Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Guess what Evil-mum did today while Auntie Helen came over (with STINKY #3) to give me a Reiki treatment......

(mum: this is 8 months old Saphie. It was her first time meeting the piggie.)

She put MY Sesame piggie in SuperDANGER!!!!!! I was inside while Auntie Helen was treating me, so I had no idea all this was happening, or I would have never allowed it. (STINKY went running with Bikeman Mike)

STINKY #3 could have killed MY Sesame piggie!

LOOK! I have SuperPROOF!!!

(mum: I am almost certain that the guinea pig loving gene runs in the Loc Aire Airedales!

Saphie is 8 months old, a Jaffa's niece/Sunshade great niece.

Please note, I DID NOT just put the pup together with the guinea pig right from the start. I let her see the piggies from outside the cage just to get an idea what she thought of them. I was pleased at her relaxed body language. She would look away at other "things" (lol) which told me she was not in the intense/want to kill mode. Her mouth was open, panting casually. So I put one pig out, had her on leash and made her sit a little ways away. Her body language remained relaxed with some curiosity. Then I held the pig and let her sniff, and she did a playbow. From her body language, I could tell she was intrigued and curious, but had no intention of wanting to hurt the pig. Never made contact with the piggie using her mouth :-) Everything went better than expected. At this stage, all interaction would be supervised. I have full trust with Sunshade and Jaffa :-)

Saphie wasn't nurturing towards the piggies like Sunshade is, but she was gentle and playful towards the piggies much like uncle Jaffa. She fell asleep beside piggie after a little while.

Of course, all this had to be done AWAY from Sunshade lol....)

When I was done Reiki, I sensed something was SuperWRONG!! So I told Auntie Helen to LET ME OUT of the house!!!

I saw what was going on, and I gave mum a SuperDISAPPROVING look,

I hurried over to make sure MY Sesame piggie was unharmed.....

That's right! Put your tail down and slink away STINKY #3!!!

Leave ME & MY Sesame piggie alone!!!

(mum: Sunshade never made a peep. She came out, and "looked" at Saphie. The look alone was enough to get "space & respect" from Saphie. Saphie is such a lovely girl, very mature for her age. She is able to read dog body language beautifully and is very respectful towards other dogs. She had a couple of "Sunshade lessons" early on, and took them to heart :-))

Do you know what else STINKY #3 did other than terrorizing MY Sesame piggie? (mum: She didn't terrorize your piggie Sunshade!)

She went and stunk up MY SuperHOLES!!!!!

(mum: Saphie is a digger, just like Sunshade. Jaffa doesn't dig at all, and neither does Stella, his sister (aka STINKY #2 by Sunshade). I just LOVE this line of Airedales. They are all so different, yet they are all so smart and connected with their people. They are those dogs that when you look into their eyes, you know they GET you!)


Dexter said...

Your mom can write all those little words she wants but I am with you on this one. Anything could have happened. She might have gotten her stink on your piggy and then what? Those are Sunshade's piggies.


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, well I'm sure that your evil mum will be more careful but these things can happen. We're glad that all is well at your house. BTW Owen is doing fabulously well. Stitches come out soon and we're still waiting for the biopsy results.

Asta said...

I watched weely cawefully and made shoowe youw Sesame Piggy was NOT in soopew dangew(thank dog)
I'm just glad you have such lovely welatives, phew
smoochie kisses

Duke said...

We are impressed with Saphie's behavior, Sunshade! No way would she ever hurt your piggies if she knows what's good for her!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Ruby said...

Such a cutie! She would NEVER hurt your precious piggies! Just look at that face??!