Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So everything had been going OK with Juice,

OK as in, we were co-existing,

I ignored him, he ignored me,

Mum had given up on the hope that I would grow to like him even just a little bit. Since he is not MY Georgie, there is no chance of that.

Here he was running towards STINKY (in the shade if you look carefully) while I dove for rockies in my pool,

I was hopeful that he and STINKY would become buddies, and they would BOTH leave me alone!

So this is what happened,

There is a reason why it was STINKY that was in the fight ring and not me. The first time Juice attacked, it was actually me that was in the x-pen. Both me and STINKY would go inside the x-pen from time to time to check out Juice's food plate. After a while, Juice started making runs at us while making a grunting noise. Sometimes he would hit us with his front paws. In the beginning, we weren't sure what he was doing, so we just kept getting out of his way.


ONE DAY.... while I was sniffing the ground, he came at me and hit my SuperNOSE! It was then that I said enough was ENOUGH! So I turned and pinned him while yelling at him. Mum screamed, and I let him go. As soon as I let go of him, he punched me in the face AGAIN! (while D-Guy was laughing) Can you believe it? So I again pinned him. Ever since that day, I wasn't allowed to go in Juice's pen anymore.....

(Mum: Jaffa is just the sweetest boy, not a mean bone in his body. Sunshade is a no nonsense kinda girl. In the beginning she just took it from him, probably because she didn't know Juice was actually being aggressive. Then he scratched her nose...... Fortunately, Sunshade has a VERY good bite inhibition, and although it looked and sounded scary, all she was trying to do was to tell the rabbit to stop what he was doing. I was a little worried about the shear force of the impact, but after seeing how Juice just went right back at it, I knew Sunshade knew what she was doing, and Juice, well, he wanted the alpha position! His disposition is very uncharacteristic of his breed. Flemish Giants are suppose to be docile, gentle giants. Our first Flemish, Georgie was exactly what a Flemmie should be. I'm not sure why Juice is like this, and he came from a petting zoo! He's been this way since day one. He bites us too if we stick our arms inside the pen.)

Remember me and my Georgie? He never charged me, and he always welcomed me into his home!!

Okay... I never really LOVED being in his house.... but at least he was a nice host,

Before Juice, I never knew bun buns get mad since MY Georgie never got mad. (mum: I actually had to ask someone who knew rabbit behaviour well about the grunting noise and the charging. I wasn't sure what it meant either in the beginning.... lol)

Oh yea, a few weeks after Juice came home, he started scratching his ears really bad and they looked really yucky. So mum took him to a vet that had a special interest in rabbits. The vet told mum that Juice had EAR BUGGIES!!! Ewwww! (Mum: thank doGness mites are specie specific. So Juice could have only gotten the mites from the place he came from since we didn't have a rabbit for almost 4 years.)

Anyway, the vet wanted to put some drops in his ears, and Juice started stomping his big feet, and then started hitting the vet with his front paws. So the vet decided to do a bunny BURRITO so he couldn't scratch them. Well guess what he did, he bit the vet and drew blood! I was there the whole time just watching, and the vet told mum "I would rather see your Airedale than your bunny....". He was only 10 weeks old then.

D-Guy thinks Juice is just the coolest because, (in his words) he can take on Airedales!!

Mum blames D-Guy because he named Juice....

Remember, Juice was named after Kevin Bieska of the Vancouver Canucks. Kevin's nickname is Juice, and this is Kevin....

Juice... you know what happens to BIG BAD MEAN bun buns right??

(Mum: picture is courtesy of our friend Robin, a GREAT Irish Terrier hunter.)


Duke said...

We're glad you pinned Juice the Bully and put him in his place, Sunshade! He needs to know that Airedales rule! Come on, Jaffa! You need to tuffin up! Show that Flemish who's boss!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Huskee and Hershey said...

Alriiiight... I think it's time somepup put this rabbit in his hutch!! He needs to realise that he is sharing the home of THE Superdale!

(Hmmm.. maybe you need to change his name to something sweeter.. 'Smoothie' maybe? I bet D-guy will approve..)

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Well me tinks dat bunbun needs a big attitude adjustment! BOL

The Thuglets said...

Crikey..Jaffa we feared for your safety mate!

That is some fiesty bunny!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

brooke said...

wow Juice is one mean bunny!
be careful around him Sunshade!

Kari in Alaska said...

Glad you are showing whos boss ;)


Robin said...

Give Juice to the GREAT IRISH TERRIER and he will show Juice a lesson or two!

Robin aka the GREAT IRISH TERRIER!!!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E and Ms. Sunshade - it's been a while. We saw Janice last weekend and she said that Sunshade looked great. I think that the D-guy should adopt Juice full-time and that maybe Sunshade could get a guinea pig (isn't that what she really wants???) and then Jaffaman and Miss Sunshade could have a friendly to live with. Just a thought. Oh yeah, Janice said that you looked great too E.

Dexter said...

Juice sounds like a devil rabbit. He is wanting to be big rodent on campus. I sure hope he settles down. Don't mess with Miss Sunshade!

Poor Jaffa! I think Juice was trying to bite him in his unmentionables.