Saturday, October 06, 2012

Stanley Park Sea Squirrelie

Mum took me to Stanley Park, one of my favouritest parks in the whole wide world (you'll see why!),

I saw a tree,

I wanted the tree,

Told mum to pick up the tree and throw it!!!

Evil Mum said a SuperNO! Can you believe it???

She got a small tree for me, so I had to compromise.....

I saved the small tree,

But I REALLY wanted the big treeeeeeee!!!

So mum rolled it into the water. I tried to pick it up..... I tried very hard... but I soon realize that was not a big tree.... it was a GIGANTIC tree, (mum: she had to try before she would give up willingly.)

So I told mum small tree is ok for now, 

Yippee! This is a good small tree!

I took some time to recharge my SuperAIRE-ZEN,

Charging still.......

Mum found me another little tree,

I saved it from drowning like I always do,

I really liked this special tree........

It's SuperMINE!!!

I took a SuperSNOOZE with my special tree,

I made sure it was still SuperMINE even when I'm snoozing,

These aren't great pictures, but take a close look at the following three pictures, do you see anything??? (You can click on the pics to biggify)

Did you see the sea squirrelie??? (mum: Sea Otter!)

The sea squirrelie ran across the beach, right in front of my SuperFACE!!

I was napping in front of this big drift wood, and he SuperDIDN'T see me!

How exciting right?? Well, Evil Mum didn't wake me up can you believe it????

Thank goodness my SuperNOSE was still SUPER so I was able to catch the scent and wake up just as the sea squirrelie was getting into the water.  See the ripples? That's where he emerged to look at me!!

Then the big chase started!!

Look at the sea squirrlie relaxing out there! He was floating on his back with his head and tail sticking out of the water!

He was obviously gone, so I put my SuperNOSE down and started tracking where he came from. Perhaps, he had brothers and sisters?? 

I went up to behind the hedges, allllll the way down......

And then allllll the way back,

I knew he came from right below those hedges, so I was trying to figure out a way to get in there,

Back down to the beach to see if I can find a better access,

Yup, that's where he came down from!!

(mum: it was amazing to see Sunshade use her nose and tracked to exactly where the sea otter came down above the sea wall. She never saw where he came from as I wanted the little guy to have a safe entry into the water. It was the scent that woke Sunshade up! Sunshade took tracking classes when she was around 2 years old and excelled at it. Her nose really is SUPER!!) 

Hmmmm anybody home???

Nobody was home though......

So I decided I was going to wait in front of the sea squirrelie's house until they come home!!

It's past your curfew sea squirrelie, come home NOW!!!

He never came home though...... so I found a land squirrelie instead,

Here is a summary of what I did today at Stanley Park,

Can you see why the infamous Stanley Park is one of my most favouritest places to go to???

After Stanley Park, I had to go to my pool for hydrotherapy. I fell asleep in the pool and snorted some water in......

(mum: I'm honestly so happy and grateful that Sunshade has had yet another great summer. She has been doing so well on the supplement regimen we have her on. Her wonderful vet Auntie Janice also put her on a custom blend of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). So I think the combination is giving her lots of energy. No one ever believes she's almost 13 when they meet us out during our walks. I'm a happy SuperDALE mum :-))


Duke said...

What a superfun day for you, Sunshade! We would never in a million years guess that you are almost 13 years old! You are AMAZING!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Berts Blog said...

Wow, what an adventure and very cool all the "Squirrel" critters you met. You live in a very cool place

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E, another good day and a great summer with Sunshade. So let's have an outstanding fall and winter too.

Woody Airedale said...

What a dog, luv the adventures. Good thing she was napping or that rascal wouldn't have made it to the water! What a nose. Thanks for sharing