Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pacific Spirit Park

Mum gave in today (and for the last few days in fact) and took me and STINKY out for our off-leash walk even tho she said my muscle strain is still not better.

We came to the Pacific Spirit Regional Park located 10 minutes away from our house. There are lots of trails for people and dogs to enjoy.

Of course, must PICK UP!! This is a poop bag dispenser.

I was so happy to just be off my lead, can you see my smile?

It was STINKY's first time there too, so he was super happy as well.

Of course, when he's happy, this is what he does.....


Story of my life..... (mum: oh please!)

When the land shark is not attacking, he's copying everything that I do!!



In some trails, dogs are only permitted on-leash because of all the cyclists.

So of course, my well trained mum planned out our route so that we can be off-leash and be relatively under control LOL!

See how well under control we were??

I got warm very fast because my coat is so thick, and I have A LOT of coat.

So I went to cool my feet off in the mud puddles. Mum put STINKY on leash throughout that stretch of the trail because he was trying to drink from the dirty puddle!

We met some dogs, this was a big version of T-man or male black version of Isabella.

I found my love, his name was "Chance",

We hit it off right away, and of course, STINKY just had to be a third wheel,

(As usual, please ignore mum's laughing..... it's very embarrassing, I know, even she knows it..)

It was FLIRT-O-MANIA for quite a while,

However, it got kind of tiring with STINKY at my face and Chance at my muscle butt...

You know, a PUPular gurrrl like me still gets tired and yes... even annoyed at times.... Here, I just wanted to get away and continue my walk. Chance was drooling and slobbering all over my bootiful hair. What can I say, that's what I do to them BOYZ *wink*!

Chance followed us for quite a while because I was just simply too irresistible. We met another group of dogs, and "I" of course, was Miss PUPular again, whereas STINKY, he just wanted anybody to pay attention to him LOL.

It was a great afternoon, I was happy to finally be able to be let off leash a little. My muscle is FINE!!

I do admit tho... I might need to lose a little little very teeny bit of weight because I was slower moving in general and was panting quite a bit because of my thick coat (mum: it's because you're out of shape!)


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo ... off leash! Good for you!

Boo Casanova said...

sunshade, now i can comment!

wow wow! that chance is pretty just interested in your butt butt! come to me and i'll never sniff your butt ever! kekeke.

you can blame your stamina to your mom for not allowing you some off leash exercise!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

i am glad you got off of your leash, but I just can't understand why Jaffa has to bite at your face so much...what a doofus. That dog you were flirting with sure seemed interested in you, have you ever thought of settling down with just one handsome dog?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Sunshade, you are really so pupular among the handsome doggies.
Hope your muscle is better now

~ Girl girl

Ben & Darling said...

Sunshade, finally you are back in action....why cant those annoying dogman just stay away from u hah?? I just dont like them sniffing your sexy butt !!!

Simba and Jazzi said...

There was a lot of butt sniffing going on there. No wonder you were out of breath.

Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

You are such a flirty gertie Sunshade! But Chance did look very handsome. Glad you got to have a run off leash. Hopefully you'll be fit as a fiddle again in no time. Hope that mum hasn't got you on the starvation rations of food!

Oscar x

Duke said...

It's so nice to see you again Sunshade! Glad to see you off leash and having fun! Mitch is always in my face so I totally understand. It gets soooooooooooo annoying!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

That is a big offleash park, wish I can go but Mama think I might run into the greens and roam around, your so happy running around!

Putter said...


So that is where you were ... Off in the woods flirting! I am so glad to see you back in action! That looked like a funest day! Sunshade -- thank you again for my boootttiiifffuulll tag and the wonderful towel and the yummy treats! I have been overstimulated with excitement!

Faya said...

We all were hoping that nothing bad happend and YOU WERE flirting !!! Ok I guess I would do the same... It is good to see you again.
Kiss, Faya

Peanut said...

Glad you got to go off leash Finally. IT looks like you had fun and of course you were popular with all those other dogs.

umekotyan said...

It is a stroll by wonderful three.
Green is rich.
A handsome dog is enclosed and sunshade is happy. :)
from loved ume tyan

wally said...

Jaffa was totally ruining your game! I think you should show him the video where, at the end, your ma ominously says "Oh, he's going to get neutered." Haha!

wally (sadly, neutered).

jaffeboy said...

Thank you sooooo much for the lovely pressies. I love them all. And the yummy treats are the bestest. MaMa used them to lure us back when we get distracted on our walkies. Ya, I know, she made me share it with Kaylie.

Now Sunshade, don't listen to your mummy about the weight thing. It is nonsense. All you need is longer walkies like this. Nature, off leash, carefree. It is the bestest.

I'm glad U had fun.

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! What park is that? "Leash optional" Cool! I think I would love to go there & run around off-leash & meet new doggie friends there! If only Malaysia had a place sumthing like that then I'll be the MOST happiest dog in this world! Wowzeeeee!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

FleasGang said...

Your mama is a lot more brave than I'll ever be. There is no way that any of us would stay on the paths. We'd all head off in different directions, never to be seen of again! Looks like you are ever so pupular with the boys :-)

The FleasGang

Ruby Bleu said...

Your slowness is totally attributed to your sports need to be cut some slack! Your new boyfriend is VERY cute!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Stanley said...

Miss Sunshade!
You kill me! Is anyone more pupular than you? You know, you could cut Jaffaman a little slack... do you really expect him to resist you? He loves his Sunshade, and now I do too.
Goober love,

Murphey said...

Poor Ms. Sunshade. We pups can't help jumping up and trying to bite faces. I do it to Ms. Audrey all the time and she barks her head off to tell me to stop, but I don't!


Anonymous said...

ahhh stinky third wheel. hint at your mom to keep him leashed while you're flirting. a girl needs to have some time to herself :p hee hee


Myeo said...

You are really Miss Popular.. look at all the attention that you are getting.

Boy n Baby

Asta said...

Hey Sunshade, what a glorious day
a shady romantic path, and a heartthrob to come flirt with you!
You can't blame Stinky for trying to study your're sooo good at everything.
So nice that you can go run off leash again, no need to worry about being out of shape if you get to do this more
smoochie kisses Asta

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey, looks like you had so much fun and got to be off lead. Double bonus! J x