Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Student Residence

Mum and I went to the University of British Columbia for our weekly walk. I started going to UBC with mum when I was 18 months old, in the summer of 2001. From 2001 to 2006, I had daily walks on campus. Since mum graduated in 2006, we still try to go back at least once a week for me to find my squirrelie and raccoon buddies!! 

I found a new buddy today, look closely, 

 Do you see her?

Mrs. Ladybug!

I gave her a ride, 

And then I thought that was ENOUGH of a ride,

Sorry, ride's over Mrs. Ladybug. Time to use your wings!

Then I got hot, so I headed towards the student residence buildings. So I could go in and cool off. (mum: she knows her way around this huge campus extremely well!)

Super crowded today. New first year students were registering and moving in, 

They loved me of course, 

 My entourage, 

This girl loved me. She didn't know who I belonged to. (mum: I guess I can still "blend in" hehe! No one knew who she belonged to, and she wasn't exactly looking around for me lol.) 

She thought I was a poor SuperORPHAN, 

 So she started feeding me water, 

One cap-full after another. I milked it of course. Lapped up each cap-full that was offered. (mum: in that position!)

Well, I had a good rest and it was time to get going!

Continuing on with my campus walk,

Now I don't know how mum could ever live without me, her SuperGUIDE-DALE, 

 The sign clearly says to go THAT way, 

But mum wanted to go the OPPOSITE way!

 I said that was the SuperWRONG way mum!!

Must I keep you straight all the time??? (mum: look at that Bossyface!!)

 Then it was snack time, 

Long walk, I needed to replenish ya know? 

 I carried my own snackie, 

 Mum asked me if I needed help carrying it, 

I said SuperNO-THANKS!

 I can handle my own snackies!

On the way home, my bedding that were stacked on the back row seats of the van collapsed on me. (mum: I had washed the sheet covers, but hadn't had time to dry them. So I had put all the beddings up to prevent them from getting dirty.)

Then I had to go for my weekly hydrotherapy session, 

Guess what I saw when I walked in???

It was the SuperPORTRAIT that Auntie Kathy took of me!!! I think they are looking for a place to hang it. On the ground is kind of dangerous. I almost marked on it before I saw who is was!!

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Duke said...

We hope those students know that they met the VERY famous superDale!
You sure can move quickly for a senior girlie, Sunshade!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly