Thursday, November 18, 2010

They're BACK.....

Can you tell they're back???

Now let me guide you through how they(we) got to this point...... So you know mum and the D-Guy ABANDONED me and STINKY for a lonnnnnnng time. (mum: 18 days.... but felt like forever, I missed them so much!)

They ABANDONED me, and went to a place where when they first walked in, this is what they saw,

Not far away from there, there was a PARK! HELLOOOOOOO?? PARK = Sunshade, so why wasn't I there???

To make matters worse, there was a foodie place beside the park. Again, why wasn't I there? Trees for me to mark, dirt for me to dig, and foodies for me to EAT EAT EAT!

And then there were horsies,

Ice cream and stuffy shops,

And horsies that run around in circles carrying hoomans who have failed to grow up,

Then there was the pool where it would have been perfect for me to do my rehab swims...

So why wasn't I there???

Well, apparently, you need a special card with your name on it to go there,

Evil mum didn't get one for me.... so I didn't get to go onboard the Oasis of the Seas...

She said I wouldn't like the ice rink and the ice shows,

She said I wouldn't like the theater and the musicals,

She said I wouldn't like the zipline,

She said I wouldn't like the elevating bar,

She said I wouldn't like the Rock Climbing Wall,

And that I wouldn't be allowed to swim in the Aqua Theatre pool because that's where divers dive from platforms 65 ft above the deck into the deepest pool at sea,

It is also where funny things happen to funny people,

(mum: you have to watch it with sound on. The man with the mic is Richard Spacey. He is the BEST cruise director, and has a fan page on fb with 1600+ members LOL!)

She said I wouldn't like the see through backings of the elevator that tells you what day of the week it is,

Mum thinks that because there are many things I wouldn't have liked, so I wouldn't have enjoyed it there. Well I beg to differ....

Following are things I would have liked:

I would have liked the Mini Golf,

I would have liked to take evening strolls at the Central Park,

I would have liked everything about the Broadwalk!!!

The hamburgers, pies, chilies, and ice creams,

The stuffy shop,

I would have liked to chase these horsies, (mum: first carousal at sea!)

I would like liked to pee on this car and play with the hooman pups' foodies,

I would have liked the kiddie pool as well as the salt water pool,

I would have liked to have my picture done,

(mum: you did have your picture done!!! Jaffa too!)

I would have liked the cute towel animals left by the stateroom attendant everyday when I go for dinner,

(mum: Glenda, our stateroom attendant from Costa Rica was just the sweetest person. I loved all the towel animals she left for us everyday, so after the 3rd or 4th night, I started leaving her little surprises too before we left for dinner. I unfortunately was not nearly as good with towels as Glenda was. Below are my two best creations.)

I would have LOVED the unlimited # of entrees you can order. D-Guy certainly did!!! He said he's 007 in this pic,

So YES, I would have loved to be on board of the biggest cruise ship in the whole wide world. Bring me next time ok mum??

Just to give you an idea how big Oasis of the Seas is...... from left to right - Carnival Dreams, Ruby Princess, Oasis of the Seas, Norwegian Sun,

(mum: rumour has it that Oasis's of the Sea's sister ship - Allure of the Seas is 50mm longer than Oasis. She sets sail December 2010.)

Technical stuff about Oasis of the Seas. It fits 6300+ passengers and 2000+ crew!!!

I'm sure they can easily fit 8000+ hoomans + 1 perfect Miss Sunshade next time! Afterall, it has a PARK!

So, after Evil mum and D-Guy got off the ship, did they come home to UN-ABANDON me?


To make matter's worse, they met up with 2 handsome BOYZ... WITHOUT me!

Most of you probably know who the handsome boyz are, they are the Barkalot Boyz - Jake and Just Harry!!

Their mom and dad visited us back in June, so Evil mum and D-Guy visited them too WITHOUT me.

Handsome Harry,

Sweet Jakie,

Mum was imitating him,

Mum played tuggie with Harry,

While D-Guy chilled with Jake,

Mum tried to kidnap Harry,

But he escaped and decided that D-Guy's face was dirty, needed washing,

A LOT of washing!

Then he made D-Guy promise he would bring me - the MUSCLE BUTT Queen with him next time,

Before they went to see the handsome boyz, they went to a farmer's market with the handsome boyz' parents,

(mum: Joan and Jack so graciously came to pick us up from Port Everglades when we got off the ship. They showed us around Ft. Lauderdale before taking us to eat stone crabs that were in season. Thank you thank you for being the best host/tour guide for us, we really enjoyed our short time there!!!)

After saying bye to Joan, Jack, Jake, and Just Harry, mum and D-Guy drove to a place....

Where D-Guy found his long lost brother,

And mum got close and pawsonal with a gentleman....

Okay... maybe too close and pawsonal... He turned mum ugly,

(mum: We spent a day in Miami and visited the zoo before heading up to Orlando.)

The next day, they visited The Cat In The Hat, (mum: Universal Studio.)

OMG who's the PIG now with all that food in front of her???

For all you Dr. Seuss fans,

And this is now.......

D-Guy has a Thing too,

Except his Thing is Thing 2, the same as STINKY's,

Me and mum are Thing 1's!!

Apparently, a few men asked D-Guy "Why is she Thing 1?" while they were in Florida. D-Guy's response was "You know how it is..." with *sad puppy eyes*...

Why did they need to ask?

It's a no brainer, the same reason why I'm Thing 1 and STINKY is Thing 2,

After Dr. Seuss's fun, they went to visit Hogsmead, wizard town in Harry Potter,

D-Guy had a $12 Butterbear, wizard town price,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,

Mum dressed up as a Gryffindor,

She casted a spell on D-Guy. You will find out what the spell was later. It worked!

They took the Hogwarts Express go home,

Then they appeared in this magical place where dreams come true,

Magic happens,

And a life time of memories created,

Sure... magic happened....

I grew ears....

And yes, I will always remember it............

Dear mum,

don't over do with the pressies next time, just one of these Lego handsomes would do,
(mum: this was in Downtown Disney!)

Or even this bandanna would be good enough,

FINALLY! They left that Magical land and came here, (mum: Sea World Orlando.)

Now remember I told you mum put a spell on D-Guy earlier wearing Harry Potter's robe??

Well she told him me and STINKY's birfdays were coming up so he needed to win us BIG stuffies.

See over here, you roll balls over top of empty glasses. If the ball lands on the clear glass, you get nothing. Navy blue glass, you get a small prize. Yellow you get a medium prize, and green (only one), you get the large prize. Well, the spell worked! D-Guy rolled onto the green and won Mr. Walrus,

Then he went to get b-ball. You get two shots, and you need to get two shots in to get a fat whale. Well, yes, the spell worked again!!!

Mum told D-Guy it was his good-luck day and that he should go buy lottery. D-Guy refused. He said it was "skill" not luck, and since lotteries don't require skills, he would not win.

Fat whale wouldn't fit in the trunk or the back seat, so it traveled like this,

Fat whale on a king sized bed,

So just like that, Mr. Walrus and Fat Whale flew 2600+ miles to Vancouver, (mum: $10 to win both, $200 to fly them from Florida to Vancouver!)

It was STINKY's 4th B-Day today, so he got to pose with them,

He wasn't allowed to play with them tho. I chased him away.

They were MINE MINE MINEEEEE!! (mum: both of yours.)

So this wraps up my ABANDONMENT journal.

(mum: some of you have been following my updates on facebook and know of the newest development with Sunshade. Those of you that don't, I will explain the details in the next post. To make a long story short, Sunshade had a biopsy done and was diagnosed on Nov. 12th with a type of cancer called Soft Tissue Sarcoma. The pictures of Sunshade and Jaffa in this post were taken on Nov. 13th (Jaffa's birthday), one day after the diagnosis. Unfortunately, I just could not pull myself together for a birthday celebration.)


the many Bs said...

wowweee! your mum and D-guy sure did have a great vacation. that cruise looks wonderful and all of the places that they visited in florida were so cool. we know they were thinking about you, Sunshade, because they brought back pressies for you.

those are two huge stuffies that D-guy won for you. you are pretty lucky pups to get to have those great stuffy toys. we hope you get to rip them to shreds! hee hee! but don't let us give you any ideas, okay?

we have been reading about Sunshade on FB and we are sending her lots and lots of love and good health and hugs and fluffs! you know those scars are really SEXY, Sunshade. i, Bailey, have great scars from my TPLO surgery and the girls LOVE it. we know you will be fine, Sunshade, because your mum takes such wonderful care of you and loves you soooo much!!!


