Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remembering Georgie

This is a post that should have been made a long time ago but wasn't, mainly due to the break mum took from blogging.....

Some of my readers from back in 2007/2008 will remember MY Georgie, my GIANT bunny. For my new readers, you will get to read about MY Georgie for the first time!

We got him as a little 9 week old bun bun,

And watched him grow to almost 20 lbs.... (that's a dog harness he was wearing)

You may recall how much I loved MY Georgie.....

We went hunting together and I protected him,

We played in the yard together,

We celebrated Easter together,

And when mum wouldn't stop bringing STINKIES home, we moved out together,

Then one day, he stopped using his litter box and couldn't move his back legs anymore. Mum took him to a vet who specialized in bun buns. After a week, he couldn't use his front legs anymore, and then he wouldn't eat anymore.... (mum: Vet said he had some kind of infection that was in his brain.)

Mum said he was sick, so we brought him upstairs with us. (mum: Georgie's cage was in the garage.) I looked after him,

And stayed by his side 24/7,

A few more days later, mum left with MY Georgie, and all she bought back was this,

I looked and looked and looked and looked for MY Georgie.... (mum: this video is long and not very interesting. You can skip it if you want. It was shot the first time I let Sunshade down to the garage after Georgie passed away. She kept thinking he must have been hiding in the crawl space or by the boxes since those were the places he had gone to when he was let out of the cage to roam.)

(mum: Video below showed what Sunshade did for the next two weeks following Georgie's death.)

(mum: Georgie died on my birthday, he was only 1 year old. Three days after these videos were taken, Jaffa ate a 250 tab bottle of Advils and went into kidney failure. We didn't know if he would recover for the longest time. It was a stressful time, and I took a long break from blogging.)


BREAKING NEWS: STINKY is alive and well, and still VERY annoying. The little glimpse you saw of him from one of the videos above is stilllllllll him today, except it's 3.5 years later. He was NEVER allowed to interact with MY Georgie, because I would pin him whenever he got close!!

My Georgie never came back and I don't know why.... I really hope I will get to play and protect him again one day because I really really love him.....

Below are just a few of our many happy memories together:


Duke said...

We remember your special Georgie so well, Sunshade and we're so sorry that he had to leave you.
He sure was one big bunbun and very handsome!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Princess Patches said...

Awwwww, we are sooooo sorry YOUR Giant Georgie had to go to the Rainbow Bridge! We have been wondering where he was, but our mom kind of suspected that he had gone to the bridge. We sure are glad Jaffa is okay after the pill eating trick! Your mum took great care of him!

Penny & Patches

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade,
I was so sad seeing you waiting by George's house for him to come home. You will be with him again, but hopefully not for a long time.


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of Georgie. But the good memories are what you will never, ever lose.

It's a proven fact that when there is a loss in the family, even the other pets show their grief.

brooke said...

That was such a sad video! And Im not wearing waterproof mascara!!! Poor Sunshade!
George was HUGE! His ears were gigantic from when he was a baby! So cute!
One day (a long long long long time from now) you'll be reunited with him and you can reminisce about Stinky and hang out together, but not for a really really long time.

Amber-Mae said...

OH Sunshade, the reason why she hasn't come back is because well...she has gone to heaven. I am SO sorry. But she is now free of pain, she can walk, hop & bounce again! And I remember the time when Jaffa ate all those pills. Good to know he is doing good.

Anyway, hugs to you. I know Georgie wouldn't want you to be too upset about her passing.

Kari in Alaska said...

So sorry about the loss of George


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Sunshade...we ADORED that pic of you and George...we 'member when you first posted it and our heartbreak for his passing...

And oh do we remember the Advil...

We are so very glad Stinky is Ok from that...

Please please do not curl up in shame from your hockey fans...

It is so hard to get to a 7th game that by rights and stats you should have won...we lost in the Superbowl this year and know the heartbreak...

You guys had an amazing season...

Kisses to ya,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stan

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Evil mum, my dad was watching the video and then he had to get up and leave. He gets that "far away look" that I don't really understand. I don't know much about bunnies but my dad says that Georgie probably had the best mum and best friend (Sunshade) ever.

Cassie said...

Sunshades sadness is palpable in the videos. What a lover she is.

Asta said...

Dawling Miss Sunshade
I wemembew youw Geowgie so vewy well. I loved him and could see how much he meant to you.
I even completed an application when you wanted to wun away wif him when the Stinkies invaded, hehehe
Geowgie was vewy vewy special, and i know that in a billion yeaws when it's time fow you to cwoss the bwidge, he'll be thewe hopping impatiently , waiting fow you.I know he wemembews and loves you too.

(I hope I get to meet him too)
Love is fuwwevew..don't fuwget that
smoochie kisses