Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labour Day Weekend Day 2

When we left our hotel room this morning, I saw a sign on our door,

It's a wonder how those amazingly observant people at the hotel knew I brought my pet STINKY with me?

Mum & D-Guy took us down to the lobby area where me and STINKY waited with mum while he went to stock up on the complementary Continental breakie. There were so many people there getting breakie, but I was SOO well behaved. Ok, STINKY too surprisingly. He didn't embarrass me, so I'm thankful for that. He must have not been feeling well or something as he did not landshark or jump up when people were patting him. We got a lot of compliments on how great looking we were and how well behaved we were (with STINKY around???? unheard of!). So our morning started out pretty good.

After D-Guy stocked up on breakie (for him and mum ONLY..), we headed out to the parking lot,

Now, for any hooman traveling to the Seattle area with your masters, Larkspur Landing is THE hotel to stay at.


Because there's a trail right behind the hotel for your masters to run around and do businesses on (if you know what I mean),

Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I said the trail was right behind the hotel. That's the hotel parking lot you see, and I was at the start of the trail, well took a slight detour not far off the trail,

These huskies spotted The MUSCLE BUTT Queen and went berserk because they wanted to come close and pawsonal,

Me and STINKY posing for little bits of mum & D-Guy's breakie,

We started walking the trail,

I stopped periodically to make sure mum & D-Guy were doing alright with their breakie,

Now look at this picture, you see how I was taking my time sniffing a sweet smelling bush?

Guess what STINKY did in my face (literally),

It shocked me so bad, I started running,


And further away.....

I was in shock, really. You know how much I hate the pee/poo smell, not to mention to have it ON MY FACE (literally)!

I needed a moment to recover from shock,

After I'd recovered, I carried on with sniffing all the interesting smells,

While I was busy sniffing, mum and STINKY started berry picking (and eating),

She offered me one, but I said NO THANKS! Even tho I have Atypical Cushings, I'm still not ready to degrade myself to be an herbivore just so I could eat. STINKY on the other hand doesn't eat his raw meaty bones din din, but would prefer to eat blackberries.

After she has had enough blackberries, mum decided it was time for her to eat her Corn POPS cereal,

She offered me a spoonful, and..........


I was literally in shock, AGAIN!


Things started to go down hill from then on......

We went back to our hotel suite where the words that I dread the most were spoken to me,

Yes, mum & D-Guy were going to PAX, so she said "I'll be back" to me. That means I can't go with her, and it makes me very sad whenever I hear those words....

Thank doG I knew this was coming so I saved the pack of 3 marrow bones instead of eating them all last night (along with the 3 drumsticks and 2 beef ribs). At least I wouldn't starve to death when they're gone,

(mum: The only blessing from Sunshade having Atypical Cushings is that nowadays, food can cheer her up from just about anything. Just a year ago, Sunshade would be all sad whenever she saw me handing her a bone because she felt that meant I was leaving her even when I wasn't. Back then, she associated bones to me leaving. Of course, the times that I did leave, whatever bone/chewy I had left for her would still be untouched after I came home. Yes, she used to get that sad about being left alone that she wouldn't touch bones & treats.)

Please let me point out that our consolation marrow bones got tampered with. The marrow inside those marrow bones were STOLEN!!!!! (mum: too fatty)

They left us each a bone on our bone towel. I was still a little sad.....

But that didn't stop them from leaving......

They went to PAX where various video games were displayed or debuted,

D-Guy's game Joy Ride made its debut there. He was the designer for the game.

Mum didn't get a good picture of it, but the screen in the middle of the picture was Joy Ride,

Instead of using controllers, Joy Ride utilizes a new motion sensing devise called Kinect (previously known as Natal). These people were playing Joy Ride,

Kinect Joy Ride will be available November 2010. For anyone that's interested in making D-Guy happy, here is a short trailer for Joy Ride,

I guess Mum and D-Guy didn't completely forget about me and STINKY seeing that they signed our names on the PAX white board,

Mum did mine (and ran out of room), and D-Guy did STINKY the landshark,

People dancing on stage,

Lord Of The Rings game,

There was a booth selling lots of different video game related T-shirts, D-Guy really liked them.....

So you think after they'd been out all day, they would have came back with toys or a big stuffy or at least some yummies for us right?


They came back with THESE!!!!

Remember I said D-Guy really like those video game T-Shirts? Well, he bought 4 of them. This one that I was forced to wear was from Mario Brothers.

The question mark is made up of all the signs and symbols in the Mario game. D-Guy thought it was pretty cool......

Now, in regards to the THING they put on my HEAD...... I'm not sure if you know this game,

It's Pacman,

The yellow dude is Pacman,

So yea.... I'm ummm... supposed to be Pacdale,

(mum: look, she's an astronaut, ready to take off into space!!)

Not really mum, I was jut complaining about the yellow thing on my head......

