Saturday, June 22, 2013

SuperTRIP: Day 1 - Getting Acquainted

Mum and I decided to take a SuperTRIP to visit my favouritest Aunties!!

Our first destination was to see my Auntie Nhi, her hooman pups, Marisa & Mila, and my girlfriend Lola! If you recall, Auntie Nhi visited me last year without her girls, but I got to meet them this time!

Lola and I have conversed on Facebook, but we had never met in pawson. So naturally, this is what we did when we first met; her grass, MY tree,

I showed Lola my bootiful leg extension after I have marked MY territory, (mum: on HER property!)

Lola was a wonderful host, she showed me her hood, 

She showed me where the evil kitties lived, and I in return, showed her how to handle them,

When we got a little hot....

Lola showed me which tree to go under to get the most shade,

After our walk, me and Lola stayed home while mum and Auntie Nhi went to pick up Lola's "evil sissies" to go for lunch. I can understand why Lola calls them evil sissies because one told on her when she got on the diningroom table and ate a plate of taco ingredients, and the other put glue on her and cut her hair. However, they were so VERY nice and polite to me and mum.

While they were waiting for their food (without me), the evil sissies drew mum pictures!

This is the big evil sissy, Marisa. She is 12 yrs old (younger than me!)

Look at what she drew!! Notice the attention to details? I have a dark stripe down my face now! Those wrist bands were from when I got sick last month and had to be shaved for IV.

This is the little evil sissy, Mila. She is 8 years old!

And this is her drawing oooooof... ME!! She has the manga style, and I look very sweet and girly in her drawing!

Aren't they both just so talented and Not-Evil? hehe!

Lunch was at Auntie Nhi's friend, Cheryl's restaurant. Cheryl was so nice, she gave them so much complimentary foodables (without me...). This was how the chief cooked their food,

I hope mum learned something so she could start cooking my food this way!

They came home from lunch, and I was really glad to see them back. This is me with Miss Mila, she loved me!

Making more sketches!!

Can you tell what Marisa was drawing?

Good work Mila!!

 Lola being a very patient gurrrrrl,

Chilling with her evil sissies. No grudges whatsoever :-)

Well yes, I was chilling too,

Miss Mila getting inspired for her next masterpiece,

Oh, I think she's about to start! What might she be drawing?

I think I recognize that SuperHEAD!!

Lola supervising Miss Marisa,

She decided to give sketching a shot too! Gurl with many talents, 


Miss Mila's masterpiece of the cartoon ME!! Thank you Mila!! Mum would like me to look that gurrrlie too!

Wow and look at Miss Marisa's sketch of my sleeping position! She gave the sketch to us and we will treasure it forever! Thank you Marisa!!

Oh yea, I found a more comfortable spot to lie on. White leather sofa was very cooling. Those are my traction socks, to prevent slipping when the hoomans were out.

Guess what time it was after artwork? Yes, walkie time!! We went for another walk in the neighbourhood,


It was POOOOL time!!!

Lola cheered me on from the sideline,

She would cheer until I get all the way back to the stairs!

I think I like having a poolside cheerleader!

Below is a video summary of my very first day with Auntie Nhi, Marisa, Mila and Lola!! There's some pool action in the video! 

Thank you Lola for welcoming me into your bootiful home and sharing your bootiful family with me! 


Duke said...

We just love that picture of you in your ballerina traction socks resting on the white leather chair, Sunshade!
You sure did have the bestest time with Lola and her evil sissies, who are BTW, very good artists!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Marisa Finley said...

I'm superglad you liked our drawings, Sunshade! We enjoyed having you and your human mum around~! We all miss you both~ And I am still (STILL) working on the drawing of you and your bootiful ballerina shoes!!


I'm_the_genius_kid said...

Hi Sunshade and Ms. Elaine!
We miss you a lot! Lola was sad the first few days that the bossydale wasn't around. I'm still working on the picture of you in your shoes, Sunshade, and it's very complicated! I can't seem to get it quite right...We miss you, Superdale&Ms.Elaine!!


I'm_the_genius_kid said...

We miss you, Sunshade and Ms. Elaine!
I hope we get to see you soon, and we're glad we got to meet you!!