Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good Sunday or Bad Sunday?

Mum groomed pretty Emma today. I was happy that it wasn't me who was on the grooming table!

Emma is very pretty and mellow, and her brother is very nice and funny. 

After grooming, I told mum it was time for MY SuperWALK ya know? 

But guess WHAT!!!

She got a bunch of STINKIES to come too.... ARGH! 

From left to right: Kumiko & Hana (14 months), Anthony with Jaffa (6.5 yrs) & Emma (5.5 yrs), Helen with Miss Bossypants (13.5 yrs) & Saphie (16 months)

I was a little annoyed... why did we have to bring STINKIES...!!!! That's STINKY #4, STINKY, Emma, and STINKY #3. (mum: STINKY #2 is Jaffa's sister Stella, who wasn't there today.)

Look at my SuperPOWER here! One SuperBARK sent two STINKIES running!

Read my face, it says can we just GOOOO now????

No of course.... They were all trying to get STINKY #3 to look at the camera. 

(mum: and the reason Saphie wasn't looking at the camera was because her mom was holding her scary great Aunt (aka. Sunshade), so she didn't even want to look in the same direction....!)

My doG! Just take the picture! I told STINKY #3 to look to the right (your left) okay??

She's still not going to look at you because I used my SuperPOWER on her, so let's just GOOOO!


Look at them, all running in the WRONG direction. Led by STINKY, of course. I was the only one going in the RIGHT direction. 

Going in the WRONG direction again, 

Me posing, in the RIGHT direction, 

Finally, they all figured out which was the RIGHT direction, except STINKY of course, 

Anywhere you look, the odd one is always STINKY. This is STINKY playing with his stick, on his back and STINKY #4 checking him out,

Continuing on with the stinky walk. Pretty Emma had an itchie, 

All going in the WRONG direction again, except the perfect me of course, 

Auntie Helen, the pied piper. That's STINKY #4, Emma, and the infamous landshark lurking in the back ground, 

Take a wild guess which is Auntie Helen's doghter?? Yes, the one that's running away LOL!! (mum: isn't that always the case? These Airedales!)

I reminded Auntie Helen that she forgot to deliver treats to me too, 

She gave me one, and told me she had no more. She knew she was lying, so I gave her the I know you're lying look,  

The landshark came lurking again......

No, I don't know him. 

FINALLY!!! I was very glad to see someone that's NOT black and tan!   

(mum: so most of you know that Airedales are not Sunshade's favourite breed. They are one of her "headache" breeds thanks to Jaffaman and all the pups that kept on popping up around her haha!)

Everyone checking out the new guy, 

More un-black and tan dogs!!

Can you spot STINKY? Yes, the one that you think is STINKY will be him. 

Then they all started taking pictures, except, they were pointing their cameras in the WRONG direction! What's up with these stinkies and hoomans and their sense of direction?? Hello... I was sitting in the opposite direction!

STINKY, thinking about what to do next. STINKY #3 playing with Emma. STINKY #4 trying to remember where she left her ball. Me? I was just rolling my eyes wondering why I got talked into being in such a group.....

Spot STINKY... again... Seriously mum, what's he doing? 

Mum told me STINKY is a very special boy. Sure, he acts quite special alright.....

Then someone was playing disc golf thingy down the hill. He threw the disc, and well, the three youngsters ran down to help the poor hooman pick up his disc. Me and STINKY stayed with mum, 

I like this view. I think they should always keep this kind of distance to me, 

Then it was time to go home. I couldn't wait to get AWAAAAAY... so I waited in the DaleMOBILE, 

Keeping an eye on STINKY #4, in case she decided to come into MY DaleMOBILE!!

Auntie Helen was giving everyone treats. I was waiting for my delivery to the van, 

I still can't decide if I had a good Sunday or not. I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow I guess. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Duke said...

Your mum does such a beautiful job on groomies, Sunshade. Emma sure looks pretty!
It looks like you had a superfun Sunday to us! Jaffa is sure goofy!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Dexter said...

Seeing a nice, normal, labradog must have been a relief after being exposed to all those daft Stinkies.


l said...


Sharon Spainhour said...

Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us Sunshade. We had lots of laughs. Always enjoy your mum's post.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow I haven't ever seen so many Airedales at one time together. I think that you had a good day.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Well, our weekend was swell, but then, we had no stinkys to contend with either. They really surprised us that they all obey off leash. At least one of us (HOOTIE) would be longgggg gone if let off leash. Hope you have a good week too.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie