Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Today started out just like any other day; I did my chores, 

Followed by a well deserved nap, 

Then mum took me to a doggie bakery and bought a cake & some muffins. 

In the evening, we all went to STINKY #3's house. 

You see, STINKY #3, STINKY & STINKY #2 (STINKY's sister, wasn't here), and I, all have November birthdays. STINKY #3 leads the way on November 6th, then STINKY & STINKY #2 are on November 13th, and then last but the BEST, is my SuperBIRTHDAY on November 25th.

(mum: okayyyy... #3 is Saphie, #2 is Stella who is Jaffa's sister that lives nearby, and STINKY = Jaffa. Just to clear up any confusions..... From left to right, Saphie, Jaffa, and Sunshade.)

Since my birthday is the last of the three, I get to eat at three birthday celebrations! Today was my first one, STINKY #3's actual birthday.

Fix your ears you two!!!

(mum: they couldn't because they were sitting next to SuperBOSSY-PANTS!)
Now in case you were wondering about the distribution of the birthday muffins. 

Here is the break down: 

STINKY #3 turns 2, so she got two muffins. 

STINKY is turning 7, so he got seven muffins. 

The bootiful me is turning 14, so I get ---------- yes, FOURTEEN muffins!!!

Mum wanted a nice picture, but apparently their ears were still out of order. Look at who is the photogenic one! 

It was candle time, 

Then mum brought out a cake that had some strange writing on it, 

(mum: that's not some strange writing Sunshade, it's reads S-A-P-H-I-R-A, not STINKY #3.)

Then Auntie Helen lite the candle on the cake with the strange writings on. STINKY #3 had never seen fire before, so she was mesmerized,

STINKY #3 and the strange cake, 

But I think someone made a mistake, somehow there was only ONE cake?!?! Where was mine?? Why do I only muffins??? (mum: It was "Saphie's" birthday!)

We were finally set free to eat, except STINKY already swallowed his muffin before he was given the ok to eat, 

STINKY #3 was making her wish before she blew out the candles. Now do you know why STINKY's face looked like that? It was because he was feeling the effect of a whole muffin moving down his esophagus. I ate the smart way of course.

STINKY #3 started on the cake, I asked her if I could have a sniff,

And then STINKY touched me, so I gave him a look that said DON'T touch me! (mum: it was more like you pushed into him!)

 I don't know why STINKY was looking at me like that,

Then I thought I would have another sniff of the cake while STINKY was still giving me that weird look!! (mum: Jaffa was in between the girls, and he knows he has to be very stilllllll when he's next to the bossy-pants especially with food around.)

I'm not sure if she liked the cake.....

Well, I guess she did, 

Then Auntie Helen decided to cut the cake. Look at her saving STINKY's tongue, 

I kept circling the cake, because I just couldn't believe what my SuperNOSE was smelling.....

It was a peanut butter cake.... 

I don't understand why mum would buy a peanut butter cake because I SuperDON'T like peanut butter!!! 

(mum: it was so that you would let them eat... haha! Sorry Sunshade!)

So the Evil Mum gave the poor me left over muffins..... 

While STINKY devoured STINKY #3's cake,

Mum gave STINKY another muffin so he would leave the cake alone for STINKY #3. The poor me was stillll eating my left over muffin... 

STINKY ate his muffin the same way that he did earlier, which was one gulp and then feeling it move all the way down inside. 

All in all, it was a great first celebration minus the peanut butter cake. At least I got way more muffins than they did, 

So kids, listen up! Here are some words for wisdom for you:

Eat healthy food, sleep properly, do your daily muscle butt exercise (doesn't have to be with a horsie), have a positive attitude at life, and get a couple of STINKY's to worship you so you will live a healthy, happy, long life, which means LOTS more muffins for you than others!!! Please take a moment to capture a mental image of my SuperPLATE compared to the other two!


Duke said...

We can't believe the birthday cake was peanut butter, which you hate, Sunshade! How unfAire is that! But look at all of those muffins - OMG, 14 of them! Who has the better deal here!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Saphie! What a fun pawty!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow that's a lot of cupcakes.