Faya said...

Sunshade, are soooo lucky ! Your Mom is a real clown ! And it makes you happy. I can see it on the picutures !
Sunshade, our paws and fingers are crossed here for you,
Kisses, Faya & Dyos

Duke said...

What a fabulous vacation your mum and D-guy had, Sunshade. Yup, next time you get to go!
You and Stinky are just the cutest Minnie and Mickey!
Our paws remain crossed for a good report from your doctor.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Sunshade you look so pretty with that Mini Mouse hat & Jaffa equally charming....

Happy Belated Birthday to Jaffa & Sunshade do get well soon.....
We Love you.

Sharon from Singapore

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade,

Well it looks like your "evil" mum and the D-guy look pretty happy during their little break away, But I'm sure that your "foster" parents looked after you and Jaffa well during the break as well. And that was so cool that they brought home the stuffed whale and walrus, gee those guys look big enough that they should have swum back to Vancouver on their own. But if you need a hand unstuffing them, just let me know and I'll be right over. I'm hoping that there won't be any more bad things popping up that'll scare your mum. Wishing you well.

Toby said...

Your Mom and D-Guy look like they had such a pawsome time!!! Look at all the places they go to visit! But I know your Mom was thinking of you and Jaffa every single day she was away.

Wow, that whale is HUGE!!!!! That is the biggest TOY I have ever seen. Do they make smaller ones for us little guys?

Mom and I have been thinking of you every day and hoping for nothing but good news. You're a strong SUPERdale so you can beat this!!! We know you can!!!

Tobester (and Mom)

Dexter said...

I am so worried about Miss Sunshade and will read your next post. But for now, what a fantastic boat! I can't believe it even is a boat. It is HUGE! So much stuff. Like a whole city. I know they had fun, but 18 days away from your pups must have seemed like forever.


Pepsi Bum said...

Hi Sunshade,
Seems like your Mom and D-Guy got a whole load of fun during their little vacation!

The huge walrus and whale looked a whole lot of fun, I hope you get to de-stuff them!

I'll be keeping my paws crossed for you to get well! No scars would be able to un-beautify you!

PeeS: Happy belated birthday Jaffa!

Woofs from Singapore,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Sure they had a super duper trip!
I loved all the pictures!
And they brought big presents for you!
I am not so sure about those hats... but you two look adorable!
Paws crossed here for you! I am sure everything is going to be ok!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

There ain't no justice, Sunshade. but you know, I read that there's a resort just for pets opening at the Disney parks -- maybe if you start putting pressure on Mum and the D-guy now, something can be arranged...
- - - - - - -
dog beds and more

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my dog, that's ship had a climbing wall.... How awesome is that! Thats the most amazing ship ever. Great holiday guys.

D xx
Noah and the girls too

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We were having such fun reading your abandonment post, until we got to the small print at the end. We're so sorry to read about the diagnosis. Paws crossed for a total cure. Mama doesn't do FB, so we hope you'll post at least a little about your treatment & progress.

Cost of the world's greatest stuffies: $10. Cost of shipping them home: $200. Look on Sunshade's & Jaffa's faces: priceless.

Jed & Abby

The Thuglets said...

Wow..they look like they had a fabulous time!

We just love your Minni & Mickey headgear. Those tops thingies they bought you both are very cool.

Hope all is well.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

NelsonandBoober said...

We love the photo of you and Stinky with the mouse ears on...just so cute. Tell your mum to be strong Sunshade...we were reading about the soft tissue scarcoma today and we know that your going to beat this thing and be ok as prognosis for this is good. All of our paws are crossed. Booberdog, mum and I are keeping you in our thoughts. Tell Stinky Happy Belated Birthday...

Joey said...

Sunshade, please get well soon!
Hugs, Jack and Joey