Saturday, April 30, 2011


This weekend was the annual Petnerships weekend. Petnership Project is a two day holistic trade show and lecture series in Vancouver, BC, with speakers, exhibitors, activities and fun for pet owners and their pets.

Overlooking the exhibits,

According to Petnerships website,

"Well-behaved pets are welcome on-leash...under the control of their guardians."

Naturally, that meant only ONE of us could go, and that was ME, The Perfect ME!!

(Well, according to mum, she was scouting out the grounds with me before she decided if STINKY would be able to turn the place upside down by trying to play with every dog in sight.)

Mum actually went on her own first thing in the morning because there was a lecture she wanted to attend. She didn't want me to get bored, so she asked D-Guy to come with me after the lecture was done.

The celebrity arriving in her flashy ride,

In case you were wondering......

This matte white Porsche.....

Is NOT the same as this silver Porsche (from last year's I'm COOL like dat! blog post)

D-Guy is following his trend of changing cars every 2 years. This is his new baby! I get to ride in it because I'M STILL COOL LIKE DAT!!

He also promised mum that he would teach her how to drive a standard in his new baby, just like what he promised mum when he had his old Porsche (mum: and it never happened!!!). Anyways, enough of the drama....

We went to a nearby park to have lunch.

D-Guy was my best friend!

After lunch, I finally got to go into the Petnership Trade show!!

Registering, I saw a Golden handsome,

I started surveying (with my SuperNOSE) for stands deserving of my attention,

I soon found a worthy shop called Big Dog Little Dog Bakery. Mum and Christine, owner of BDLD, have known each other for a long time. So here I was, with my nose in Christine's purse. I knew she wouldn't mind!

Evil-mum said I was B-A-D, and she made me go out of the booth, and told me to lie down as punishment..... Chill woman!!!

After mum chilled out, we continued walking. I met a Welsh Terrier. I went up to see him, to see if it was Atticus - the Welsh that drove STINKY nuts!! This little guy was polite, he didn't jump on me.

Then another Welsh stinky (mum: stinky = puppy), a nice pibble, and a Goldie,

And then LOOK!!!

A bun bun!!

I think you need to get me another pet bunny k mum?

After my visit with the cute bun bun, I saw a puzzle game from a stall that emphasized on the mental stimulation of us doGs. The nice lady put treats in the toes and got me to try it.

It took me 10-15 seconds to get treats out of all 4 toes. She said I broke the world record,

Of course I did, I'm THE SuperDALE!! Lot's of brain ya know?

The nice lady wanted to challenge me more, so she stopped putting treats in the toes, and only in the round spinny thingy.

Here I was trying to figure it out,

This lady was so funny, she didn't ask how old I was until mum said I should take a break. When mum told her I was 11.5 years old, her jaws dropped. She said I didn't act it or look it, and the funniest thing she said was - she's (as in I was) definitely the most persistent senior dog I have ever met!!

What's a senior anyway?

After I've had my breakfast, lunch, and early dinner, I decided that I was going to stay at this booth and wait to get working on my late dinner,

The nice lady said I was welcome to stay and be her demo dog!

Mum told me there were other places I could get my dinner from, so I left the puzzle game stall.

Sure enough, Mrs. Brown's Brownies were just on the next aisle!!

These Brownies are probably my favouritest treats!!

It is hard for me to put into words how much I really love these brownies and liver slivers... I will just have to show you in the story below.

The store that mum goes to buy my raw food is the ONLY store in Vancouver that carries Mrs. Brown's Brownies. The store owner's name is Caroline, she is also mum's friend.

And here is the Brownie story.....

One day, a starving, boootiful little girl with the best muscle butt (but shrinking due to starvation) walked into Caroline's store. She went up to the front desk and asked Caroline politely for a box of Brownies,

The little girl told Caroline that those Brownies made her very happy,

and that she couldn't imagine life without them....

She poured her heart out to Caroline, with such emotion.......

Unfortunately, her thoughts went unheard. The cold hearted Caroline told the little starving gurrrrrl to .......


The little gurrrrrrl couldn't believe what she was hearing. The cruelty and unfairness,

So she decided to take matters into her own jaws,

And she lived happily ever after!

The End

(mum: the pictures from the story above were taken in July 2009, on two different occasions inside Simply Natural raw food store. I have been friends with Caroline even before she had the store. What really happened that day was that Caroline had just received a shipment of the Brownies and they were sitting on a trolly. Sunshade's ritual inside Simply Natural is to go right up to Caroline and demand to have those Brownie treats handed to her, continuously.

On this particular day, Sunshade saw the boxes sitting there on the trolly, so instead of going up to Caroline, she just casually walked up to the trolly, grabbed a box and casually walked away. Of course, the moment I saw what she had done marked the start of the great keep-away game. Caroline thought it was too cute especially the way Sunshade had grabbed the box, it showed the label perfectly. So instead of wanting the box back, Caroline told me to make sure Sunshade continued to hold it while she went to get her camera. The lighting inside the store wasn't great, so she told us to go out on the side walk for her to take pictures. Sunshade got that box for free - it was a STEAL!!)

Continuing with Petnership....

Do you see what I see ahead?

Murphy the Airedale!

AireCanada Rescue had a booth there, represented by Maureen Scott and Margaret Glass (breeder of Rollingstone Airedales). This is Maureen's Murphy, he's 5 years old. Maureen is AireCanada's rescue coordinator for western Canada.

We made a donation on behalf of Squaire Dog Grooming to help future Airedales in need,

Murphy's nick name is Uncle Maniac. I don't really know why, but according to Maureen, he gets quite Maniac like. Well if Murphy is Uncle Maniac, then I must live with THE Maniac God or something....

Before leaving, I stopped to get my dinner dessert. Korna is another store that mum goes to buy my food from. It is located right next to Auntie Janice's clinic, so whenever we go to the clinic, we always go next door to get some foodies and treats!

They recognized the SuperDALE of course!!

They were raising money for animal rescue. By donating $1, you get to fill up the little paper bag with any treat you want. I think D-Guy misunderstood and thought those were treats for him. He was almost happier than me,

D-Guy, you mind sharing some treats??

After my belly was satisfied, we all went home where D-Guy and I relaxed, and mum took STINKY back to the trade show. I guess she wanted some exercise.


Duke said...

What a fun time you had, Sunshade! We're not surprised that you broke the world record for being the smartest girl to figure out the puzzle game!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

What a great day you Had Sunshade and how descriptive to make me feel like I was with you. D-Guy had me when I saw that Porshe. Green, black, and white, remind me of good times in the past!
Beth and Yuma

Anonymous said...

Babe arriving on a White Horse. More
Beautiful than the weather..


NelsonandBoober said...

Hi Sunshade, so glad to finally see a blog post from you. Boober and I are so envious of all the great pet events you have in Vancouver. We spent the weekend digging out from a snow storm!! You sure look "cool" driving around in D Guys porche!!
Nelson & Boober

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Nice car- nice day! Thanks for sharing!

brooke said...

Wow what a fun time! Such cute pictures of you stealing the brownies! hehehe
And man! D-guy has such a sassy car!

Amber-Mae said...

That sure looks like a superb event! I bet those brownies tasted delish. Hope you had fun!!

Stanley said...

SUNSHADE, MBE! (MBE stands for Muscle Butt Extraordinaire)

LOVED the long post and all of the great photos. I had no idea how close you and the D-guy were... glad to see that you approve. (We here in GooberStan hold final approval authority on all potential dad/guy types for our girl... as it should be.)

Looks to me like you're the girl to go to tradeshows with in Canada, as your celebrity status all but guarantees AIREmazing service from the folks there.

You are fabulously well-behaved, and my girl said I could take a few lessons from you on that front. I vaccilate between the way you act and the way Jaffa acts... I'm like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.

Glad to see you out & about and sharing your muscley goodness with the masses!

Goober love & smooches,

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

We had SOooo much fun going to the petnership profect show with you. Mommy said she wants to go for a ride in that fine ride of D-Guy's! Her dream car is the "upside downbathtub Porsche" and was promised her by her daddy if she finished college back in the olden days...Stupid woman never finished...Oh well...there wouldn't be enough room for both of us pooches anywho, so what was she thinkin'?? We barely fit in the Jeep Grand Cherokee!! It is also VeRy cool that you know all the best eatteries in BC. Even cooler that THEY know YOU!!! bol. Have a great weekend.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie

Huskee and Hershey said...

What a busy, busy day it must've been for you, Sunshade!! We were laughing at your Brownie Story.. you are definitely one very smart pup to get away with those Brownies for free.. oh well, you 'paid' for it with your modelling work anyway.