Friday, January 13, 2012

Afternoon well spent!

After my vet appointment today, mum and I went to Stanley Park to wait out the rush hour traffic.

Just me and MY mum :-)

First things first, I did this (that black thing is a squirrelie!),

Then I looked at mum, waiting for my hand signal to GO GET HIM!!

(mum: for some reason nowadays, if Sunshade spots a squirrel first, she doesn't go chase it right away. She will stalk, and then STARE at me - almost like a Border Collie waiting for his command. As soon as I point, she starts the chase. Sometimes if I feel she may slip or fall due to the uneven terrain, then I don't signal and she just watches until the squirrel hops away.)

There's my GO CHASE signal!!

Then I spotted another guy,

He told me that he'd heard about how nice I was to my piggies..... and he wondered if I would be nice enough to not chase him....

I said sureeee.....

Run along now......

(mum: I didn't give her a hand or verbal chase signal, so she didn't. The squirrel was about 3 feet away from her!)

And then we got to the BEEEEEEEACH!!

You know how much I love the beach right??

Look at what I found!!

Throw it for me NOW mum!

Thank you!!

Here comes the SuperRETRIEVER!

You got another stickie for me?


Hand it over please!!

Mum told me I was BOOOOOTIFUL,

Even with a wet beard (from diving for stickies), I was still BOOTIFUL!

I told mum enouuuuugh pictures already....

Throw another stickie for me!!

There goes my stickie!

I got it!! Look at this picture carefully, do you see how big of a leap I took to get to where I was in the picture? No paw steps for the first bit!

I had a good chew,

I dragged my stickie to a good spot and had a rest,

Parts of the SuperDALE:

The SuperTONGUE,

The SuperPAW (that's MY stickied in case you were wondering),

The SuperNOSE!!!

Then I spotted something....

It was one of my most disliked birdies......

Should I do something about it.....?

Hmmmm.... YEA OF COURSE!!!

Fly away and never come back to beg for MY foooood!!

I found a special stickie :-)

Then a handsome came to say HI,

But his handsome friend didn't come to say HI to me, and he was on MY beach!!!

I asked him if he knew he was on MY beach, and in MY freezing water!!

I sat there.....

As I watched him destroying MY special stickie......

After he left, I went to assess the damage......

Oh well, there were always BIGGER stickies to claim!!!

And then it was time to go.......

I brought myself a souvenir from the beach, and carried it all the way to the DaleMOBILE, (mum: she picked a huge rock lol...)

We brought it home and added to my special rockie collection. This one is the BIGGEST so far!


The Thuglets said...

Sunshade it looks like you had a fun time with your mom.
She's right you are booooootiful! we love all your photos'.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Duke said...

So you don't like seagulls either! They love to steal hooman's lunches when they're swimming and having fun in the ocean on Nantucket and it's not nice!
I think you're so beautiful, especially with your wet beard.

Love ya lots,

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

That was one brave squirrel getting that close. How did he know you were so nice??? Fun at the beach too. That water looks so cold!

Jake of Florida said...

What a great day!!! Sunshade, the Superdale rocks!!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Another good day with mum and a nice visit with your friends at MC.

brooke said...

Love the pictures! Looks like a great day with your mom.
I was just telling Jason the other night how Darwin has no hunting/prey instinct. Our neighbors cat was sitting on the stair railing and watching Darwin, and I was like "Dar look at the kitty" and she could not see it! Looked everywhere but the railing. Oi. hahaha

Kinley Westie said...

Looks like you had fun! I've never seen a black squirrel - how cool! I've just seen brown and gray ones, but my momma has seen a white one. I just love chasing 'em, no matter what color they are.