Friday, November 16, 2007

Making Cakes for Mum

Mum got older today.

I felt bad that she's no longer 23, she's 24 already, so I decided to get STINKY to help me make cakes for mum to cheer her up. I'm such a gooooooood dogter!! (mum: yes.. just ANNOUNCE it to the world Sunshade............)

STINKY and I each picked four of our favouritest ingredients that we thought would make the perfect cakes. (mum: key words = "they thought"...hehe)

These were my four picks: minced pork meat, rice flour pizza bread, cubed yam, and MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!

These were STINKY's four picks: oat flour, eggs, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese.


Ready to GO!

First, we poured some oat flour in the mixing bowl,

I don't know what happened, some flour flew onto my face. They FLEW!!

People think we make big messes, but at least we clean up after our messes.

(mum: both of them loved the plain oat flour LOL!)

Next, it was time to pick the perfect eggs,

STINKY wasn't very helpful, so I had to do the picking.

I picked one. To ensure it's freshness, I thought I should taste it with my SuperDALE mouth. But, my EVIL mum said that wasn't necessary.

How ungrateful! There I was putting myself in potential danger should the egg turn out rotten and she didn't appreciate it one bit.

Being the caring dogter that I am, I still used my nose to make sure the eggs were fresh.

Thank doG the eggs were fine.

Here I was tasting to make sure the eggs and the flour were mixed and stirred to perfection.

Then it was time to add in minced pork!!

Mixed thoroughly,

We put the rice flour pizza bread on the oven pan, (see, STINKY never pays attention!)

Here I was spreading the meat on top of the pizza breads,

Now, here is one thing to remember for all you young cooks out there:

The MOST important aspect of being an IRON CANINE-CHEF is to keep "tasting" throughout the entire cooking process. The reason being, it is the only way you can ensure a high standard is being kept.

By now, I'm sure you all have noticed my close relationship with the ingredients I used.

(mum: uh huh.... if I weren't there to supervise, there wouldn't have been *anything* left to cook!! Look at the half eaten pattie on the second pizza bread!)

STINKY picked cheddar cheese as one of his picks even tho he had cream cheese already. So I thought the cheddar cheese was a bit redundant,

So I took it away................

But of course, EVIL mum said STINKY should have the right to use ingredients he picked.

GEEZUS.. was just trying to watch the calorie for you you know mum?

Since we had to use the cheddar, I gave it another taste test,

Sliced it, and placed the slices on mum's pizza cakes,

All ready for the oven!

Last inspection before the pizza cakes went in the oven,

Last minute, I decided mum really didn't need that many slices of cheddar cheese. I didn't want her to get high cholesterol or fat you know what I mean??

So I, unselfishly, took a slice away, all for mum's good health....

As usual, my efforts and good intentions got over looked. The EVIL, ungrateful mum made me put the slice BAAAAAAAACK!

Shouldn't I be in control of what I wanted on the cakes since "I" was making them for you mum???

(mum: but that was Jaffa's ingredient!!)


Finally, the pizza cakes arrived IN the oven. (mum: safely!!)

The wait began......

Being the smart, efficient gurrrrl that I am, I thought I would start to get the decorations ready. So I grabbed MY bag of MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!

I LOVE marshmallows, can you tell?? You want some??



STINKY failed miserably LOL, but he still tried. He always does, what an easy target!

Yup! It's MINE! Gave up already??

It was time to open MY bag of MARSHMALLOOOOOOOOOOWS!!

FINALLY!! It's opened!! (mum: and half way eaten....)

EVIL mum took the bag away. Said I ate too much already, bad for my teeth, bad for me, blah Blah BLAHHHHHHHHHHH..........


The world works according to ME of course!

Pizza cakes were out, they were OUUUUUUT!!

We started to smear cream cheese all over the top of it,

Put MY marshmallows and MY yam cubies on top,

Ready for serving!!

