Sunday, March 25, 2007

My afternoon at UBC

We finally had a sunny break today after days of pouring rain, and even tho I'm not really suppose to exercise that much yet due to my strained Iliopsoas muscle, mum caved to the sad Sunshade face. Mum and Veronica took STINKY and me to walk the University of British Columbia campus.

Mum got out my BLING collar because she said it BLINGS under the sun. The letters are made up of alternating clear and pink crystals.

Mum even took a short video to show the crystals BLINGING under the sun. I could careless, like I said, I'm not a material girl, I just wanted to GOOOOOO and get my squirrlies!!

Do you know what my EVIL mum made me do the first thing we got there??? She saw some pretty, purple flowers ("pretty", according to her, I just wanted to dig them all up!),

and she said, lets take some pictures of Sunshade and STINKY!! (mum: *ahem* .. "Jaffa")

I was already looking for my squirrlies, and now she wanted me to POSE??? Not only that, she wanted me to pose with STINKY!!!!! Just look at me, I had a hard time concentrating because of ...


However, I realized, the longer it took for mum to get a good photo, the longer I was gonna be stuck with STINKY. So, reluctantly, I posed, looking somewhat happy as that's what mum likes to see in my pictures.

That picture did the job, and Canada's Next Top Dog Model was allowed her freedom. Well, not quite.....

If you have read my posts from before, you will know my one most favouritest thing to do at UBC is to hunt (squirrlies, mousies, rats!!). Today was no different, but I had to do it with a stooopid line attached to me.... HMMMPH! The worst part was that the STINKSTER was allowed OFF LEASH!!!!!

What I don't understand is, doesn't he know no leash = time to take off (and get picked up by the SPCA)?? Ok, I'm being a little too mean here, but really, isn't that what 4 months old stinkies do anyway?? Instead, this particular STINKY, no leash = glued to Sunshade/bite at Sunshade's face non-stop!!!! Geezus!!

I was really annoyed, but I didn't want to waste my energy disciplining him. It was no use anyway, plus he STINKS.

(mum: Sunshade is surprisingly patient with Jaffa outdoors, she puts up with his face biting in silence, and ducks from side to side. Because of Jaffa, Sunshade is a lot more patient with puppies we meet nowadays.)

MY Veronica found a nice stick, I wasn't sure what her plan was with that stick, but she was holding it and dragging it along the ground. So I wanted it.

Airedale Rules # 1-4: What's mine is mine, What's yours is mine, What's his is mine, What's hers is mine.

You get the idea.

STINKY, of course, had to test out the theory. Unfortunately, he was up against the founder of the theory hehehehehe!!

Now please take a close look at the following picture. It's a blown up version of the picture above. Look at his leg positions, and lastly, his face. Don't you think he suffers from DOOFUS-ism just like Joey's DOOFUS??

Here is a perfect example: I saw a squirrlie ran across the street. I was totally focused on where it went and how I was gonna get it. And then there was the DOOFUSTINKY, all he wanted to do was to bite me.

He didn't even pay attention to the squirrlie. Doesn't he know? Him being a proud terrier, these are the kind of things he's supposed to be interested in? NOT biting my face!

I continued my quest to find the squirrlie, but it ran far far away....

I checked the garbage can where I found a huge mousie or a small rat last time.

It made mum scream because it scrambled out from under the garbage, and ran "over" mum's shoe and into the hedge next to the garbage can.

Unfortunately, there was nothing under there today. (mum: FORTUNATELY!)

I continued walking my usual route. I know every inch of this campus, and I know exactly where to go and check out.

Of course, had to leave my mark to let all the coyotes know the ALPHA B* was here!!

(mum: yes, we sometimes get coyotes on campus because of the surrounding forests)

We continued our walk towards 99 Chairs, an over priced fast food restaurant. In front of the restaurant, MY Veronica said, "Look, those pink flowers are so cute!"

And well, yes, you guessed it, this ended up happening......

After my second photo shoot of the day, I was allowed to continue my hunt. Here, I'd successfully located my prey. I could feel my heart pumping, blooding rushing to my limbs, and yes, the intensity totally accentuates my muscle butt.

