Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't make MAMA BEES mad......

A few days ago, I did this to MAMA BEE's son,

And this,

In the end, the MAMA BEE's son looked like this,

The bottom half of him was in my stomach already when the picture was taken.

Today while I was walking around at the park, I put my right foot forward, and then my left and as soon as I put my left foot down, I felt the MAMA BEE's sting.... I wasn't even trying to catch more of her sons... I was just walking.... and she just had to fly under my big paw and sting me from under....

I didn't yelp because I'm a super duper stoic gurrrl, but it really really hurt. The pain was so bad I couldn't put my owie foot down. This is what I was doing at the park, (just imagine me in a park since mum didn't have the camera with her)

I started hopping on three legs because of the pain. While I was doing ok, mum was worried. I guess she was worried I was putting too much stress on my right front bad elbow, so guess what??

Mum carried me (with STINKY jerking all over the place on leash) all the way across the park back to the car. She took several breaks, but she wasn't gonna let me hop on three legs. I guess mum can be quite un-EVIL at times...... and she can be quite good to me..... and I guess I can quite love her lots......

On the way home, mum called Aunty Janice to see if she should give me anything. Aunty Janice told mum to ice my poor foot and give me Benadryl at 1 mg/lb.

Since I weighed about 65 lbs, I got two and a half pills.

Mum also went to a Glacier in the Arctics to get me ice, see how far she's willing to go for me??

The ice cubes were dumped in MY pool since I will not hesitate going in MY pool,

I knew exactly what to do,

It felt a lot better after the icing and I was using my poor foot more and more. Once I got inside, the soreness hit me again,

I even drank and ate on three legs....


I'm sorry MAMA BEE, I'll try not to eat your sons, and next time when you see me, try not to sting me ok?


Amber-Mae said...

Ooooh, you're another bug killer like Faith...She usually eats half of the bug too. Usually the head & then leave the rest to rot. You can usually see the bug's juice smeared on the tiles floor. Kinda gross! I prefer poop better than bugs.

Your poor foot! That mama bee must have been really angry watching your murdering her baby bee. Man, you have to take sooo much pills in one go? That's sooo fun with all the ice cubes in your pool. I bet it was freezing! Hope your foot gets better soon...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Molly the Airedale said...

Seeee Sunshade! Your mom really does love you to carry you all that way! So you like to eat bees too, huh! Me too but I've never been stung - YET! I hope I never am. It does look ouchie! I hope you feel better today!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no poor sunshade. I hope your paw paw is better now. That must be a real ouchie

~ Girl girl

Boo Casanova said...

sunshade, oops! that must be very painful. but i got to admit you still look very cute with 3 legs. you even give us a smile!

i'm sure bee mama get the message!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Sunshade, since you weigh more than your (NOT) Evil Mum, I hope your really appreciate the lengths she went to for you. She really loves you!
I know, risking losing your friendship by defending her, but it must be said.

Snowball said...

Poor Sunshade. Have your feet recovered?


Texas's Mum said...

Hey Sunshade,
I hope that your paw
gets better soon.
I will send good vibes to
your paw i hope it helps.
And your mum loves you alot so give
her some thank you kisses she deserves

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Putter said...

OUCH! Sunshade! I am sorriest that this happened to your poor foot!!!! How are you feeling now? I can't even believe that your Mum went all the way to the Arctic to get you that ice ... She is way coolest ever!!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Eddie N Peaches said...

Ooooh, Miss Sunshade. I luv bugs, too. Did you see the cricket I played with a while back? Bees, though. You're brave! Be careful girlfren!
Poochies Smoochies,

Lillie Valentine said...

Bee stings hurt! Hooman pup jordan got stung behind his knee a couple weeks ago and couldn't walk very good. Grandma thought he was allergic but he turned out o-k but his leg was swollened up for a couple days.

Stanley said...


The revenge of the mama bee... ahh yes. I know it well. It is very similar to the revenge of the mama wasp!

The SuperDale mama, on the other paw, is the PAWSOMEST most self-sacrificing mama in the world! You're a lucky girl, Sunshadoober... one lucky girl!

Props and gooberlicious smooches to your mama! And, special goober kisses to your front left paw. (They have healing properties).

Goober love,

Toby said...

Sunshade, I know understand why Mom tells me not to catch buggies!! Owie, that must have hurt!! Thank dogness your Mommy loves you so much and took such great care of your owie.

Take care,


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I am so sorry to hear about your poorly paw Sunshade. Please stop eating Bees.

love and healing licks, Marvin in Scotland xxxxx

Luckie Girl said...

oh dear...I hope your paw is feeling better now. Please stay away from those Bees??

Joe Stains said...

wow your Mom is SOO nice to carry you and that Mom bee was SO MEAN to bite you. I HATE BEES!