Friday, November 08, 2013

Mum's Special Present

So mum has a November birthday too and my Auntie Lydia, Auntie Sue, and Auntie Nhi got her something very special for her birthday,

It's an AireBear,

It is not just any AireBear, it's a handmade, custom made, "Sunshade AireBear". It has a built in music box that plays The Teddy Bear Picnic, 

 The Sunshade AireBear can stand and shake, 

She's working on getting her drivers license,

Since she came allllll the way here from Scotland, she has a British Passport,

This is her photo ID inside the passport, as well as lyrics to the song she plays,

 She wears a pink harness like I do.........

I had a picnic with the Sunshade AireBear,

I whispered in her ear --- ALL treats are mine

Mum said sharing was good,

I disagreed.

So I ate them ALLLL!

Now, you may feel a certain lack of umm... enthusiasm in my posting. Well, you are correct in your observation.

(mum: Go away you.. DOG! Sunshade didn't like the AireBear to be in her pawsonal space because it looked too much like a "dog/Airedale" lol.....)

Things I have to put up with in my life.....

Ever since mum got the "Sunshade AireBear", she has been starring at it lovingly, petting it, and she even has it near her bed when she sleeps. Sunshade imposter is NOT Sunshade, just so you know mum.....

So the attention sucking Sunshade AireBear is made by the very talented (a little too talented) Ann Curren of Ragtail in Scotland. 

You may have notice the watercolour painting hanging behind me, (mum: this photo really doesn't do the actual watercolour justice!)

This was painted by Ann Curren as well, from the picture below, 

Annie has lots of neat prints, cards, x-mas cards that you can purchase. 

Please visit Ann Curren's website HERE


Duke said...

We just love Sunshade AireBear, Sunshade! Maggie AireBear has a passport too so don't be surprised if she walks past your rockie collection, up your ramp and knocks at your back door one day soon *wink wink*
We love your mum and wish her the happiest birthday ever ♥

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow that's a fabulous gift E.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

We think that this is an awesome gift from very caring and loving people. Pssst...I think they like you and Sunshade E. Happy Birthday:)