Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall is here

Do you see all the leaves around me?

Fall is SuperHERE, I'm TELLING YOU!!!!!

Bootiful fall trail,

With LOTS of smells for me to SuperMARK!

Hello, my name is Miss Sunshade, the SuperDALE,

I live in Canada, can you tell?

I hope you are all enjoying the fall like I am!

In the afternoon, I went to get Class IV cold laser therapy,

It helps with sore muscles and aching joints,

Mum brought treats for me. No they are not Apple Chips, she just put them in the Apple Chips tube, 

I could open the tube on my own you know? 


Opened, just like that!!

Are you impressed?

My treat tube stays with me while I get the laser treatment, 

I get to eat lots of treats at the end of the laser treatment!

Because I'm that good of a SuperGURRRRRRRL!!


Duke said...

We don't doubt for a second that you can open your treat tube on your own, Sunshade. You are one of the smartest girlies we know!
We love your maple leaf "hat"!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Berts Blog said...

Hey Gorgeious. I havn't had a chance to visit for a whle so it is so good to see your beautiful place.

Soo My Vickie was really curious about the Class IV cold laser therapy, We have never heard of that.

Does it hurt or bother you, or does it feel good while they are doing it?

Your fall leaves look beautiful.

Hope you have a really nice way.


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshafe, hey my auntie Gail does that for me. I get my ears, back, legs, toes, pretty much my whole body lasered. I hope that it does good things for you.

Nancy said...

Does your treatment hurt? I hope not. That is smart of your mum to put your treats in a can you can open by yourself.

It is fall here in Ohio but all the leaves are off all the trees and it is getting cold outside now.

--from Hannah.