Friday, July 20, 2012


I had my SuperSTAPLES taken out the other day, and my Auntie Janice, Auntie Jen, and Auntie Kate all said I SuperSTINK...... I think they must have had some STINKY's fur stuck in their noses, afterall, I am NOT the one named "STINKY"!

So mum thought this was the proper way to treat a recovering SuperDALE.......

 And THIS!!!!

After we finally left the apartment, we went for an aire-drying walk at UBC where I found a tennis ball!!

BTW, look at how well my scar healed at 2 weeks post-op!

Belly scratch from mum!!

When it got too hot outside, we went inside the UBC tennis center, 

 I asked mum where my ball was, I wanted to play tennis too!

Oh here it is!!

Thank you!

Playing with my tennis ball, 

 Suddenly, I felt an urge..... I needed to go to the washroom, 

I waited for mum to open the door for me, but she told me my bathroom was OUTSIDE???

Out we went. I peed and then found a special rockie. Do not take special rockie and/or special tennis ball! (mum: I had only done a rough clip on her, so no detail or scissor work on the face yet.)

When we got home, STINKY told me D-Guy asked him to piggie-sit MY piggies, so he was piggie sitting LIKE THIS!!!

(mum: we only let the piggies/Juice out when Sunshade/Jaffa are out with them because they will keep crows and other predators away. However, Jaffa must have been going in and out of the piggie pen doing you know what, and his feet might have accidentally unlatched the pen. Piggies were OUT! Thankfully, it seems though piggies don't run away, they just circle the pen lol...)

I quickly went over to count if all of my piggies were still there. They were thank doG! I tried to get them to go back into the pen but they didn't want to......

So I laid down to watch them and make sure no one ran away, 

FINALLY, I went to have a chat with D-GUY. I brought STINKY with me as my witness. He'd admit to anything I tell him to. 

I said:

STINKY let.....

 MY piggies OUT!!!

 He is FIRED!!!

 From piggiesitting!!!!

You hear me D-Guy?????

I have just lost a spleen, please don't give me a heart attack!!!


Cowspotdog said...

Stinky brothers - you just can't trust them with the simplest things sometimes. We are so happy to see you are feeling better.

Ruby said...

OMD! I can not believe how fast your healing! Your Mom and Dguy and Stinky take very good care of you!! Keep gettin' better!



Molly the Airedale said...

Stinky qualifies for the worst piggiesitter ever! Thank goodness each and every one of your piggies is okay, Sunshade!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunshade and your Mum...

I am sooo happy and thankful that you are well again! I was so worried and am not on Facebook so I was really glad to see your post. Your Mum (Elaine) does such an awesome job taking care of you and then posting what's going on. I love the quick video's of you and hearing that wonderful bark of yours, so expressive!

Take care,
Lucy (silent MOD Troy, Ohio)