

We are soooooo sorry! We hope Tika and Maggie have found Penny and Poppy and are playing like crazy at the bridge!


Molly the Airedale said...

We noticed on your sidebar that you have a spot for tributes to your friends, Sunshade. Could you please list My Maggie's and Miss Tika's so that we can visit them whenever we want too. They're just beautiful and so very special.

Love ya lots,

Piappies World said...

Hello there Ms. Sunshade,

We found you as we were reading the post of Mitch. We share the sadness in your heart when we learned about the passing of angel Maggie. And we are also sorry that your other friend also crossed the bridge.

We hope that we get to be friends here too and share stories together. We got to say that as we are writing this comment, we are looking at the yummy turducken you had for dinner!

Do visit our world and meet our pack. Hope it's ok that we add our blog to our side bar so we can always be updated with you.


Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie


Winston said...

Such sad news so soon after the passing of Maggie! You wrote a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl!