Monday, May 23, 2011

Things That Matter To Me

Things That Matter To Me, the list goes like this........

My bestest friends Maggie (& Mitch) and her mom Sue. The girls are celebrating their birthdays today. Maggie turns 13 and Sue 21!!!


Hope you have a great one today, and then many many more together!!!
We love you guys!

Continuing on with the list....

My mum. The one that I grew up with, the one that grew up with me.

My eyes. The ones that are always trying to say - I can see into your soul, can you see mine?

My photogeniousity. The ability to become a photogenic genius even when I'm only half groomed,

(mum: I have only done a rough clip on her. Her face, edges of the ears, and leg furnishings still need to be scissored and blended. )

My tennis ball. The one that I can gnaw on,

My impeccable skill. The skill I use to catch tennis balls,

My perfect roaching. The one I do with my tennis ball in my beautiful mouth,

My protective instinct. The one I use to keep mum safe from bee stings.

And last but not least....

errrr nevermind, I inserted the wrong photo.....

(mum: let me write it for you Sunshade!!

My nephew. The one that empowers me. The one that loves me no matter what. The one that would always let me win. The one that would always let me eat treats first. The one that would always give me welcome kisses when I've been away. The one that would always tell me when intruders are in MY yard.)

It's more like - The one that always smears gooey white sticky slobber over my eyes while landsharking my beautiful face at the same time.

Add more like - The one that always barks and makes a huge scene, scaring all the squirrelies and critters away before I even have the chance to SEE them.

Or - The one that always makes the skunks fart in his face (3 times in a week is the current record), and yet still charges right up to them whenever he sees them.

BTW, I got sprayed ONCE 7 years ago, when I killed a skunk. That was the last time I got sprayed. Ever since then, whenever I see one or catches the scent of one, I start make huffing and puffing sounds because I still remember how that one farted right in MY FACE (mum: before you killed him.... in the yard... by the back door...), but I make sure I do HUGE circles around it, way way way out of the shooting range!!

This is the face I have thinking about STINKY being on my "Things That Matter To Me" list,


Amber-Mae said...

These are the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen! Just STUNNING!! The camera really loves you, Sunshade. I can't believe Maggie's turning 13! WOW! And she still looks great! So awesome.

Duke said...

What a beautiful post, Sunshade! Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes and the beautiful artwork! Mom and I just love it! And thank you for saying that she's 21. Don't we all wish! hehehehe
We love you guys!

Maggie, Mitch and Sue

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I Love this Post...
All so beautiful; am sure the last Pic of Jaffa is Not accident lol.

Sharon @ Singapore

ellen said...

Oh, Sunshade, we always knew what a kind and tender heart you have under your tough (and beeyootiful) exterior!

Kari in Alaska said...

Beautiful post :)


Debra Pfund said...

Sunshade, what about your yellow swim ring? I thought that was one of your favorite things???

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, very nice post. Your evil mum is a very nice person who loves you dearly. May everyone in your house live happily together for years and years to come.

Huskee and Hershey said...

You left out one very impawtant thing, Sunshade.. you left out your infamous Muscle Butt!! I mean, that's impawtant, right? (Uh ohhh.. maybe not.. my Mom just knocked my head).

Btw, our mom loves the pic of the backview of the 3 of you...

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Lovely Sunshade! Thanks for telling us about Sue's b-day...we just let it slip by. Now we must go see her on FB!!
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & HOotie

Meg Taylor said...

this is a beautiful post. <3

TwoSpecialWires said...

It's been forever. But finally we got Moma to get us back on the blogs. And what a great post to come to. We love your list. AND we love the green beans, yams and frozen peas on our kibble ... the same ones that Lola introduced us to ... thanks to you (right?)

Thanks for all the inspiration, Sunshade
Jake and Fergi

Donna said...

I like to play with the tennis ball, too! :)