Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowy Day

I watched as the snow flakes fell from the sky this morning,

I welcomed the snow flakes with my angelic voice, (why are you giggling mum?)

I was BOOOOOTIFUL on this snowy day in Vancouver,

Mum and D-Guy decided to take me and STINKY to go play in the snow on this snowy day,

I waited patiently while D-Guy shoveled the driveway and sidewalk. You might be wondering why I was wearing two layers of clothing. Well, the bottom layer was my pink jammie to keep me warm. The top layer was my navy blue magnetic coat that makes me less stiff in the mornings.

(mum: now that we are controlling Cushing's disease with medication, it means that the excessive level of cortisol circulating in the body is being lowered. Cortisol is our fight or flight hormone. When under stress, the cortisol spikes to help us cope with the stress. In a healthy body, the level drops back down after the stress passes. In a Cushingnoid body, the cortisol remains at a high level 24/7. Prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol is detrimental to the body; organs start failing, connective tissues start to break down, and secondary illnesses such as Diabetes start to surface. So lowering the cortisol level is a must, which is what we have managed to do with Sunshade. However, since cortisol is the fight or flight hormone, it does a great job masking pain. Lowering the cortisol level in Sunshade also means that we are lowering the pain masking agent, thus making her arthritis/back pain more obvious.

I find the magnetic coat makes her less stiff, so I usually put it on her if she appears stiff in the morning, or on a walk. You can read more about Magnotherapy here. I was told to not put the coat on for more than 2 hours per day.)

We arrived at UBC Golf Course,

Since you can't really golf in the snow, it was a great place to go play in the snow!

Mum of course, wanted pictures..... We obeyed,

And then I didn't want to obey anymore!!

Then mum said let's get a shot of those MUSCLE BUTTS!! Actually only one MUSCLE BUTT, the other one was skinny butt or stinky butt, whatever you want to call it.

Look at stoopid STINKY, he pointed his skinny butt the WRONG WAY!

Then mum told me to "COME"!

I think she had treats for ME, The Perfect ME!

See, I beat D-Guy there. Guess he wasn't too into the Bison Berry Jerkies,

Mum told me All-Gone, and my face was like this,

I did not dwell, instead, I moved on to the next activity.




Again! I'm ready!

The amazing SuperDALE!!

Next activity - nap time in snow,

After I was re-energized, mum and I played a game that we came up with when I was just 6 months old. You know how I love pine cones right?

Well it all started 11 years ago where I would jump (really high) and pick pine cones off trees. (mum: yes it was a HORRIBLE thing to let a growing pup do, but I didn't know better.... and she always looked so happy and proud of herself after getting pine cones down. The higher she had to jump, the more satisfied she seemed.)

Now 11 years later, I still try to do the same, but mum pulls the branches way down for me so I don't have to jump as high. She also doesn't let me do it very often because she says the landing is bad for my elbow.

I got to do it today since the snow provided cushioning for when I land. Watch STINKY stealing all my hard earned pine cones!

After I finished stripping all the pine cones off the tree, I saw D-Guy had made a SuperSNOWBALL for ME,

Of course, STINKY thought it was for him too,

He cheated and left the ground before the gun (mum's voice) went off!



Good thing D-Guy saw how my neck was broken, hence I didn't get the snowball. He made another one for ME,

And I caught it of course!

D-Guy started making a snowman, I helped of course!

(mum: this video shows why you could never succeed making a snowman in the presence of nosy Airedales!!)

After I finished helping D-Guy make the snowman (mum: UNSUCCESSFULLY!), I saw mum collapse.

Both me and STINKY ran over to see if she was ok. I sniffed her face and I knew she was fine. I think she must have been too hot, so she laid in the snow (like I do when I get hot!).

I asked D-Guy to carry mum, but he said his back would break,

I looked around for other muscle men to see if they could carry mum instead, but no one was around.....

I got worried, so I YELLED at D-Guy for him to CARRRRRRRY mum!!!

D-Guy still refused, can you believe it???

The video below shows why I'm mum's PERFECT girl, and why she has no perfect guys in her life! (mum: you are my perfect girl! The guys are perfect in their own guy-ways LOL!)

Lastly, I want to show you a couple of photos of me that you would expect to see in either a Horror movie or an Alien movie.



But of course, I'm really just very BOOTIFUL!

ps. You can read STINKY's version of him annoying me on his blog...... watch the torture I had to put up with.....


Bogart H. Devil said...

Always beautiful, always graceful, sending LOTS OF LOVE to Miss Sunshade (and yeah, some to Jaffaman too) :)


Kari in Alaska said...

You sure do look beautiful in pink!


Duke said...

You are so loyal to stay with your mom while she was down and out, Sunshade! Good girl!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

brooke said...

Looks like lots of fun! Especially pine cone picking!

If that were me laying on the ground and Jason walked away, Darwin would follow Jason. She always does.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Oh I luvs those fotos. And da snow looks like so much funs. I don't tink I'll ever gets to sees snow. :o(

From Mom....thanks for the explanation of Cushings. I've always wondered about that. One of our Jack Russells was tested for that but the tests were negative.

Teddy said... were so sweet to stay back with your mom when she couldn't get up. You're her best girl and will always look after her! Yes, and you do look beautiful in pink :)


Anonymous said...

Sunshade-you are perfect, you would not leave your Mum's side even when treats are offered. You are the BEST DOGGIE EVER!

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

OMD, I see the MUCLEBUTT! Got my tail waggin' like mad, girl! Hehehe you look bootiful, as always.

& I think the snowman didn't work out because D-Guy didn't know how to do it right, not because you were trying to help... Phfft, hoomans...

You're the bestest girl your Momma can ever have! :)


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, your mom loves you a lot. The D-guy was just saving his strength to make snowmen and play with you.

Lorenza said...

Sure you all had a great time there in the snow!
I can see how much you enjoyed it!
Sure you wanted to give some shape to the snowman and there it goes Jaffa! Hmmm...
Good girl being there with your mom!
Boys... bad boys....
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Sunshade! You are beewootiful as always. You look great in the pink pajamas. Looked like you had a TON of fun in the snow!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow nearly have as much snow as i do...we dont live in bc anymore...we are up in the look very pretty in the pink coat....i am so glad you are back blogging...i really missed you

ellen said...

Dear Sunshade, you are 100 Percent Loyal and True.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

BowWowZer Sunshade. What a swell snow day you all had. You are an amazing, faithful companion to your mama to lay down next to her while she was cooling off in the snow. We are impressed with your pinecone-ing abilities! Neither of us has ever developed a taste for them...You and Bogart must be related!!
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie
ps-Where did you get a DaleSized pair of pjs?? Hootie has some but we've never found them large enough for Baby. Please let me know. Thx.Cassie

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! I love seeing you all lively and springy and wooing. Plus your muscle butt. Yeah!

I think that snowmanperson was a great effort. Much better than the ones I see around here and you were just trying to help, right?