Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What happened to Mean Juice???

Remember, this was Mean Juice's home in front of the fireplace,

And Then There Were NONE....

And then Evil Mum showed me THIS!

Tell me you're joking please.....

This is not what I think it is..... is it??

OKAY.... yes, I don't like Mean Juice at all, but that doesn't mean I want him headless and skinless!!!

Evil Mum said we were having Juice for breakie..... Come again? see the shock on our faces?

She then cut up Juice.... told me to eat his left arm and chest and one kidney and half lobe of liver....

(mum: Sunshade and Jaffa both eat a raw diet, so rabbit meat is a normal part of the diet.)

Okay, that just totally grossed me out! Even though I don't care about Mean Juice, I still don't want him dead, nevermind EATING him!!! I can't believe Evil Mum killed him, beheaded him, cut his paws off, ripped off his fur and skin, and then tried to make me eat him!! She even seared part of him to try to fool me into eating him!!

(mum: I thought she would eat it when she smells the aroma from cooking. I only flash cooked the surface, not enough to get to the bones. Cooked bones are a big no no!)

Yes, I'll eat the raw chicken, just NOT bun bun, raw or cooked!!!

Afterall, Juice is still the same specie as my dear Georgie and I can't in my good conscience eat him.
Remember I used to eat rabbit meat, but as soon as Georgie came, I stopped eating it??

Look who's eating Juice!

He finished Juice's right arm, and then he ate Juice's left arm that mum gave me.... and he wanted more Juice....

Just as I was about to have a nervous breakdown by the cruelty act done by Evil Mum AND STINKY, Evil Mum told me to follow her,

WHEW!! Mean Juice was still alive, with his head and everything!! He was just living in the garage, which was fine by me!!

(mum: most of you know about the special bond Sunshade had with our previous giant rabbit Georgie. He used to live in the garage, and Sunshade would go down to the garage to check on him, spend time with him every single day, few times a day. When we got Juice last year, I was thinking Sunshade would want to check on him like she did her Georgie. Since Sunshade was now older, I preferred her to not have to go down those slippery hardwood stairs. So I decided to put Juice in the livingroom instead. Well, you all know how much Sunshade "liked" Juice. Basically, she never checked on him, other than to tell him off when he charged at her. Recently, I figured Sunshade wouldn't care if Juice was moved to the garage where Georgie used to live.

Well, it was quite an interesting transition. The day that I moved Juice down to the garage, Sunshade and Jaffa were both hanging out in the yard, so they had no idea what was happening. When Sunshade came into the house later on that day, she knew right away something was up. She looked for Juice. Then she began whining at the staircase going down to the garage. So I led her down the stairs, figured she just needed to know where he was. Well, as soon as she walked into the garage and saw Juice in the pen, she trotted happily towards him with her tail wagging. She was sniffing him, and the tail wagged non-stop. Sunshade NEVER did this with Juice. So right away, I knew... she thought her Georgie came back..... She still associated rabbit in the garage being Georgie as that was where Georgie lived. Well, the gentle happy tail wag lasted about two minutes, all the while Juice was charging at her wherever she moved along the pen. After those two minutes, Sunshade knew he was NOT her Georgie, and the fence fighting started. Have you ever seen a rabbit fence fight a terrier?? Well Juice does it beautifully without backing down. That was the last time Sunshade went down to check on Juice lol. Still, she won't touch rabbit meat!)

Evil Mum told me she tricked me... that the bun bun she tried to give me came from this,

That was a rather sick joke mum!!!!! Juice will probably come bite you in your sleep and you will get more Juice inflicted scars!!


Duke said...

Whoa! You had us going there, Sunshade! We're happy to see that you didn't eat Juice and we hope he likes his new home in the garage. What a nasty spirited bunbun he is! He sure has a lot of nerve!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

One word- Twisted! Still laughing though...

brooke said...

HAHAHAHAHA I didnt believe your mom would kill and skin Juice, but she had me worried for a second! hahah

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, you mum is still evil eh? That's okay, if Juice gives you a hard time, my sister will eat him, she's pretty bossy and won't back down.

Lorenza said...

I really thought you had him there... dead... and ready to be eaten!
I know your mom is not able to do that!
Hmmm.... I guess I'd preffer too some chicken!
Kisses and hugs