I guess mum felt guilty about all the things she'd denied me earlier, so she decided to reward STINKY and I for our hard work on the pizza cakes.

Mum ate the marshmallows and we got the rest!!!!!


Your cakes were *VERY* yummy BTW...hehehehe!


Snowball said...

I thought the cakes were for your mum, how come it you guys who are doing the eating? Is your mum in that much need to watch her diet? You are such a good dogter as aways... always sacrifying yourself for your mum...

Happy Belated Birfthday to Sunshade's and Jaffa's mum!


Putter said...

OMG!!!!! Sunshade!

What tastiest ever looking cakes!!!!!! I bet they were GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!! You and Stinky were so thoughtful to make and then EAT those cakes for your Mum's birfday pawty!!!!!!!!!!! You are certainly the goodest ever DOGTER, aside from me of course!!!!!! Hey do ya want to hear something funny???? I was out doing errands with Mom the other day and we were in MY favorite dog FOOD store and the lady in there called ME, are you ready???? STOCKY!!!!!! What????? I am the girl who just recently lost 4.8 lbs ... Which put ME at 46 lbs ... Those lbs have been regained and then some I think with all the snacking around here these days ... BUT CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT -- Someone called ME STOCKY??????

Talk to you soonest, Sunshade!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Goofy said...

hey... isn't you both preparing for your mom? why u have it in the end?? did you left some for me btw? that looks so delicious!!!

Duke said...

OMG, we're totally drooling here! We need to use your recipe for our mom's birthday next year! You guys are super great cooks and ya know, there's not really that much mess at all! You're very efficient in the kitchen! I'm sure your mom truly enjoyed her birthday marshmallows!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Harry said...

I hate to admit it, but if I was making those cakes, they would never have got past the ingredients stage!

Happy birthday to your ma!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Lenny said...

Mmmm...I love marshmallows too. I usually get the mini-marshmallows, sometimes to hide my pills.

Happy birthday to your mum!

Your friend, Lenny

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That looks yummy. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Peanut said...

Happy birthday to your mum. My mom says she can see why your mum would let you have the cakes but it's the thought that counts.

Bogart H. Devil said...

Yummy yummy yummy

Big Aire Kisses to your mama!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunshade, you are such a considerate and loving dogter. Your (NOT) Evil Mum is lucky to have you around to make her yummy birthday cakes.
Elaine, happy birthday! Hope it was great and everyone is well.

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey, what fun!!!! We want to make those cakes. They look delish...pucker tucker!!!
We wrote those ingredients down and we're going to ask the pinkies to buy them so we can have a go.

Hugs and tail wags,
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy
ps. please come to our blog we have something for Jaffa.

Boo Casanova said...

happy belated birthday to elaine!

wet wet licks


Kirby said...


OK, you two have the most fun ever! How cool was it making pizza cakes for your mom? I totally would have eaten all the ingredients before I could put the cake together. How did you manage to make it all and not wolf if all down? Such self control, your mum really taught you well. I hope she had a wonderful birthday! With two great dogs like you and Jaffa, everyday must be great!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

I need to get my Mom to prepare this recipe for us even though it is not her birthday. BUT happy Birthday to your wonderful mom!!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow sunshade that looks so so sososo yummy...especially the cottage cheese....i dont think i like marshmallows...but maybe...i wish my mom would let me yummy....

Jessica said...

Wow, you really do know how to cook and you did it all by yourself!! We are so impressed. And then you got to eat the cakes. That looks like so much fun!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

P.S. Happy Birthday to you Mum!!!!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Sunshade! That cooking looks the bestest fun ever!

You are so lucky to be able to eat cheese, I cannot, it gives me the ......well it makes me so so sick!

My Jeannie has pm ed your MAMA via DWB, but she is not sure whether she did it right, so get her to check when she gets a mo!

love and missing you licks, Marvin xxxxxx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Happy Birfday, Sunshade's Mum!

