Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess WHO came to visit the SuperDALE!?!?!!!!

A lot of you, Airedale owners would know her.......

Here is another hint, she makes yummilicious KOOKIES, such as the ones in the bag I was holding in this picture. I know the airetwork on the glass door behind me is very distracting, but if you look closely, you will see that I was holding a bag of bootifully packaged KOOKIES!!!

Need more hints?

Ok, here is another, and the most important one. She is forever owned by Alice Claire, another once in a life time, one in a million Aire-gurrrrrrl!!

There is also a stinky in her house, Alice's stinky, named Dave,

Now you've got to know WHO came to visit ME, the SuperDALE right???

Yes, it's Auntie Lydia, owned by Alice and Dave! They live just over the border from us, in Seattle, WA.

I hate to say this.... but Alice passed away in late January of this year, two weeks short of her 12th birthday. It was quite sudden and shocking as she was still playing with her ball, looking great two days before she passed away. Mum and Auntie Lydia had corresponded through e-mail early January, and they were planning to meet up "sometime". Well, the sometime happened too late and mum never got to meet Alice.....

(mum: I have learned to stop saying "later" or "next week" or "next time". If there is something I want to do with Sunshade, or do for her, I do as soon as I can (to the bst of my ability of course). Because.... you just never know when the "later" will become never.)

Auntie Lydia said mum would have really liked Alice, because she was a lot like me, Miss Perfect (mum: I think Lydia said b*atch, but perfect works too.). Aunty Lydia has had 5 Airedales, Alice was her 3rd, and she was/is THE forever heart dog. She lived a great, happy life.

Alice was the greatest huntress. Her accomplishments went from moles to raccoons to bears. Picture below was just an reenactment of the actual events,

She loved to frolic in the snow,

She loved HER ball,

She demanded utmost respect from everyone/everypup,

She was expressive, as shown in pictures below.

You could tell who did NOT want to celebrate HIS birthday for him nor with him!!!

This is what she thought of having her picture taken with HIM!!

Are we twinnies Alice??? (mum: well Lydia thinks you and Alice must be born under the same star after meeting you.....! If it weren't for your pedigrees, we would have thought you girls were related for sure! Ohhhh the overwhelming bossiness...... even at almost 12!)

You guys just don't understand how ANNOYING it is to have to put up with a STINKY!!!

This is Alice's stinky,

This is my STINKY,

See the similarities? They're even the same age!!!!

Actually, I think my other bestest friend Maggie and her stinky, Mitch fall in this category too; special, perfect gurrrrls having to put up with 5 year old stinkies. Yes they were all born in the same year. 2006 was the year of the STINKIES - the year our lives were forever changed.....

(mum: oh come on, the boys had to put up with all you dominating girls since puppyhood! Well, I think Miss Maggie is a bit less bossy than you and Alice, and Mitch certainly knows it!)

Yea ok mum, moving on!

Auntie Lydia came to see ME, the SuperDALE!!! Here we were, just getting to know each other,

Auntie Lydia came bearing pressies! Before she even told us that those pressies were for ME, I knew they were for me and helped myself to them,

See, it says it was for Sunshade the SuperDALE, from Dave! That's one nice stinky I must admit!

I took the bag of KOOKIES out of my pressie bag, (yes, chances of getting caught is less with head down tail down, slink away)

And headed towards the back door. I wanted OUT so I could enjoy MY KOOKIES!

Evil-mum said I couldn't do that, so she took MY bag of KOOKIES away from me.... She did open the bag and showed me a squirrlie shaped KOOKIE. I WANTED IT!!!

Auntie Lydia was very nice, she couldn't stand the abuse I was suffering (having MY bag of kookies taken away from me and all), so she gave me a yummilicious sardine KOOKIE that she made!

But then she offered it to STINKY too!?!?

So I quickly told STINKY to GOOOO AWAY, that the bag of KOOKIES was for ME only.

Then we moved the pawty outside where Auntie Lydia and mum talked A LOT, sharing stories! She was also attacked and landsharked by the mangy, baldy, STINKY, (while I was guarding the bag of KOOKIE)

(mum: I had just finished handstripping Jaffa yesterday, so he only had a thin layer of undercoat and some bald spots. He doesn't have mange! Haire will come in nicely in about 2 weeks' time.)

The hoomans had BBQ, while I gnawed on a juicy beef rib bone. After I finished my bone bone, I went to the hoomans to see if I could score some BBQ foodables,

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be.... It was ok though, since I had had my bone bone already.

But then I got bored while they were eating, so I waited for mum to throw rockies into my kiddie pool for me,

When Evil-mum ignored me, I went and showed her EXACTLY what I wanted her to do!!

Finally, she put down the chicken wing she was eating, and threw a rockie into my pool for me,

I tried to dig it out with my SuperPAW at first,

Unfortunately, the paw job didn't work out that well, so I had to resort to diving,

Did a good shake-shake,

Laid down with MY rockie for a bit,

And then I was ready to go again! Except mum went back to eating.....

