Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 years......

This morning I heard mum say something about a birfday. Naturally, it had to be mine. So I got a pressie for myself,

(mum: dug it out from inside a box inside the house, pushed the door open on her own and left with her bag of tripe sticks.)

I walked past all MY special rockies, (mum: rocks she's picked and brought home from all over the place.)

With my birfday pressie (from myself) in my mouf,

I successfully made it to safety without being ambushed!

Or so I thought anyway.....

I turned out to be very wrong. Evil-mum had the heart to take MY pressie away from me, and told me that it was NOT MY birfday!!! She said it was STINKY's birfday, so we were going to celebrate HIS day.


If what mum said were true, shouldn't today be a consolation day for ME then? For having to put up with FIVE lonnnnnnnng years of landsharking, yard sharing, and just all the stinkiness in general?

But NOOOOOOO, today was all about HIM...... (Yes, that's garbage in his mouf)

He'd gotta have fun.....

And I HAD to play with him..... because it was HIS birfday....

BTW, this is the Official SuperDALE pose!

I HAD to babysit him......

To make sure he didn't do anything strange....

And when he did......


I HAD to comfort him when he got worried about D-Guy being stuck at the top of the slide,

I HAD to explain to him that D-Guy wasn't really stuck,

And then I HAD to tell D-Guy to COME DOWN!!!

So much for MY consolation day......

Mum said I did a good job being a good Aunt today, so she went to this place,

And got me a Build Your Own Mac and Cheese!!!

Now let me ask you, what kind of face is THIS??? You'd think there was a ghost sitting beside him or something!

But do you see any ghost beside him????

Seriously! Who looks like this on their own birfday?

With SuperYUMMY foodables in front of him too!!

I told him to cut it out and stop looking so pathetic (so that mum could get some decent pictures, so that she would release us to EAT!),

He listened... but for some reason, there was this strange magnetic force pulling him towards the right (your left),

(mum: okay, so... you need to have a lot of guts to sit next to Miss Crocodale when there is food around. Jaffa would never have put himself that close to Sunshade when there's food around. However, he was being a good boy, obeying the stay command I gave him. That being said, Sunshade wasn't threatening him in anyway, but past experiences still lingered in Jaffa's mind lol.)

Then he closed his eyes, sorta like what ostriches do when sense a threat,

Finally, a couple of decent shots......

We were finally able to EAT!

This is the gluten free pasta with tomato sauce, ground beef, bell pepper, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes,

STINKY had the gluten free pasta with pesto sauce, chicken, bell pepper, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes,

We switched midway; I ate the SuperDALE style,

I thought the pesto one was REALLY yummy!

Finishing up the last bit, offering a helping mouf,

You can watch live eating performance below, (Yes, we were both a little SHOCKED in the beginning. We didn't think we would ever get to eat!!!)

Anymore mum??

I loved it!!!

I guess.... if I get a consolation day like this every year, then.... perhaps... all that landsharking is worth it in the end?

You can read STINKY's version of my consolation day on his bloggie. (mum: as in Jaffa's 5th Birthday!)


Duke said...

Happy birthday to Jaffa! We love him leaning to the left! That pasta sure looks yummy and you switched and shared!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Beside the Eating.
Is that a New Platform where U sat to eat Ur birthday Pasta?

How nice is that

From Singapore

Kari in Alaska said...

That pasta did look yummy!

Stop on by for a visit

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, Jaffa and E: It looks like a very nice event. Happy birthday Jaffa.