Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Shopping

Ok, I know it is ridiculous that I'm STILL posting about my 12th Birthday when it's almost Christmas!!! But, it was an important day so I have to post about it... so bear with me please.....

Before we headed to the River Rock Casino Resort for the celebration, we stopped by one of my favouritest places to go to,

It is one of my favouritest places to go to for 3 reasons....

REASON 1: (you need to read for a bit before you find out)

As soon as I walked into the store, I started using my nose on EVERYTHING,

Checked every box,

I walked by the area where they were selling fish tank stands,

I smelled something with my SuperNOSE,

It was IN there!!

D-Guy opened it for me while mum braced herself from the SuperFORCE I was exerting,

I was RIGHT!! Do you see those rodent droppings? I've caught mice in the store before!!

(mum: they come in with the shipments and make homes all over the store. Sunshade has found them everywhere, including in the dog bed section.)


Look at all the yummies!!!

Unfortunately, mum never buys us any foodables from here.....



I've wanted one of these for SO long!!

There were practically signs (pun intended) EVERYWHERE that said Miss Sunshade should get a Guinea Piggie on her 12th Birthday!!!

I want THIS one ok mum??

I liked the one inside that little wooden house,

Or maybe one of these ones?

I REALLY want a Guinea Piggie......

(mum: Sunshade was/is ONLY interested in the guinea pigs. She walked by the cage where they were keeping the ferrets, and a couple of them actually stuck their little arms/noses out. She had absolutely NO interest in them whatsoever. She could careless about the rats/hamsters/mice/gerbils that were in the windows (it's only fun when she sniffs them out while in her hunting mode).)

Do you know how LONG I have been desperate for a GP?? I found these photos recently, they were taken FIVE years ago when I was 7 years old.....

Please don't get distracted, you're suppose to be looking at the GP's.

Seriously, don't you think I deserve to have a Guinea Piggie on my 12th Birthday after waiting for 5+ long years?

Well, Evil-mum said NOOOOOOOO guinea pig for me on MY birfday...... (and I have to deal with MEAN Juice!!!!!)

After NOT getting a GP on my birfday, we headed to celebrate at the River Rock Casino Resort. You can see the animals STINKY likes on his bloggie.


Duke said...

Your evil mum is so cruel not to get you a GP after you've been waiting soooooooooooo long, Sunshade!
Mitch is an awesome mouser. He would LOVE that store!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Miss Sunshade, okay your evil mum should have gotten you the "gp". And it was $8 off. Money that she could have used to buy you even more treats. We're writing the SPCA and the Airedale Police - cruelty abounds...

Kari in Alaska said...

Isn't it great to use your nose everywhere

Stop on by for a visit