Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Tika & Tulie

I want to introduce to you my two preeeeety Aire-gurrrrlfriends, Tika & Tulie! Their mom was my tracking class teacher way back when I was 2 years old.

Tika the fluffy gurrrl is 11 years old, and Tulie the wiry gurrl is 8 years old. Tulie's mom is Tika's sister, so they are an aunt and niece team. But do they look alike???

Well STINKY is out of MY brother, so he's my STINKY nephew, do we look alike? (please be VERY careful, there's only one correct answer to this question!)

Those were our begging faces BTW. Who was more convincing??

Tika and Tulie's groomer decided to retire, so mum said she could groom them!!

Tika has the soft fluffy teddy bear coat. This was her just before mum started butchering,

Being 11 years old, Tika can't stand for very long at a time. So mum first clipped her body, and got her to lie down on the table while she scissored her head. Then Tika got a break as mum started clipper work on Tulie,

Both Tika and Tulie were very good on the table (just like me thank you very much!), so they got lots of treats. Every time Tika saw mum reaching for the treat bag, she would get up from lying down and run over to sit in front of mum!

After Tulie's body was clipped, head scissored, it was her turn for a break. Tika went back on the table for scissoring of her front legs. Mum didn't want Tika to have to stand for too long at once, so she only did her front legs before putting Tulie back on the table.

Tulie has a very wiry coat even tho she has been clipped all her life. She doesn't have nearly as much furnishings on her face and legs as her sissy tho,

Tulie is in great health, so mum finished scissoring all four of her legs at once, and she was DONE!!

Finishing up Tika's hind legs, look at that smile!!

She was happy to be finished!!!

ALL DONE gurrrrrls!!

I think they're waiting for their treats mum...

Mum said one more picture, (as usual...)

Tulie says NO MORE pictures pleeeeeeeease... (welcome to my life gurrrrrls!)

I'm VERY envious of my gurrrrlfriends. You see, it only took mum 3 hours to groom BOTH of them. You know how long it takes mum to groom ME?? Anywhere between 4-6 hours depending on my coat length. Mum doesn't want me to stand for too long at once, so she usually divides my grooming into 3 days. First day she does the clipper work + scissoring of the head. Second day scissoring of my front legs (it sometimes takes her ONE HOUR per leg can you believe it?). Third day scissoring of my hind legs. Mum says its because I have a "sheep coat" that is SuperTHICK and mats easily. It is just not fair..... all that beach time lost to grooming....

(mum: I have only started grooming Sunshade myself about 4 years ago when I didn't want her to have to stand all day with her bad elbow. Prior to that, she'd always gone to groomers. Every single groomer that I have used have commented to me about how much coat she had, how thick it was. I remember the first groomer that I used while I was living in Victoria joked and said to me "you know, every time Sunshade comes in, I lose money because she has so much coat. I've never seen an Airedale with this much coat!")


Duke said...

Tika and Tulie look beautiful! Your mom did an awesome job! Guess what? I got groomed yesterday too, Sunshade! And your mom is right about the standing up part being tough for us senior girlies but I've never laid down on the grooming table - never in my whole life!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

You are very fuzzy for sure, but I think that is way cute. Your mom does a great grooming. Not easy to get a dale to come out right. My Grandpa Angus used to come out looking like a poodle but since he loved that groomer (and was scared of most others) he kept going back to her.


Duke said...

Guess what my evil mom did this morning, Sunshade? She made an appointment for the vet to steal some of my blood to see how I'm doing on my new diet and many supplements! We'll send you copies of my bloodwork as soon as we have them.


Inky and Molly said...

That looks like our house. Everypuppy comes here to get their Airecut. Mumsie should start charging money for it so she can buy us MORE treats and toys!
No, no one looks alike. Isn't that great, we are all so different with different personalities and stuff. There is only one thing we have in common, so the pinkie says. Apparently we are all crazy!