Friday, March 15, 2013

Grooming Expo

Mum and I went to a Grooming Expo in Seattle over the weekend,

Our friend Sheila and her Airedale Kimi were competing, so we went to cheer them on!!

Kimi is a huge boy, and Sheila had to handstrip him in 2 hours time. (mum: very tough tough work, almost impossible to do in two hours time.)

There were many other Terriers, this was the Terrier group,

This Lakeland won the group in the end. He was very handsome!

Judging time for Sheila and Kimi,

Kimi really liked the judges,

Me & handsome Kimi,

Now look at this, they gave me a 13 yr old trophy!!!!!

They really shouldn't have.......

(mum: that's Sheila and Kimi's trophy!! Sheila placed third in her class. Congratulations!!!)

Lunch time, no tomatoes and lettuce for me thank you, (mum: Gave her a bite from my sandwich, ate the ham and bread, spat out tomato and lettuce....)

On to the All Breed Grooming competition,

Sheila did a Portuguese's Water Dog named, Pickles. Pickles was a retired Westmister dog, and they placed second in her class. Congratulations again!!

Now I like this guy's idea of grooming shows...... Not to mention.... I REALLY SuperLOVED him.. if you know me at all, you would know why....

I also got to go to a park I had never been before!! It had the SuperCOOLEST playground,

I explored it well!

Look at the SuperDALE!!

I want one of these in MY yard ok mum??

It needs to come with the slide too for pine cones okay??


Are you going to kick it???

Here I SuperGO!!

Me & my pine cone, 

While we were in Seattle, we stayed with my Auntie Lydia, 

I love Auntie Lydia, she recognizes my SuperLOOKS, and she feeds me, 

I love to go on angel Alice's bed. Auntie Lydia calls me Alice Jr! (Because I love all her spots, and I kinda act like her.)

Oh and Auntie Lydia also said I looked like I had been playing in the chimney because my face had gotten sooooo dark, and it was a charcoal darkness, 

I was a really goooood gurrrrrrrl, 

I spoke my mind when necessary, 

And I only broke one thing, 

Actually, it was in my SuperWAY, 

So technically, it wasn't really my fault. Wouldn't you agree? (look at my SuperFACE before you answer pls)

Thank you Auntie Lydia, I SuperLOVE you!! Sheila, Kimi & Pickels, we are so proud of you!!!


Duke said...

Congratulations to Sheila! She did a great job! Kimi looks so handsome and so does Pickles! Lucky you to get to be there too, Sunshade!
If we didn't already know, we would never guess that you were 13 years old! You look and move fabulously!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, glad that you and your mom enjoyed a nice little getaway. Maybe your mom could enter you next year.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

There was a lot to digest here. The show looked wonderful. Sheila did a good job too. We remember mom used to read Kimi's blog. We discouraged her though, since neither of us want to ever have to endure that stripping thingy. Kimi's a handsome fellow though. (That Port.H2Odog looked soooo funny!!) Glad you got to play at a new park too.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie