Saturday, October 20, 2012


Mum took me to Auntie Janice's office this morning, 

She said it was time for me to get an ultrasound as I haven't had one since I broke my spleen

I waited very patiently, as you can see, 

For my turn to be flipped belly up.......

Auntie Jen shaved my belly and my chest because I hadn't had my SuperHEART checked in a while. I don't really like being on the table....... but I put up with it.... I trust mum and my Aunties, 

After I was shaved, I again waited patiently for Miss Janet to get her machine ready, (mum: Janet is our radiologist.)

Look, that's my SuperHEART!! Everything looked SuperGOOD!!!

(mum: When Sunshade had the splenic nodule, we were doing ultrasound every 3 months to monitor it. Now that the spleen is no longer there, we weren't sure what we were looking for! Just creating a new baseline I guess.

Sunshade's heart and everything else looked great. Her kidneys were stable l
ike all her previous scans. Her liver, which had previously been affected by Cushings was now back to looking completely normal, and her adrenal glands that were forever growing (for 2 yrs) due to Cushings were now back to normal, which was weird! Her bloodwork also showed normal kidney & liver enzymes with everything else normal as well. My SuperDALE ♥

Thank you all again for your prayers, support and donation over the last 6 months!)

After my ultrasound, I went to visit Cousin Shirley. I told her it was her turn next, 

Cousin Shirley is Auntie Jen's doghter.  Auntie Jen is my vet tech, and she says me & Shirley are so much alike that she calls Shirley my long lost sister (or cousin)!

Shirley was throw
n out of a moving truck when she was just 3 days old, on Christmas Eve to boot. Luckily, she landed on Auntie Jen's front lawn. Auntie Jen took her in, bottle fed her, and planned to find her a good home at 8 weeks old. Well, the rest is SuperHISTORY!!

Shirley's full name is Noel Shirley, signifying how she entered into Auntie Jen's life. She is almost 11 now!! Auntie Jen had a DNA test done on Shirley hoping she would be part Airedale.... but nope.... (she's Shepherd, Lab, Sheltie, etc) She's still so adorable though don't you think? Mum goes gaga over her!

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Molly the Airedale said...

This is such great news, Sunshade! We are so very happy to hear it!
We can't imagine how anyone could toss a 3 day old pup out of moving vehicle. Shame on them! But thank doG that Auntie Jen rescued Shirley. She is a beautiful girl!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly