Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Go for a SuperWALK!!

The rain has finally stopped, so after STINKY left with Bikeman Mike, I told mum "Let's go for a SuperWALK!!".

I meant it, I walked her to a pet food store SuperFAR away and got myself a well deserved twisted bully stickie!

(mum: Instead of going to Bosley's located 2 minutes away, Sunshade decided that she was going to go to THAT particular pet store 30 minute walk away, passing two other pet stores on the way....! She might be almost 13, but she still knows what she wants!)

Waiting to cross the street,

Light changed,

Must head towards home,

As fast as I can......

Can't eat until I get home!!!

Hurry hurry!!

We stopped by a park,

Mum said I could take a break and eat my bully stickie since our house was still a little ways away. She said she could see drool coming off my bully stickie......

I said OK!!

After 10 minutes, mum said it was time to get going again. So she took my bully stickie away!

I wasn't ready for it to be taken away yet!!!!!

So I asked mum if she wanted me to do a BANG???

(mum: She started offering me the play-dead position to see if I would return her bully stick.)

HA! I knew she wanted to see me do BANG!

Mum again said we needed to get going, so I listened (because I'm PERFECT) and started walking, 

Speeding up to get home!

Look at all the fall leaves, 

Hurry up mum!

Finally, I can see my house!!

Open my yard gate please!! (A Bouvier lived with us for a while, hence the sign)

Back home in MY SuperYARD!!


Duke said...

We are impressed that you chose the farther away bullystick store, Sunshade! We would never guess that you are almost 13! We love the pictures of you walking through the autumn leaves.
Enjoy your bullystick!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, we agree - finally a nice day. But that rain is fast approaching. Better eat that bully stick before the rains sweep in.

l said...

you are SUPERsmart to wait until you get home and enjoy your bully stickie. you only got one? hahah
yur pal,