Friday, November 25, 2011

My 12th B-Day Celebration @ River Rock Casino Resort

This year, mum decided that instead of celebrating my birfday at home, we would go "somewhere".

So tonight, we arrived at this place!

River Rock Casino Resort is located in Richmond, BC. It is only about 25 minutes drive from our house, but I've never been here until tonight. People pawty there all night long you know?

(mum: Sunshade LOVES to go to new places; people's houses and hotels. So I thought we would spend the night at a hotel this year!)

We checked in, and I led the way to our hotel room,

Found the room,

Located MY bed,

Assumed my position on the comfy bed,

STINKY assumed his position, following my leadership,

Some comfy pillow I tell ya...

He copied me... of course,

Then I saw mum started getting really busy, taking out yummies and cutting them and putting them on plates,

She lit the candles, (I didn't like the smell of it in the beginning....)

Candles all lit!!

Is it time to eat yet??

No? Ok, this is what the meal consists:

On the left, we have the salmon brownies that I LOVE sooooooooo much!

Remember, these were the Brownies I love so much so that I shoplifted it once! (mum: she got the brownies for free b/c the store owner found her to be very cute shoplifting! Strange the way things work around doGs!)

On the right we have succulent beef steak, corn on the cob (half of it), and roasted sweet potato!

I'm getting I-M-P-A-T-I-E-N-T!!!!

Ok, forget about the stooopid "wait" & "leave command", it's MY birfday!!

I sang Happy Birfday To ME,

And I just really wanted to E-A-T!!!

Mum said almost......

Wait, what is this??? Why does STINKY get something too???

(mum: you celebrated his birthday, so he gets to celebrate yours too!!)

Ok fine, I just REALLY want to eat now ok???


Yup, it is the salmon brownies I went for first!

STINKY ate the steak first,

You can watch us eat LIVE here, (mum: this is more like watching them choke on their birthday meals... My boy eats quite elegantly when he's not choking, and my girl eats like ummm...... you can decide lol!)

After our birfday celebration, mum and D-Guy said we should go walk around the casino resort.

For some strange reason, they seemed to be celebrating X-mas already. Didn't they know it was the SuperDALE's birfday? The day should really be a national howliday!

We walked to the theatre,

More X-mas decorations in the lobby,

Whenever mum makes us pose, so many people come and take pictures of us too. They tell us how cute we are, how well behaved we are. While I appreciate the compliments, it also means that I always end up sitting there for like EVER! (mum: they are such patient pups...)

After the photoshoot, we went to walk along the Broadwalk that looped around the hotel,

See, you walk on these boards!

I remembered the poker room was still open,

The night was still young, I decided to have a game of poker. Look at STINKY's loser face already, before the game even begun! We bet on chips and salmon brownies!

First hand, I got NOTHIN'! And he got a pair of Kings, a pair of Queens, and an Ace???? Look at that smirk on his face!

Look at my brownie plate on the left.... I lost some to STINKY...

Second hand, three Kings for me!!

That's gotta be good right???

He got a STRAIGHT!!! #$%@ stick your tongue back in!

I couldn't believe it!!


More brownies lost....

Last hand, I got a FULL HOUSE!!!


You've gotta be KIDDING ME RIGHT???

A Royal Flush for STINKY???

This is just NOT right! Stop sticking your tongue out!!!

No Brownies left for me.....

This is got to be a SETUP!!!

I lost my cool a bit... and sort of umm... flipped the table per se...

I will NOT tolerate cheaters you hear that STINKY??? (mum: Sunshade, it was the dealer, not Jaffa!)

And I should WIN on MY birfday anyway!

Brownies ALL MINE!

Another game of poker anyone?? (mum: Jaffa says not with you lol!)

Mum said it was time for bed.... (so she and D-Guy could go to the casino)

When they came back, mum woke me up to show me this,

She said they had lost money all night, and before leaving, D-Guy said she should go play a game of roulette and bet on the numbers 11 and 25 since my birthday was on November 25th. So mum put down a ONE DOLLAR bet on 11, 25, and 13 (dunno why she bet on 13...) (mum: Jaffa's birthday was on November 13th!). Guess which number won??


That's right! The only 25 all night for that table! So I made some money back for them!

(mum: I totally should have put down at least a $10 bet knowing Sunshade'd never let me down!!!!)

This concludes MY 12th Birfday Celebration post! I will post in another post about how I spent my birfday prior to arriving to River Rock Casino Resort. Stay tuned!


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E, Sunshade and Jaffaman - yay, happy birthday everyone. That was a great birthday outing and treats. E, your celebrations for Sunshade and Jaffaman are totally cool.

Duke said...

Celebrating your birthday in bed with the yummiest food ever looks like so much fun, Sunshade!
We think you need to plan our pawties for us next year. Our mom is so uncreative compared to yours!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sherry said...

Happy birthday to Sunshade! It's hard to imagine a better birthday celebration than that one. Yes, Sunshade, you deserve to win EVERYTHING on your birthday.
(I wondered about the corn on the cob, though, since so many dogs get the cob stuck in their innards if they eat it. Do Sunshade and Stinky--er, Yaffa--just nibble off the corn?)

brooke said...

That's a super cool birthday celebration!!!

Kari in Alaska said...

you are one loved pup :)

Stop on by for a visit

ellen said...

I want my next birthday to be as fun as yours was.