STINKY went through his share of torture. He wore the Ryu shirt,

Ryu is from Street Fighters,

They got a face mask with the word PLAGUE written on it from some Zombie game booth. The mask was put on STINKY. Ok, I know STINKY stinks and landsharks my face and is annoying, but I really wouldn't want him to suffocate to death you know??? Not to mention, I was still sitting there with a Pacface,

By this time, I was SERIOUSLY starting to doubt the benefits of being a "good dog".... Maybe if me and STINKY were to struggle or growl or nip or BITE, then we wouldn't have to put up with such indignity.

STINKY laid there very still with the mask over his nose like you saw in the last picture. He laid there very still for quite a little while, so it finally occurred to mum that maybe he was lacking oxygen. So she took it off ....... and put it on his head, of course...

Can somebuddy PLEASE teach us how to be bad doggies???

Finally, our torture ended. Evil-mum hadn't lost it completely as she offered us some tripe jerky as reward,

Hurry up, into my mouf!

Too slow, let me get some more MY SuperSELF!!

After I cleared the table, I went to work on the consolation bone from earlier this morning,

We DID get to go a nice lake after our torture session (thank doG), but we'll do a separate post about it. Stay tuned!

BTW, according to Evil-mum, many people dress up as video game characters to attend PAX and that's why they have all those STOOOOOPID stuff for sale (to STOOOOPID, Evil people). You can see more pictures of hoomans dressed up at PAX on STINKY's blog.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Thanks fur sharing the pikh with the furry nice Husky khanines!

It does look like a pawesome place to stay!


Inky and Molly said...

It's sad to see you sad. We get very sad when they leave us too. especially Molly. When she is left all alone, without me, Inks, she howls and howls so we come back quickly before the ranger gets her.
We like your pac-helmet and new outfit they got you.
Looks like a fun trip...

Duke said...

PacDale and Stinky the surgeon! Jaffa looks like he just came out of the OR! Mom was hysterical!
Mom robs the marrow out of our bones too! It's so not fAire!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Remington said...

Great post, my friend!

the many Bs said...

haha! we think you look very cute with your pac man hat and funny shirt. and even Jaffa pup looks cute with his "hat" and shirt.

we're proud of you two for being such good kids inside of your hotel room all alone. we don't think our human would trust us like that. we love to bark. hee hee!


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade - I'm sorry but my goofy dad can't stop laughing. It's times like this that I'd like to bite him. He threatened to put reindeer antlers on me on year but I gave him the "thousand yard" stare and a growl and that was that. Although the groomers did put bows around my sister Tuvia's ears once and dad left them in for mom to see. But Tuvia shook them out before mom could see them. Ha ha ha. Jaffa does look a little more serious in his doctor-type stuff. We could teach you a couple of things about being "bad dogs".

brooke said...

OMG! Sunshade! I have to say you do look REALLY cute as a PacDale! I love those pictures!

Nelly said...

Oh Sunshade you are the best! Mum can't stop laughing at the picture of you as PacDale. Too cute!
What a clever chap D-guy is!
Nelly x

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Sunshade, as horrible as this may sound to you, I think you look VERY CUTE as PacDale. At least you two got treats afterward as a reward!

Oh, and from the sound of it, you are just like me when Mom leaves. I get super depressed and have been known to not move from the door for hours, ignoring everyone else's calls.


Princess Patches said...

You look airedorable as a PacDale! We always know when our mom is leaving us! She gives each of us a treat and then picks up her purse. Sometimes she fools us and goes out the door without her purse! That means she is going to do yard work! Peeps are soooo predictable!

Penny & Patches

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshade! Gosh, I haven't been over here in pretty much FOREVER! It sure does look like you had a good trip. Well, except for being peed on and then having to wear a hat and stuff. But at least you got a bone and some jerky out of it! So it's really prolly not so bad, huh?

Wiggles & Wags,

NelsonandBoober said...

Oh Sunshade those pictures of you as PacMan are too much...way too cute. Our mum is still laughing. Your lucky you guys got to go we just got back from a week at Camp while our mum was away. Looks like you guys had a great time. Were still laughing over the Pac Man :)

ellen said...

I think you have your Christmas card, Sunshade.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Mild cartoon violence.hehe.(That was all that showed up on the JoyRide said:Error Stream not found!) Our mommy will look for D-Guy's game when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for her godson,Ian. She LoVeS pacman and miss pacman. YOU look SOOOOoooo adorable in your pacman helmet. Very cool.Now she's going to look for her individual controller to play!! Thanks alot. Now we'll be ignored for a while.
BabyRD & Hootie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Well... I started reading your post and everything was pawesome, the hotel, the trail and then... you two were left alone... and then... that Pacman hat!
Oh-oh! And the Stinky mask!
Hmmm.... good thing you enjoyed yummy treats after that!
Congratulations to D-Guy on his game!
Kisses and hugs