Monday, August 29, 2011


We came to this place today,

Mum got D-Guy A Day At The Racetrack with his love aka. the SuperPORSCHE,

I was his coach. Yes, coaches wear specialized helmets,

How do we look??

We had a good race,

Our victory photoshoot,

And everybuddy wanted pictures of the SuperCOACH of course!!

(mum: Sunshade did not go on the track!!! She wished she did! She just wore the Pac-man helmet LOL)

After a good race, I was a little hungry,

It was time to E-A-T!!

SHARE with your coach please!!

Thank you very much!!

After lunch, all the SuperCARS got in line to go in. There is a Ferrari in the line up, can you spot it?

Ferrari zooming by,

Then it was D-Guy's turn to go,

I gave him a few last words of advise before he set off,

I watched him get in the waiting lot for his heat,

I waited by his side like a gooooood coach should,

The Ferrari's back, D-Guy's turn next!!

Off D-Guy went!!!


I went to scout out better grounds for me to coach him from. How's here mum??

(mum: I was appointed the photographer for the day, and was suppose to catch the little white car in action.)

How 'bout here mum? It's a little higher up!

OK, I think I've found the perfect spot!!

I can see EVERYTHING from here!!

See, that's the Ferrari zooming by!

Yes.... yes..... I can.. see.... eee-verrry-thing....

The zooming SuperCARS were very hypnotizing....


I SWEAR I saw it when D-Guy drove by! Look! My head is in the picture!

I saw him zoom by really fast like this,

I saw him terrerizing, or some might call it tailgating, this other white Porsche in front,

Because he really wanted to pass him, but the white Porsche wasn't letting him!

I saw him drive by again. REALLY! I saw him!!

And again!! Ah well, he didn't need coaching anyway, he was perfect....

Mum said I wasn't doing a very good job at being a coach, so she told me to WAKE UP!!

I woke up alright!!

May I have it please??

Coach is hungry....

Stop hogging the bison tendon....


It was very very good!

After I finished the bison tendon, I went to take its wrapper out of the fallen garbage can,

Unfortunately, there was nothing left in the wrapper....

What next mum??

Look, I found a tunnel!!

And then mum said D-Guy was done and that we should go meet him. I said ok, COMING THROUGH!!

D-Guy came and gave me a ball he got out of the DaleMOBILE (yes, there's a stash of toys inside),

I was very happy with my ball,

Me and my ball!

I dared D-Guy to come get it, see my expressive SuperEYES??

But D-Guy pulled out his special weapon - chin rub and belly rub....

And then he grabbed a hold of my ball.. I did catch him midway though, but wasn't fast enough to get away for a game of keep-away!

I did get my ball back, all to myself at last,

Well, this concludes my day at the racetrack,

Coaching is tough work! And very tiring as well!!

(mum: we were there from 8am to 4pm, and the drive was 2 hours back to Vancouver. We had to drive two cars because the SuperDALE didn't fit in the Porsche :-) )

You mean YOU didn't fit in the Porsche mum? If memory serves me right, I seem to remember me fitting in the Porsche JUST FINE!!!


Duke said...

OMG, look at you at age 12 at the race track, Sunshade! What a fun adventure for a senior girlie! I love you in your crash helmet!

Love ya lots,

Kinley Westie said...

Looks like you had a lotta fun!

brooke said...

How cool is that!?!
Love the pictures! You fit right in with your pacman helmet. :)

Woody Airedale said...

Luv your helmet, what a babe! Fun pictures, what a personality you have, your eyes say so much. Thanks for sharing your big day.

Brinley Westie said...

What a fun day you had!! It looks like a wunnerful adventure!

Wyatt said...

What an action packed day Miss Sunshade! You are the cutest racing coach we have ever seen :D

Wyatt and Stanzie