Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Funky Day

This afternoon, mum was doing my nails while I was sleeping, and all of a sudden, she STOPPED!!

She yelled to D-Guy - "OMG! I found another bump on Sunshade's toe!"

The nail dremeling didn't wake me up, but her yelling woke me up alright! Then she started going crazy on her compooooter and looking all worried.

(mum: does this look like the beginning of a malignant melanoma??? I'm going to see if I can get her in to see the vet tomorrow... This is the fourth bump/lump I've found since her surgery. I'm like a lump detector now. Previous 3 came out to be fatty lumps, but this one looks different.)

D-Guy came down and said he was going to walk me to a store to buy something (while mum continued her crazy on the poooter). Mum said it was POURING outside, but D-Guy insisted on taking me.

So mum said if he really wanted to walk me, then I had to be well covered.....

I think D-Guy insisted on taking me out despite the typhoon because pretty hooman gurrrrrls like to talk to him when I'm around,

He always tells mum that it's because he's "HOT & SEXY" so the hooman gurrrrrls talk to him, and that it has nothing to do with my presence.

I've never had the heart to tell him the truth....... (I'm sure you all know what it is!!)

Anyway, mum told D-Guy that he couldn't take my bandanna off. According to her, that's how bandannas are supposed to be worn.

D-Guy told mum to not be surprised if the bandanna gets lost!!!!

This is my - you-can't-be-serious face,

And then something happened....

But we must not say......

Then we came home!!

Like this!!!

(mum: SO! Sunshade came home wearing the bandanna, albeit in a strange kind of fashion (see above). I took the bandanna off, and her head was soaking wet!!! The bandanna on the other hand was as dry as I'd remembered. What do you think happened?)

After din din, mum ABANDONED me for a looooooong time. After a looooooong time, she came back with this,

Please don't let the picture fool you. First thing she said to D-Guy when she first walked in the door was - "STINKY doesn't like this....." and looked all disappointed. (mum: I said Jaffa.)

If you want to know what happened in detail, you can visit STINKY's stinky blog. But to make a heart wrenching story short, she ABANDONED me and bought a new toy for STINKY (FYI, this is the heart wrenching part, not what comes next). She brought the new toy over to STINKY, at his new forever home.

(mum: You wish Sunshade! His TEMPORARY home until we have the Cushing's drug under control. I need to measure Sunshade's water in take, and she still shouldn't really move too much due to the skin around the wound being tight.)

The only reason that I got to play with it was because STINKY didn't like it... (I quote),

Can you believe it??? Since when do I get rejected toyz?

I must admit tho....

This funky ball is pretty fun.....

From all angles...

I just can't believe it wasn't brand new for ME you know?? And rejected by STINKY to boot...


Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

You are a precious one Miss Sunshade! Hope you a have a great day!

Gus said...

That is one cool BALL! Just think of it as a higher form of recycling.

My muzzer is a lump maven too. But she finds most of them on dad, because he has less fur than I do.


Sue said...

Sunshade you look so cute with your rain jacket on...so cute. Tell your mum to try not to panic about your little lump until your Aunt Janice checks it out. Were crossing our paws it's nothing.

Duke said...

That new ball looks like fun, Sunshade! Stinky must be nuts not to like it!
Our paws are crossed that your new lump is nothing serious!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

brooke said...

Oh no Sunshade, not another lump! Hopefully Aunty Janice will find out that it's nothing serious!
That new ball looks like a lot of fun! Stinky's loss, your gain!

Toby said...

We are crossing paws and fingers that the new found bump is nothing but maybe a..... wart?!

And what's wrong with Stinky? How could he not like that ball??!?


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, yup..my dad gets to meet lots of people during our walks including some "hooman gurrrrls" like the ones that talk to D-guy. Hmmm, my dad said that funny looking bump on your toe looks like something my great Uncle Max had. Dad said that Janice gave him some sort of ointment and it disappeared. So we're hopeful that it's the same sort of "nothing" growth.

Asta said...

Miss Sunshade
I think I know the twoof of the banana and how it stayed dwy, sheeeesh, hoomans! also of couwse evewyone likes him cause they want to see and admiwe you.
I hope those lumpies awe all just nothing and that you get some west and healing time while Stinky is on vacation..btw, that toy doesn't look like a weject to me and I love all the views of you playing wif it
smoochie kisses

houndstooth said...

I think that new ball looks really cool, even if Jaffa wasn't into playing with it! Maybe it just means you were smart enough to figure it out and he wasn't!

BOL! No fooling mom about a bandanna in the pocket!


Pepsi Bum said...

Hehe, did D-Guy take off the bandana when your Mom specifically asked him not to?

OOO, I lurrrrve the peektures of you playing with the funky ball, especially the one showing your MUSCLEBUTT! MMmmhmm.

Keeping my paws (& the critters) crossed the new lump is nothing serious!

Much Love,

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Miss Sunshade, you know your pawrents deliberately picked out a ball that Jaffa wouldn't like and that you would, so he could feel good at the offer and you could know it was always really meant for you.

We hope your toe bump is nothing exciting. You just focus on getting better so your and Jaffa's lives can get back to normal. He misses you, and we know you miss him. We know because we miss each other when we're separated.

Jed & Abby

The Airechicks said...

Wish for GOOD news on that fugly lump...

And is D-Guy using your presence as "bait?" Or maybe he's trying to get "treats!"

Did D-Guy take you for a ride in the car or did you have to walk to the store???

Have you guys heard anything from Lily and her Mum about her vet visit???

Take care - eat lots of low fat treats...relax and don't be too quick to adopt the Mum out...


ellen said...

I'm sending you some AireZen so that the lump is nothing but a ... a ... wart!
Then, you can rub it all over Stinky and give him warts. It will make your day.

PS, Disclaimer: No actual warts were wished on anyone in this post.