Sadly, Auntie Lydia had to leave shortly after lunch because she had a wedding to attend to....

After Auntie Lydia left, I thought why stop the pawty now?

So I went and grabbed another one of my pressies from the pink baggie I got from Auntie Lydia and Dave,

It was very fun,

Oh, right, you might want to know what it was...

It was a baby raccoon!! (My bootiful face was wet from diving for rockies out of my pool earlier)

Auntie Lydia told me Alice caught a baby raccoon once and got her ear sliced in half by raccoon mama.... I've never caught a raccoon before, but I fought a raccoon mama because I went after her baby. She jumped onto my back, and I started rolling around on the ground. Mum said thank doG I had my rain coat on, because my raincoat was all torn up. My tail did have a few scratches, but it healed fine. (mum: Now she absolutely HATES raccoons, and as soon as she picks up their scent, she's off looking for a fight.)

Yes I want my raccoon please,


Thank you!

After I was done with the raccoon, I moved onto my next target,

I know it says - From one STINKY to another,

But, the rule of thumb we follow here is: What's mine is mine, what's his is mine.

So yes, I took the bag of yummilicious KOOKIES out of his bag,

I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I took his bag of KOOKIES or anything like that. I actually showed him that I took the bag of treats,

Told mum to open the door for me,

I might just share with him if you let me out!!

Excuse me, coming through!


I opened the bag, and spat the piece of plastic bag out of my SuperMOUTH,

Here I was enjoying a well deserved snack,

While they ALL watched in droolilicious anticipation,

Yes, that's Juice the giant bully... I mean, bunny. He's getting big at only 4 months old, and testosterone is going through the roof. More about that in another post.

Of course, Evil-mum had to come and spoil the fun. She took MY bag of treat bag away.

She asked me - WHO did THIS??

I said (well, my face said): I did, and what are you going to do about it?

Well, this is what she did..... She gave a piece to STINKY!!!

(Mum: notice how Jaffa was trying to stretch his neck as long as he could to get the cookie without having to move an inch closer to me, who had the million dollar prize - bag of cookies LOL! The reason he didn't want to move closer to me was, well, because, Miss Crocodale was lurking and eying him.)

What's a crocodale anyway?

I kept my eye on STINKY,

While he did huge circles around me and mum, (mum: he was giving Sunshade very wide berths lol...)

Well, someone had to make sure he stayed away from MY KOOKIES right? (mum: you mean his bag of cookies?)

BTW, Aunty Lydia, what happened after you took these pictures of Alice and Dave? Mum says she recognizes some of the looks on Alice's face.

Did the reindale on the right get in trouble after this picture was taken because maybe she had accidentally touched Queen Alice, who was in the middle?

Anyway, back to the KOOKIES, they were MINE!!!

Of course, mum said she had to take "control", so.....

Great control mum!

BTW, in case you were wondering, my stomach was shaved last week for a routine ultrasound that showed everything normal! (mum: *knock on wood*)

Anyway, after all that exercise, I took a break and looked for crows (while Juice did what he did best - EAT),

While STINKY waited for mum to throw the frizbee he got from Auntie Lydia and Dave,

He didn't really do anything exciting,

So I fell asleep. Juice dozed off too after eating for 23 hours straight,

Thank you so much Auntie Lydia for visiting us, and bringing us the KOOKIES and pressies!! We had a great time, and loved all the stories about your angel Alice. Hope we get to do this again!

You can read about the STINKY attacks Auntie Lydia got on STINKY's blog....


Duke said...

OMG, you got to meet Aunt Lydia! We are so jealous! We've had her cookies before and we know just how yummy they are! We love the picture of you as you "stole" the cookies out of your pressie bag with your Daletail down, Sunshade! haha
The similarities between you and angel Alice are remarkable!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Chloe and Cecil said...

Great post and pictures!

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

We got cookies one time too! I actually took pictures of the Bentman with them when they came in the mail. They must have been delicious cause they were gone quickly. Great post- thanks for sharing!

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

That's a great visit you guys had. And so nice that you got to meet Aunt Lydia and get all those presents. Those squirrely cookies looked really yummy. Enjoyed the video too.

brooke said...

Looks like a great visit! And pressies too!
I guess you havent been able to convince anyone to swap the bunny for a guinnea pig yet huh?!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E, great to see that both Sunshade and Jaffa are doing well and the "bun bun" too. Sunshade does seem to share a remarkable number of similarities to Angel Alice. Poor Jaffa - tippy-toeing around Sunshade. Oh well, that's life.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Okay darling Sunny, where do we order Auntie's cookies? Our hooman sissy lives in Seattle...Is there a store?? Please do tell!
BabyRD & HOotie

Princess Patches said...

It looks like everydoggie had a great time! And how nice to meet Aunt Lydia!

Penny & Patches

The Thuglets said... got to meet Auntie Lydia! How fabulous is that!

Sunshade did you know that her Dave is our Cora's brother? Small world!

Looks like you had a brilliant time.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx