Monday, April 02, 2007

Fan Club @ YVR

MY Veronica never un-packed..... mum even helped her put all her big evil boxes in SunshadeMOBILE, and SunshadeMOBILE took mum, me, MY Veronica and all her evil boxes here.

We had a bit of flurry earlier, just before we arrived at Vancouver International Airport, so mum put my coat on.

Now, I remember when I first posted about picking MY Veronica up at the airport, a few of you left me comments saying how lucky I was to be allowed in the airport. Well....... not exactly,

However, I do have one piece of advise for my friends - The sign might not always mean what it says.

Because, this might end up happening - All Eyes On MEEEEEE! Notice all smiley faces??

This is Sarah, she was the first one that ran out from behind her counter and asked mum: How old is your Airedale???

She said I was boooootiful, and looked great for being 7. She asked mum what she fed me because she's got a Yorkie at home too, and thank doG mum just said homemade (instead of the BARF diet speech!!).

I was very calm when I first walked in, and Sarah asked mum if I had all that "terrier personality" in me. Mum said OH YEAH... and well, I started to woof wooof WOOOOOOF in agreement!!!!!

(OOPS... Sarah's name tag thingy got tangled up with my looooong face at the end LOL)

Sarah said she doesn't usually have any special feelings towards Airedales, but there was something about ME. (Of course, I'm the SuperDALE!!!) Hehe... I think I may have changed her opinions towards Airedales.

Sarah liked me so much, she radioed Jamie to "come to the check in counters, there's a beautiful Airedale here!"

So Jamie came, and boy, did I ever like him.

(mum: this was uncharacteristic of Sunshade to be so friendly to complete strangers. She is usually VERY aloof to people she doesn't know. She must have known she was the center of the attention LOL)

Here I was, saying HI to another nice lady. She stopped the moving belts behind her where big evil boxes were being passed down, because she didn't want me to go with those big evil boxes.

Of course, as usual, when all eyes are on me, I become the performing seal - as Oscar puts it..

Yes... my BANG!

However, my EVIL mum had the nerve to ask me to do a BANG without leftover FRIED TOFU!!!!! Can you believe it? I couldn't, so I refused to do it. But then, being the good dogter I was, I didn't want to disappoint mum and did it.....

I got a bit warm after all that socializing, so Sarah offered to get me some nice, cold water!!!! See, she brought it to me,

This was my second serving of water from Sarah.

Just before we left the check in counters, Sarah told mum that from the way mum and I interacted and looked at each other, she could tell having every minute of ME in mum's life was totally worth it. Both mum and I would have to agree with Sarah; the bond we have is very special, and we are sooooooo lucky to have each other!!!

All that excitement had me almost forgotten why we were really there.......

Yes... mum, me, and Veronica started to head towards the evil gate. I hate that gate, it's eaten mum, grandpa, and Veronica before (the three hoomans I love the most in this whole wide world), and it was about to do it again..

Me and MY Veronica shared a few last kisses and scratches,

Our last photo together before MY Veronica got eaten....

Then... MY Veronica made her way into the evil gate... I watched her. The lady beside the evil gate said "no no, not allowed", so mum stopped the video.

Here I was, still hoping MY Veronica would magically appear. But she never did... See how low I held my tail (and my tail is almost NEVER down), how slow I walked, how "saggy" I looked because I was so sad?

(mum: if I hadn't kept calling Sunshade, she would have stayed at the gate all night waiting....)

When mum said "she'll come back", I thought mum meant Veronica's "BACK", so I turned around and tried to head towards the gate again. Oh, and I was planning on lifting my leg on the wall beside the evil gate, so mum said ah ahh to stop me...

Some people might wonder why bring me to the airport and have me go through the heartache of seeing someone I love leave. Well, the reason is because I need to know WHY, I need to understand. I need to know WHY MY Veronica is no longer there when I go home. I would have a harder coping if I had gone home one day and find MY Veronica gone, or if she had just left the house and never came back.


MY Veronica is gone, mum is going back to work after Easter, and I can't go for off leash walkies because of my strained groin muscle, can my life get any worse at the moment????


Putter said...

Hi SunShade!

It is sad that your Vernonica has gone home again. I am not sure how I feel about the airport either. I have been to an airport and in a plane one time when Mom came to Chicago and I picked her out and then we went home.

Duke said...

You got my mom crying Sunshade. She feels so bad for you! Veronica has gone home and your mom has gone back to work! Wanna come here and visit? We'd love to have you!

Love ya lots,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw Sunshade, I wish I could give you big licks better.

You still have all your friends who love you very much. And mum will be rushing home from work every day to see you & have lots of fun.

Oscar x

Simba and Jazzi said...

You are famous now.

Simba xxx

Chelsea said...

Don't worry Sunshade, Veronica will be back real soon. How could she bear to be apart from you for very long???

On another note, I wonder how many drug dealers are running out to buy Airedales? Since you seem to distract the airport staff so well....



Lillie Valentine said...

Oh, Sunshade don't be sad! You were so lucky to get to go inside the airport. I don't think they'd allow dogs at our airport here. Cheer up.....I don't like to see you sad. Love, Lillie

Boo Casanova said...

yeah, mom is crying too after seeing your last 2 videos. she is having teary eyes now.

the top part was soooooo fun to watch then u deliver the teary eyes story...

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade, dont be too sad.. Your Veronica will be back to visit you again.
You are so popular in the airport. Everyone loves you.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

u were sooo cool in de airport gal! don't worry Veronica will be bac to play wit ya yea...

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade..
Aww.. you made me feel so sad reading your post. Don't fret, I am sure Veronica will be back before you know it. I mean, how can anyone not miss the SuperDALE right? Wow, all the attention that you got at the airport is amazing! My mum said it'd be really handy to have you there if anyone needs help to waive off excess baggage!

Joe Stains said...

this is the saddest post ever but she will come back to see you because you are the superdale!!

Amber-Mae said...

Awww...that's just SO sad. This is a really sad post like Joe Stains said. So so sad...I can't imagine my hoomans leaving me behind. Sigh...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber said...

You got everyone's attention in the airport and they really enjoyed your presence,laughing and all. Poor Sunshade, you looked so down when you saw her went inside the evil gate,aw, so sad. Cheer up

luv Amber!!

jaffeboy said...

Poor U. I hope your Veronica will be back soon. Don't be too upset Sunshade. I hope your groin muscle thing will get better soon too.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I thnk you stole the show at the airport. How cool is that "bang" trick! J1 tried to teach it to me but I can't roll over any more because of my bad neck so it's a bit half hearted. The only consolation about Veronica leaving is that it'll be even more special when you're reunited again. J x

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oooh only just read this post through sad weepy eyes Sunshade!

You still don't explain quite how you got in the airport - no dogs allowed in ours here in the UK, which I cannot understand.....because we are all so sweet like you! But there you are airports have no judgement!

sad tale, hope you feel better soon, love and licks Marv xxxxx

Myeo said...

Wow, you are really the 'superdale'. The performance that you gave at the airport was so good.

But the later part of your story is so sad. We guess you must be upset but we hope you get over it soon okay. Veronica will come back and she will sure to call or write to you soon.

Boy n Baby