2shibas said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Those cakes look awesome...we know it was HER day and all, but did she at least save ONE marshmallow for you guys?

Wiley & Fievel

jaffeboy said...

Happy Burpday, Elaine "ah yi"...

Sunshade & Jaffa are sooo good. They helped with the cake which looked just fantastic!!!

Hope you had a good day of fun!!!

Kaylie & Jaffe

Shannon said...

Oh Happy Birthday. Those are some yummy looking cakes if your canine. I hope someone bought you something sweet and chocolately and didn't make you share with your wonderful dogter. (sorry Sunshade).

Being 24 isn't too bad. I turened 24 in July and so far its been alright. I have been forced to start using a firming lotion on my face to prevent premature wrinkles but hey, what are a few wrinkles between true friends.


Luckie Girl said...

Happy Barkday to your Mommy! Turning 24 isn't that bad...hehe...wait till she hit the big 3.
Those cakes look uber yummy!!! :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Happy birthday to your mom. You and stinky are so nice to make those cakes for her. I'm sure she had a pawsome birthday. :)

~ Girl girl

Helios said...

I want to help like that in the kitchen too! It sure looks yummy! Did you mum tried to steal any of your food?

Amber-Mae said...

Hahaha, it's her birthday & no cakes for your mom? That's sooo sad but lucky you two got delicious pizza cakes for yourselves. They look great!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
Happy Barkday to Sunshade's mom!!
Oh my... the pizza cakes did look delicious with the marshmellows and yam cubies! Your mom's so thoughtful and generous to let you 2 have her cake.. I hope you had some marshmellows left for me?

(Psst.. I sent a parcel to you abt 2 weeks back, let me know when you get it ok?)

Toby said...

Happy Barkday Sunshade's Mommy!! Those cakes look so GOOD!!


DogMom said...

Happy Barkday Sunshade's Mum! And an early Happy Barkday to Miss Sunshade, too!
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

Ben & Darling said...

Happy belated birthday Elain!!!

You all are November babies??? Cool. But how come you 2 ate up the whole pizza??

Anywhere, happy barkday to Sunshade too!!!

Stanley said...

Happy Happy Birthday mama de Sunshade & JaffaMan!!!!!!

I'm sending extra juicy goober smooches to you (best birthday present ever).

Sunshade, your cakes look tastier than any cakes I've ever seen (but remind me NOT to have you make MY birthday cakes... since *I* actually want to eat mine).

Goober love & smooches my woolly woolly Sunshade Girl,

Mojo, Digger and family said...

Happy birthday (belated) to your mum!

Such amazing cakes. I started laughing at the picture of you with flour all over your face, but by the time I got to the marshmallow guarding my sides were splitting! Oh, and that shot with you wolfing down the marshmallow is fab.

I've never eaten anything as great as what you made. Want to come round and cook for me?


Rudy said...

You guys just have to talk to my mom -- she never bakes us anything yummy like that! She did buy some chicken livers yesterday and was looking at the doggie cookie cookbook, so I'm hopin'!
Tell your Mom 24 is younger than springtime, wait 'til she's much much older!


Cléo said...

You are a lucky dog!
You have a challenge in my blog, came to visit me and translate the post.
Hugs from Portugal!

T-man Angel said...

Happy "belated" Birthday to your Mom!! I hope she enjoyed her day!

Hee hee, those meat pizza cakes looked delicious!! That was generous of your mom to let you eat her cake on her birthday.


Freda said...

HAPPYS BARKDAY AND BIRTHSDAY to you and your peeps. Soo cooools, B-Days soo close togethers. Looks like you and Stinkys had a great times. Hope your mum works as hards for your as you dids for her.



Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade
Happy belated Birthday for your mom! And Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a great day with Jaffa and your mom!
Have a good night

Ume said...


u r such a great cook, Sunshade! the pizza cakes look cheezalicious!!!