I stalked it in silence,

I got closer, and Closer, and CLOSER,

until it ran away and I lost it.........

If it weren't for the stoooopid line I was attached to, I think I would've had it!!

After my much disappointing hunt, it was nice to come to my ivy mountain and have a rest. Here I was, being the perfect me, resting. I hope you can locate me.

There he was, ruining me otherwise perfect picture, AGAIN!

I love to chase pine cones and pounce on them once they land in the ivys.

See, like this,

Sometimes, when I was really concentrating in finding MY pine cone,

He would come and stare at me for no reason!!!!

(mum: he was trying to see what you were looking for, he's learning everything from you.)

It was a great afternoon, but mum said she probably let me do too much with my Iliopsoas muscle strain. I wasn't worse after my walk but my gait was still off - only to mum of course. (mum: it's so hard to deny those big brown, ever hopeful eyes...)

Last note:

Remember my friend Putter, the Aire-girl who gave me my PINK soccer ball?? She used her Airedale pursuance (one that we all possess) and got herself a blog too!!! Please go drop by and say hi ok??


Duke said...

Hi Sunshade,
Now that I have a stinky brother just like you, I can totally identify with just about all that you say! Never a moments peace, huh!

Love ya lots,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

What a shame you had to stay on your lead. It is for the best though. Wouldn't be half as bad if Jaffa wasn't hopping about rubbing your nose in the fact he was free I guess!

Nice bling bling, very cool.

Oscar x

Rachel said...

Very nice bling Sunshade! It's been decided my new sibling will be a sister and I think that said sister will probably end up covered in bling too!

Looks like you had a fun walk but it's a pity that pesky squirrel got away! i'm sure you would have caught it if you hadn't been on your lead! I was chasing one in the park yesterday but it ran up a tree...meh! (Mum - and a certain someone almost ran headfirst into the tree...tuch!)

Toby x

The Airechicks said...

Heya Sunshade:

Wonderful to see your new video's...You look MARVELOUS !!!

Jaffa he's still cute...We can tell he's learning alot from you....

Can see where he might be considered a "PEST"

Have a GREAT Day !!!

The Airechicks said...

Heya Sunshade:

Wonderful to see your new video's...You look MARVELOUS !!!

Jaffa he's still cute...We can tell he's learning alot from you....

Can see where he might be considered a "PEST"

Have a GREAT Day !!!

umekotyan said...

It is a pleasant video that sunshade under May and cherry blossoms and jaffa runs.
wonderful scenery it
As for sunshade, the pinecone is loved.

From loved ume tyan

Charlie said...

Sunshade, you and Jaffa look like U-Pick airedales in that ivy!
- Charlie

Lillie Valentine said...

Oh, Sunshade....I understand the part about no leash=run off. I ran off on my mom and dad Tuesday night and I didn't call when mom called me. Mom didn't think she'd find me. She and Jordan were very sad. The neigbbor guy helped mom bring me home. I was scared and tired from running. Mom paddled my butt and now I come whenever she calls me (she practices in the house). She also got me a cool ID tag. I don't want to run away but I like to RUN!!!!!
Elaine: Amy here...Any tips for me? This was very scary. She normally would come to us when she got out loose. She is coming better now, though.
Amy and Lillie Valentine

Myeo said...

Pretty Bling Bling you got there. Did your mom made it?

Boy n Baby

Boo Casanova said...

oh sunshade, sorry about you not being able to hunt. but don't worry. i heard, yep, i heard, stinky will not be long with you. LOL ok ok, i better not be so evil!

wet wet licks


Luckie Girl said...

Oh wow, Stinky is really very Sticky with ya..he follows you everywhere!
I love your bling bling collar Sunshade... :)

Joe Stains said...

arggh you DO have your own doofus, how terrible!!!!!!! your photos look great and I am glad that you are teaching Jaffa how NOT to be a doofus!

jaffeboy said...

Looks like a beautiful day for walkies. Love those flowers...

Faya said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS SUNSHADE !!!! I just received my collar. It is beautiful. I will have to take great care of it... I'm now a real Lady.... Big big kiss to you and Elen, Faya and VĂ©ronique (Bienne, Switzerland, 04.04.2007, 3.50 pm)