Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This morning, mum and D-Guy went to eat special buffet breakie for hoomans only (can you believe it?). After they came back, mum ABANDONED me and took STINKY and his gurrrrlfriend Faye for a walk. She never returned!!!! Well, not for a long time anyway.

Faye had been staying with us because her pawrents went to the city of Lost Wages. (mum: Las Vegas!)

They left looking like this,

Came back looking like this! Well, STINKY was relatively un-changed. You can see more pictures on STINKY's bloggie.

(mum: I took Faye over to the apartment for grooming after the walk. Derek was home with Sunshade.)

When mum finally came home, the sun was already setting.....

But D-Guy told mum that they should still take "Sunshade" out because he knew mum usually always takes me out to a fun place on X-mas. We usually go up the mountain on X-mas for me to play in snow, but since we already went to Cypress Mountain on my birfday, we decided to go somewhere a little different.

We went to the waterfront area by Canada Place and Vancouver Convention Center,

Vancouver Convention Center is where the broadcasting station was during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Notice I had to walk around with my Santa hat on?

D-Guy took me off leash because I'm PERFECT ya know?

Then D-Guy called me, so I ran over to see him,

He said he had found something cool and wanted me and mum to go see,

He told mum she should take a picture of me with these Christmas bears inside the glass display,

So mum did!

Then, a little hooman pup started inching his way, ever so subtle (or so he thought) towards me. His dad read him very well though, and asked mum if it was ok for him to pet me. Mum said yes of course. The hooman pup was SO happy when he caught up to me,

His dad wanted to take pictures of us. So I posed, because I'm PERFECT!

Then another hooman saw that the little hooman pup got a picture with the celebrity (Queen of Muscle Butts), and she wanted a picture too.

Those two hoomans on the right were getting their camera ready because they wanted a photo of me The PERFECT ME too,

Afterwards, the man said to mum and D-Guy:

That is the cutest, best behaved dog I have ever seen!

Mum said Thank You and wished them a Merry Christmas. I get those compliments all the time and they make mum all smiley. Mum is especially happy when someone tells her how good I looked for my age!

Then D-Guy said enough posing because people kept coming up. So he just ran away. When I see a part of my pack run away, I automatically have to go chase him.

I trotted really fast away from the Puparazzis,

Me and D-Guy continued walking behind Canada Place,

Mum gave me a tennis ball to hold,

I love it when I have something I love (which means everybuddy else wants) in my mouf. I feel empowered!

BOTH mum and D-Guy wanted MY tennis ball you know???

I, Master of the Keep-Away Game would drop the ball in front of myself and taunt them with my eyes,

They fall for it every time,

They kept on attacking me, one from the front, one from the back, (mum: she LOVES the keep away game.)

ALAS... only one could come out VICTORIOUS in the end!!

Mum wanted a picture with the one and only being on earth that could out-smart her,

After the game, I took some time to reflect on the mistakes I might have made during the game. However, as it turned out, I made no mistake (as usual).

I left my mark, (mum: she lifts her leg to mark, like a boy dog.)

I took a break in front of a Christmas tree,

Then I saw some strange lights....... so I went to check them out. Don't worry, Vancouver has not been invaded by aliens,

Out of no where, D-Guy decided to challenge me!!!

He ATTACKED me!!! (I got away successfully of course) (mum: Keep away game in progress)

Then I saw MY province written in the tiles,

I found MY booootiful city and posed with it!

D-Guy walked me toward the Vancouver Convention Center,

He said he was taking me to see something special!!

Do you guys recognize the blue structure behind me??

Yes, that's the Olympic Cauldron!!

While I was posing here, a guy walked by and I turned and looked at him. It shocked him a little because he thought mum was taking a picture of a "giant, stuffed toy"....

Before heading home, more hoomans wanted to take pictures with The PERFECT ME of course!


Duke said...

You always have the most exciting adventures, Sunshade! Vancouver is such a pretty city!
You look adorable in your Santa hat!
Happy New Year to you and Jaffa and your mum and D-guy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Thuglets said...

Sunshade you look so adorable in your Santa hat... no wonder everyone wanted their photos taken with you.

What an adventures time you had.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx